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Why is everything so co.mpli.cated.
        Why is nothing how it should be

Nothing good lasts for ever
well it seems to me like nothing good lasts a fucking second

Everything is
         Everything was good a week ago
    A month ago
Ok maybe not good but better

         Because this fucking life has
        given me the shittiest lemons
And although I'm used to dirty lemonade
it's like life still enjoys pelting me with the leftover ones
        I want
    To disappear
Go away
Fear hurts.
No matter how happy I am, there is always fear.

When it’s dark at night, there is fear.
Fear crawls underneath the blanket with your beating heart.

When you eat an ice cream cone, there is fear.
Fear slides onto your tongue, along with the sweet, frozen cream, and makes its way down your throat.

When you squeeze a pillow, fear will be there,
refusing to exit your mind.

Fear, why won’t you exit my mind?
It never leaves me..

But fear is what keeps you going everyday.

When you climb a great pine tree,
you feel glad, happy, strong, though never fearless
for fear’s there lurking in the needles right there with you.

When the sweetest pitbull licks your face with it’s oh so soft tongue,
you fear that it will leave you.
When your phone rings,
you fear of who it is.

Fear makes me fearless

When you play, you still fear.
You don’t even know what you fear but
fear is everywhere.
It doesn’t make sense.
Fear doesn’t make sense.

Fear is fear.

When fear comes along
Fear is your best friend
Fear makes me dance.

When you love something,
you fear that it will go away.

You fear of yourself.
You fear of the world.

Fear comes to make life harder,
to make you sad,
to make you scared,
but your heart is full of joy so you just sit at the kitchen table,
eating donuts with a side of fear.

You may love fear, you drink it like it’s coffee,
but you hate fear even more.
I wrote this in a poetry class in 6th grade (hence why its so bad) before I realized I had loads of anxiety
Victoria Jun 1
My body feels like bricks
Heavy, they give in
I try to get up
But it's so comfy, it's like a sin  

Leave me
Let me be
Turn me into a pile of stones
Not the fine kind of sand
But the ones that fill the ocean and land

Right now silence is comfort
It's both peaceful and nice
Let me be a pile of bricks
Travel to my paradise
Alone time matters too
Here I go again
Trying to sleep
But you won’t leave me alone

Why can’t you ever leave me alone?
Why can’t I forget that sometimes you exist?
Please just vanish
and everything will be better.

But will everything be better
when you do vanish?
Is it better for you to just disappear?

I guess I will never know.
This is an old poem from a few months ago. I only recently added something on here. I'm reading all of these poems and I'm really just getting so inspired.
jh Feb 18
I make things harder than it needs to be.
Its like I enjoy the melancholic feeling every time I think of you
but I don't,
truth is,
I did this to myself,
I was the one who lit up the matches and watched them burn to the end;
flame touching my fingers,
the ever so burning sensation I get when I'm reminded that my own self sabotage let you go.
Its not enough though,
to go back to you.
Trust me when I say that the thing in life I wish I had the most right now would be you,
your hand in mine
but the feeling I get when you hand actually touches mine, the slightest bit, isn't what I expected.
I made it like this
I ruined such a perfectly good thing, and there's no way I'm getting it back.
- I wrote this in the past, and the next thing you know, We're back together and I don' know what to do with myself anymore.
Pastelblitz Feb 5
You stood there and blamed it on me
I wanted to flee
But you said you were the key
So I agreed

I agreed to stay
But you led me astray
And to my dismay
It was foul play

You never cared
When I said I was scared
And you said that you repaired
So I declared

I declared to love you
But I slowly became blue
And I cut through
Like it was a stage cue

I cut through my thighs
And you maximized
My mind’s disorganize

You did nothing to help
You let me make whelps
That made me yelp

Your fake love
Made me think I was unworthy of

Get out of my head please
Isabelle Nov 2017
Don't let me go
           let me go
Now you go please.
Wednesday night musing.

youre in cloudnine
so happy that you wouldn't want to lose it
then suddenly it's suffocating
so you asked for a little space
then you became so accustomed to the space
so now you told me to go
and leave you in your damn spacious world
Odious Wench Oct 2017
Keep your distance
leave me alone
I don't care for you anymore

Harsh words are useless
my feelings are already numb
my tears hit the floor

Can't you see I don't need you
don't want you, don't love you
your eyesight must be poor.

Im begging you go away,
move on, don't call me names
I've already showed you to the door.

Don't you see?....
It's useless
Dazed Dreaming Oct 2017
Time is my biggest issue right now...
I feel like my life is..
Forever on pause.
I hate this place..
I hate coming home...
I want my new life to start...
I want this place to become a distant memory...
A forgotten Atlantis city...
Swallowed up and buried..
By the raging sea...

If I could just speed up time..
This would allow my brain to sleep..
To regroup..
To erase all the fake friends...
Erase you...
Erase what I felt for you that wasent true...
Wasent real...
All I need is time to pass me by...
Time is keeping me prisoner...
everyday testing me...
Is there no end..
To this hellish chapter?
I've won that long drawn out battle..
I've proven myself...
To God..
And everyone else...

I want to retire..
Let me close my eyes...
And sleep...
Forgetting all the...
Monsters and freaks..
That always seem to creep...
Let me bury this chapter deep...
So that I can..
Finally be free.
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