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Melody Jun 2021
Your circumstances were never up for
Auction to all these tattletale devils.
Melody Jun 2021
No devil may care for me tonight'
roaming, hunting a soul.
It is only a tinge of light
illuminating these corridors;
filled room to room with confessions,
murmurs adorn each one of their frames.
Melody Dec 2020
If only in my greatest tests
I can remain just like you..

To remain a confidence,
For all who are shun

To be our gratitude
In our adversity..

To be bright eyed
When clouds reach the forefront.

and to love, a love
Which paths knows no fork in the roads;
Seemingly your most simplest attributes
Yet your greatest knowledge.

Your absence instilled a winter
For which there’s no seasons;
Yet your warmth rivals it’s very summer....
Dedicated for all my past loves;
Melody Dec 2020
Peculiar how my footsteps;
Can maintain weight.
For all my bones have wept themselves
To pure sulfur.
Melody Dec 2020
Usually a joyous occasion;
Colorful bundles of balloons,
Above those ambiguous cornerstones
Of my very home;

Yet betray a monochrome atmosphere,
Among each and every exchanged greeting.

Garlands of an afternoon delight
attempt to mask;
Monotone chatter among these walls.
Melody Dec 2020
It’s a silly little girl
Folding her little paper boat
To life;
Sailing without a map to her helm.
Silly little dreamer that one.
Melody Dec 2020
Your solitude;
Is about the
only souvenir
I can claim,
From our one way voyage.
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