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The explorer entered the cave alone,
and he emerged pale with terror.
He never spoke of what he saw.
He saw nothing after all, but he felt everything.
And everything was enough for him to never feel anything ever again.
AestheticAbi Jul 6
stop I begged
I'm only twelve
I constantly said

Leave me alone
please I'm not the one
you want to hold

I guess I asked for it
even after I said
I didn't like it one bit

I guess what I didn't know
was everything meant yes
especially when I begged no

He touched me in places
and gave the
most horrid faces

he even wanted me to call him daddy
but the worst part of it all
is I couldn't bear to tell my mommy

so I'm sorry I posted pictures of myself
I just didn't know hed text me saying
hed think of me when touching himself

I didn't know a bikini
would hurt me so much
especially because I'm not skinny

like the other girls he said
I'm far from them
as he laid me down in his bed
AestheticAbi Apr 25
Just leave me alone
I don't need your hand to hold
just give me my space
until I'm right for this place
Archer Feb 27
Is it possible
To have peace? Not after the
Lying and deceit
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