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Butterfly May 2022
Hidden behind nature,
hands form a wall against the fire.
Hey, guess who's back after almost two years! Im back with more trauma and ready to write about it<3
This poem is about a old friend who i always smoked with behind the bushes after art class
Butterfly Nov 2020
The way they fit on my body.
They look wrong, weird, strange.
They don't fit, they dont belong with me.
Im struggling alot with my body image and my style and on top of that the judgement of others don't really help.
I wish somebody just came to my house and made me some outfits ****. Feel like im being dramatic but it really bothers me that I constantly feel like **** in my clothes.
Butterfly Aug 2020
Eventhough I'm a bit young, I just want to feel loved for once.
Butterfly Jul 2020
You blush without the red face.
Cleaning out my drafts
Butterfly Jul 2020
After that night I've never felt comfortable again.
Could've stayed because you had no reason to leave.

You were to selfish to give me a part of your happiness
Dyed my hair black, cut bangs and now I look like Edna from the Incredibles. No regrete
Butterfly Jul 2020
Sometimes it's nice to be lost in your own thoughts.
But I've been lost for to long.
I bought a cow bag. It's legit a cow plushie as a bag. HE NEEDS A NAME, SUGGEST SOME NAMES IN THE COMMENTS??
Butterfly Jul 2020
I was laying down, lost in my thoughts.
"Hey.." appeared on my screen
I woke up sadly
wished relationships with friends could last longer.
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