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Fọlá Apr 3
The sky is weeping.
As the burning star retreats.
To give us some reprieve.
At the Lord's calling.

The sky is weeping.
Tears, sour and rancid.
That were once pure and sweet.
Because we refused to hear nature's calling.

The sun is angry.
The poles are splitting.
The cold is building; waiting,
To freeze the waters that are boiling.

We were warned,
But we didn't listen.
Stubborn, refusing to take action.
But nature is done talking.

Done, warning lesser beings.
For the doom once foretold,
Is at the shores of reality.
I only hope, its not too late,
To do anything.
If only we could begin again and slow down the pernicious pace
We ruin our oceans, the land, our air even outer space.
If only we avoided such precarious paths that may lead to disparity
If only we knew what action is needed now, to deal with the reality.
Ecologists warned, yet still observe with ever-growing anxiety
the growth of harmful long-term effects on Earth's biodiversity.
If only the air wasn't gravely polluted, so the atmosphere begins to fail,
so wreathed by carbon dioxide layers, extremes to climate may prevail.
If only Earth's lungs cease being shrunk by profits heedless exploitation,
existing relationships are considered scarcely in these aberrations.
If only a solution for discarded synthetics which float in **** hordes
on oceans global drifts, disaster occurs wherever it reaches landfall.
If only we can do something, a belated but resounding universal call,
If only we can safeguard the future before there are no options at all.
If only we could begin again and slow the ruinous pace... if only

If Only

M C Crowder
19th November 2018
I first wrote song lyrics in 1978, song lyrics not so long, but it's message hasn't changed
Erika Soerensen Apr 2018
we are not alone.

we have the cackling call of the
wise old crow
and the warbling whistle of the
persistent loon,
to remind us of that....

we are not alone.
we have the magnificent trees,
our sisters,
limbs outstretched in a forever
welcoming hug
providing shelter and shade and
authentic beauty just because
they can,
to remind us of that....

we are not alone.

we have the near-unbreakable rocks
and stones pregnant with resiliency
and raw grit, bathed in
curious colors from the
spark of life;
pinks, mauves, apricots, greys
and deep brick reds,
to remind us of that....

we are not alone

we have the playful wind and sky
weaving her many moods and contradictions,
orchestrating the elements while
caressing our skin and kissing our hair
never abandoning and always constant,
to remind us of that....

we are not alone.

we have the vivid green grass
full of ***** and willpower,
fearlessly embracing its
bold freshness and
seasonal rebirth, chanting:
"live boldly in THIS season in
THIS hour in THIS moment
because the only constant is change!"
to remind us of that....

loneliness is not a place
but a perspective.
not a feeling
but a thought.
not a reality
but an illusion.

nature is our constant comrade
showing up every single day of our lives,
regardless of the weather -
to not only breathe life into us
but right along with us.

she is us and we are her,
as we destroy her, we destroy ourselves
as we show her reverence and respect,
we show reverence and respect to ourselves,
and our Creator.

so don’t be a ****.

happy earth day
Aaron LaLux Feb 2017
It’s Too Hot To Not ‘Be Coolman’

Our Elders are passing,
the eldest of our trees have fallen,
the Earth is burning up,
but our world “leaders” are still stalling,

it’s too hot now to not be cool man,
the sun is out and there’s no place to find shade,
the Devil has been crowned king,
I guess this is how atrocities are made,

Trump has become president,
the Free World is no longer free,
see now even when you go out into nature,
the National Park system requires you pay a fee,

no place to run no place to flee,
no solid ground to stand on no water to refresh our roots,
so the ground begins to crack the roots begin to dry out,
and the Ultimate Light of Knowledge is replaced by shady half-truths,

the greediest men have one,
and they’re singing the Earth’s death sentence with pen strokes,
gag orders and monetary starvation for all environmental organizations,
it’s getting hotter every day but instead of putting out the fire the flames are just stoked,

this is not a joke,
though I wish it was,
the Evil is out of control,
with an appetite for destruction and a thirst for blood,

conquering land and continuing pipelines,
substituting ****** impotency with devilish dominance,
Keystone as been restarted and Dakota Access is going ahead,
as Donald revokes and repeals any and every good thing Obama ever did,

the sickness is,
the ignorance is,

cultures that were once preserved,
and we made this bed of earth we must now sleep 6 feet deep in,
because honestly everyone gets what they deserve,

we didn’t vote for our “leaders”,
but we also have done nothing,
except witness as Greed defeats us,

no Jesus just false prophets,
just end it already,
in 2016 I voted for a massive Comet,

no comment,
if you question any of this,
because I’m not interested in arguing,
with ignorant hypocrites,

such as our Elders see what we do,
and they weep for all of us,
but their tears are not felt,

their cries are not heard,
because if a tree falls in the forest,
and no one is around to hear it,
does it make a sound?

The wind doesn’t blow like it used to,
and the sun doesn’t shine the same,
and yeah everyone’s wearing a uniform,
but honestly this is anything but a game,

this is war,
and in war everyone loses,
please what we really need is unconditional peace,
what we really need is what a truce is,

but these pleas seem useless,
because the eldest of our trees are still falling,
the Earth is burning up,
but our world “leaders” are still stalling…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
If I were a mermaid,
I'd float out to sea.
If I were a mermaid,
I'd feel bad for me.
The oceans are scorching,
and we can agree
that the death toll is rising,
no hyperbole.
If I were a mermaid,
I'd beg you to see
there's no hope for your land
if you can't save me.
I fear that these
issues will ever be
plaguing this Earth
for eternity.
- Jun 2016
"You know,"
he says
as he fiddles with his Joy Division shirt,

"The human race
has escaped the food chain
and that is why
we are ruining the earth"
This actually was said to me today by a stranger in my home and I found it very profound
I waited every moment for you
You are the true nature
Different from the rest of us
And you came
In your loneliest hours
Walking along the river, side by side
She asked, “Have you forgotten how to sing?”
To which
She heard no reply

Our planet isn't dying
It's being killed

And I will remain unfulfilled
Until I pick up the pieces and help

— The End —