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Gwen Johnson Oct 2016
I am untold metaphors
that contradict each others existences
I am lightness
and darkness
and everything in between
I'm also the lack of the in between  
I'm the lack of existence
And existence itself
I am every extreme
but most importantly
no perfectly constructed poetry
can define me
and I wouldn't want it any other way
Gwen Johnson Oct 2016
I've stopped searching
for my missing pieces
Not because I'm whole
but because
I finally
Gwen Johnson Sep 2016
You have to take care of yourself
Watch out
Don't go out alone at night
be afraid of every noise
but why are you so afraid
you don't need to be frightened
you're just weak
it's nothing
Gwen Johnson Sep 2016
What does the color remind you of
The color red?
It reminds me of something
I miss
Something I can't have
and something I can't be
it's hard because the color is so pretty
Why must it remind me of you?
Why does everything
remind me of you
Gwen Johnson Sep 2016
I'm waiting for leaves to fall off trees
for art to fall at my feet
I'm waiting to wear baggy sweaters
to be wrapped in something cozy
I'm waiting for pumpkin pie
a delicious treat
I'm waiting for sipping on hot tea
my liquid warmth
I'm waiting for Autumn
Gwen Johnson Sep 2016
I still dream of you sometimes
Press snooze
Just ten more minutes
With the idea of you
With the idea I'm not alone
That someone would look at me
With amazement in their eyes
Just ten minutes
Gwen Johnson Sep 2016
I'm not here for small talk
I want to avoid the wave of
and blank faces
I don't wish to drown in
meaningless conversations

How are you?
This isn't a surface level greeting
Dig deeper
How are you feeling?
Is your mind your enemy today?
Or your friend?
Or is there a disconnect, like an acquaintance?

How's the weather today?
I'm not talking outside
I can check that myself
but what is the weather in your head
Is it bland?
Is it nice?
Do you need protection?

Do you like this place?
This physical space
When you fully engage in the world
Do you like it?
What would you change?

What do you like to do?
How do you spend your time?
When the world is crashing down
What helps?

I'm not here for small talk
So don't get alarmed
When I try to get to know you
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