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Let me escape.
Even if it's just for a few seconds.
I need to be away,
Just for a few seconds.
Give me what I need,
Just for a few seconds.
Break my mindset,
I posted???? For the first time??? In weeks???
Okay but wash your hands and stay inside, just do it please
  Feb 29 Butterfly
The right person, the wrong time
              The right script, the wrong line
The right poem, the wrong rhyme
        And a piece of you,
                That was never mine.
Butterfly Feb 23
My mind is on standby
I'm sick helppp
Butterfly Feb 17
Every motion that you make,
Will lift me of the ground.

I'm so happy that you're around.
My latest poems kinda ****.
I'll come back when I have some good ****.
Butterfly Feb 16
Your smile makes my mind go wild.
I got into a relationship AND SHE IS SO ******* PRETTY *** SOMEBODY HELP ME
  Feb 10 Butterfly
You told me you had my back...
Now my shadow is still behind me,
And where on earth are you?
Butterfly Feb 8
What if I came back.
What kind of impact would that have on you.
I thought about it many times.
I don't want to distract you from your happiness.
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