Gwen Johnson Feb 2016

What would you highlight
In a book of your life
What's most important
Most exciting
Most inspiring
What reminds you everything's alright
Would you ever think to highlight my name?

Andrea Armstrong Jun 2015

I watch you go down in the winter.
But, I watch you come up in the summer.

Your some how unpredictable, but yet your still bright. You set my rainy day aflame, even if I didn't ask.

You are my flame, you are my Sųŋ.

Allyson Walsh Dec 2015

I struggle to write
Of soft sunshine

Moments petal-like
Tender slivers of moonlight

It's a drawn-out fight
Describing twilight

When lover's hearts ignite
Before whispering goodnight

Tend to rewrite
Words laced with delight

Of sheets purer than white
And kisses on lover's spines

I tend to overwrite
Then leave out the highlights

For myself

I'm not sure my message is getting across to the reader. I've had a load of writer's block lately.

Holding On For Life - Ellie Goulding
Mike Hauser Apr 2014

this girl is the perfect tomorrow
the better thoughts of yesterday
the soft spot that's right
between day and night
highlight of the mystery

she is the tapping into time
which brings about the here and now
she is what is felt by most
that never let go
she is all that is allowed

she is both the salt and sweet
the need, wanting desire
the whisper of the truth
when it grabs hold of you
the center of the fire

she is the late into the day
the slight hint that's on the breeze
the meaning in sound
when no ones around
highlight of the mystery

the opening fold of sunlight
dawns with delight
o'er the bush land
tis a scene grand

bright rays of radiance do beam  
on hills and stream
shining of glints
lovely the tints  

the sun doth light up the countryside
with its preside
dazzling of sight
is its highlight

Crimsyy Oct 2016

If I had to pick a highlight of this year...

It'd be you.

I feel like I should have picked
someone closer,
someone you might call family,
a friend perhaps,

But I can't.

When my heart has been crackling,
burning by the fire that my soul ignited,
when the home in my bones
felt more like hell,
the living room became frail,
and my bed sheets became
soaked in tears,
you kept my thoughts sober.

You witnessed my intensity,
you witnessed my extremes,
you witnessed the fires
I failed to calm
when I kept bringing the burn
instead of the cold,
you've witnessed me
desiring to put my life
on permanent hold.

And still you remained..
You did not mind being
drenched in my rain,
And for that, there are no rhymes
that can thankyou.

- Crimsyy♡

Could you give me a moment?
How long was that moment.
Why are you keeping me waiting.
When will I see you again?

Have you given thought to what you want to be?
I've thought and I want to be god.
I want to be your god.
When will I see you again?

Do you love me?
Of course I love you.
Do you love me back?
When will I see you again?

Will you be with me forever?
I will.
How long will you be here?
When will I see you again?

Do you have any questions for me?
When will I stop hearing your voice in my head?

Do you want an answer from me?
No, you're just me masquerading as a long lost love.

Do you love me?
Not anymore.
Don't say that kid.
She's dead to me, keep pretending and you'll be dead to.

just my thoughts

I don't want to hear the words
"You are apart of us"
Leave your lips ever again
Please just stop trying to pretend
I'll never be apart of the duo
Because this love isn't meant for a trio

Don't try not to hurt my feelings
I'm fine
Just tell me like it is
You are fond of me I know
It just won't ever be like her

Don't beat yourself up
I understand
I'm not meant to hold your hands
You have each other
It's alright
I can find my own way tonight

You tell me I'm apart of you
But everyone can see it isn't true
When the topic best friend is spotlight
She is the only highlight
I guess I'm just not made for friends these days
But I'll stick around and watch over you
As if that's what I'm meant to do

Richard Grahn May 2017

Your glowing starlight
So softly illuminates
The space in my mind

shooshu Jan 2016

“the unraveling of
his highlight reel
was the fragrance of
flying backwards;
a place where
poetry wrote
itself into the
fragments of
his skull.”
|| shoo.shu ||

Ellie Geneve Aug 2015

I still get nightmares
... or shall I call them dreams
of things
I could've done better

and whenever I open my eyes
I feel the regret and misery
destroying what's left of me

I'm sorry, old me.

Arcassin B Oct 2016

by Arcassin Burnham

when you were young in a world full
of loss and a cup cherries,
the earth stood still,
learning all the secrets of your beauty,
intertwining with the rest of humanity,
circling in places that we have not seen,
going into the unknown and exploring the corners
of your mind
there's nothing I would not leave,

you were a...silver dollar on a gold mine,
planting seeds in brain I could feel at short
as long as your in my arms then everything
is fine,
telling all your loyal subjects to come to less
talk but more grime,
diminished all my feelings,
avoided all the blabbering,
I'm surprised you even put up with me,
unbearable mood swings,
sometimes I don't say a thing,
I'm surprised you even put up with me
until I saw you.


slipping into the corridors of time,
hoping that you'd stay,
planning out my pain in your diary,
the words feel as delicate as they should,
forgive me for breathing on this beautiful

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