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Serenity Elliot Oct 2015
The butter started to glisten with fear
In the face of the icy saucer
In the silence the sound of the basket reciting angrily-
There was no place for an affair with
The strawberry jam.
So sickly sweet
The pleading knife resisted;
Don't make me do it

A smooth slice,
A pale & hard interior.
The shaking jug cried.
And the jam fell to the floor.
Serenity Elliot Nov 2014
We were wild and eager in the cold,
Wanting to explore
Life lived by each minute-
We wanted more and more.
And these are the nights remembered, in September
And we were told to enjoy them, remember, September

You have just one chance,
Don’t you know that child
Drink, smoke and dance,
Don’t care,  
Go wild
Have no regrets, you shouldn’t care,
Please that’s what they say
But we feel pain, tears pour like rain
When we wake up the next day

But those are the nights remembered, in September
Force yourself, enjoy them,
Those nights,
In September

Go insane and feel no pain
They don’t know what to say,
When you wake up and look around
At the hurt caused the next day
Did you stop
checking for monsters
in your closet
when you started
letting them
sleep in your bed?
Serenity Elliot Oct 2014
Please say you remember
The ages that have past,
A family so large with one woman in charge
The time it moves so fast.

A history repeated
Through the paths of time
A soldier, a sailor,
A prayer and dream maker,
All encompassed in some crime

Many children, different mothers,
Adopted, born in sin
Amongst tears and blood and a five year long flood
Their drive was just to win.

As one was added, one was torn away,
Listen, beg for them to stay.
“...time was not was turning in a circle...”
Take a soft tipped brush
Dip, and trace my nakedness;
Viscous dripping rainbow streams
Clothe me here within our dreams.
Swirl my curves
With satin pink,
Let your brush flutter and sink
lower, purples, red and blue,
I'm a canvas here for you.
Paint me scarlet, paint me gold,
Paint some words
italic, bold
Stop when you begin to weep
A masterpiece, for us to keep.
An old one of mine, a favourite.
Serenity Elliot Oct 2014
He stood up above the crowd
And yelled speech in hand
Nice and loud
Yoghurt covered, chocolate coated
We are all the same underneath

And the crowd cheered and gloated
Wait said one
I'm a raisin, not a nut
They all turned towards him and stared him down
And one by one their doors closed shut
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