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Butterfly Jun 2019
Crying and having a mental breakdown while watching the sun go under was the highlight of my life.
I'm okay I swear
xtine Apr 2019
You are the book I hold in one hand,
And on the other, a highlighter.
I remember how we were told to
only mark down the important parts with the neon colours;
but darling,
I need more than this one pen of neon pigment to highlight these pages,
Because your entire being is the most important thing in my life.
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
With the sun shining  
on top of the pack.
Highlighting the day
up to the sky
tomorrow will come.

Burning in golden delights
a dreaming heavenly light
will uphold the earth’s
column on the high!

Tomorrow upon the evernew
apex of the dawn once again the sun
spilling the sublunary black box
will jot down one more heavenly
interpretation of its dreamlight.
Imagining on the tucked away
pure earthly wonder!
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
My narrow cave is zero colour
a thousand winds that blow over
only blow away kohls yet to see an eye.

The sunrise beams out in the morning's hush
as do the sun basks in the swift uplifting rush.
Ah, only to miss out again like yesterday,
there was a cave it tried to highlight.

Then lost me in the dark found a Moon
heavily tilted yet over a shady turf.
Every star eying upon it knows that
tomorrow again, this will host the sunrise!
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
To me football is
twenty-two adults madly running after a ball,
One referee running after them to make sure they do not fight,
And two linesmen who make sure they stay inside the line.
In their haste to put the ball inside the goal post the referee gives them a yellow card for misconduct or a red card  to send him off the field.
To top it all thousands of people pay a fee to come and watch them run crazily after the ball.
The highlight of game is a goal.
Whoever scores is a hero
Henry Koskoff Jan 2018
light escapes upon
the little ridge of his lip
and bounces to me
Arcassin B Oct 2016
by Arcassin Burnham

when you were young in a world full
of loss and a cup cherries,
the earth stood still,
learning all the secrets of your beauty,
intertwining with the rest of humanity,
circling in places that we have not seen,
going into the unknown and exploring the corners
of your mind
there's nothing I would not leave,

you were a...silver dollar on a gold mine,
planting seeds in brain I could feel at short
as long as your in my arms then everything
is fine,
telling all your loyal subjects to come to less
talk but more grime,
diminished all my feelings,
avoided all the blabbering,
I'm surprised you even put up with me,
unbearable mood swings,
sometimes I don't say a thing,
I'm surprised you even put up with me
until I saw you.


slipping into the corridors of time,
hoping that you'd stay,
planning out my pain in your diary,
the words feel as delicate as they should,
forgive me for breathing on this beautiful
Crimsyy Oct 2016
If I had to pick a highlight of this year...

It'd be you.

I feel like I should have picked
someone closer,
someone you might call family,
a friend perhaps,

But I can't.

When my heart has been crackling,
burning by the fire that my soul ignited,
when the home in my bones
felt more like hell,
the living room became frail,
and my bed sheets became
soaked in tears,
you kept my thoughts sober.

You witnessed my intensity,
you witnessed my extremes,
you witnessed the fires
I failed to calm
when I kept bringing the burn
instead of the cold,
you've witnessed me
desiring to put my life
on permanent hold.

And still you remained..
You did not mind being
drenched in my rain,
And for that, there are no rhymes
that can thankyou.

- Crimsyy♡
I don't want to hear the words
"You are apart of us"
Leave your lips ever again
Please just stop trying to pretend
I'll never be apart of the duo
Because this love isn't meant for a trio

Don't try not to hurt my feelings
I'm fine
Just tell me like it is
You are fond of me I know
It just won't ever be like her

Don't beat yourself up
I understand
I'm not meant to hold your hands
You have each other
It's alright
I can find my own way tonight

You tell me I'm apart of you
But everyone can see it isn't true
When the topic best friend is spotlight
She is the only highlight
I guess I'm just not made for friends these days
But I'll stick around and watch over you
As if that's what I'm meant to do
Andrea Armstrong Jun 2015
I watch you go down in the winter.
But, I watch you come up in the summer.

Your some how unpredictable, but yet your still bright. You set my rainy day aflame, even if I didn't ask.

You are my flame, you are my Sųŋ.

— The End —