the big picture I get,
broad strokes easy enought to
understand, the general trajectory
and the flight plan
but these details
the subtlety
of each small progression
how they link, how they
in tandem to create
a bigger whole....
I get it,
basically, just so
long as I  don't have to
explain it, or anything.

D. Michael Kingsford is a Manual typewriter poet in Denver.
He is on INSTAGRAM @roamingpoet.
Marsha A Jun 29

I notice everything,
All of them.
All of the details of you,
I love every single one of them.
I really want you.

I want to love all of you.
Your smile, your tears, your laughter,
Your flaws, your scars, your tempers;
And I still want you.

“When you share hidden parts of yourself
with someone else,” one said,
“You’re trusting that person to hold the
secret sections of your heart,
and to love the bits you thought
were unlovable.”

These are some beautiful things:
A baby's first smile,
A bird in the wild,
A bride on the aisle,
A love that's worthwhile,

Warm wind in the trees,
The salt in the seas,
The buzz of spring bees,
Winter's first freeze,

A loved one's laugh,
A child's handmade craft,
An actor's autograph,
A newborn calf,

The sunrise in the sky,
And the sunset alike,
And kind passersby,
The stars in the night,

The wind in one's hair,
Sweet spring on the air,
A mother's care,
A child's prayer

The color of skin,
True feelings within,
The sound of violins,
And feeling sheepskin,

A book in my hands,
My feet in the sand,
Stories of another land,
And the promised land,

The leaves in the fall,
Mountains like walls,
Sounds of a waterfall,
The smell of rainfall,

Peace after war,
And petrichor,
And sand on the shore,
And a winning score,

Peace at night,
And perfect light,
And a first sight,
And a flying kite,

A smile so dear,
A kiss so clear,
A loved one near,
And a new come year,

And hope that everything will be okay

These are the beautiful things

I could go on and on and on about beautiful things, even ones that don't rhyme. I fall in love with the little things, like how my friend only eats apples with a knife, or how my mom never actually drinks her coffee, she forgets about it and leaves it in the microwave ten times a day. I love that my cat can tell when I can't sleep and comes and lays right up against my back and purrs to help me sleep. I love that whenever my best friend is thinking, she subconsciously touches the back of her thumb to the indent above her upper lip. I fall in love with little details. There are just as many beautiful things in this world as there are ugly ones. Don't forget to savor them. ❤

The feeling that something is missing is not only a feeling of loss,
but also an evidence to the fact that something like this also happened in the past.
Past is an experience
Present is what you have
Future uncertain
Desire will always remain in life, irrespective of the fact as to whether it’s past, present or else with regards to the future
The only difference been a change in it’s form and way.

Looking into details of each and everything and all that happened in life,
one thing is for sure,
experience gained since prior paves a way for better expertise,
if the desire is for the same with regards to better future.

Lindsay Leigh Nov 2016

I told you once,
Do you remember?
Just kids,
Spinning with our arms
As the leaves fell,
That I wanted to die on a Thursday.

I’m still here.
And caring what you think
Is not something I’m used to.
How can everything we shared
Be but a lost memory to you?

I remembered every detail,
Because you were significant,
And I thought I was too.

M G Hsieh May 2016

                     Who notices prepositions
                      unless they dangle

                      like earrings
                      begging the spotlight.

                      They act
                      like auditioning extras

                      or photo-bombers.

                       Of the people, for the people, by the people,

                       what does that even mean
                       when we, the people
                       are simply people

                       trying out humanity.

                       My nephew goes blah blah blah,    
                       which is cute and could
                       mean anything when
                       spoken randomly _ an 18-month old,

                       like prepositions
                       _  the people:

                       _ God, we trust.

JR Falk May 2016

I want to know your small parts
Every little scar
Every freckle
Every dimple
Every direction your hairs decide to go
I want to know your small parts
I want to know your favorite board game
I want to know the smallest things that steal your attention
I want to know your favorite color
I want to know your darkest nights
I want to know your favorite snack foods
I want to show you so much beauty
I want to show you how wonderful you are
I want to know you


Reminds me of another poem looking back, but I had someone in mind, not a poem.
Cynthia Jean May 2016

the salt and pepper of life

the rich nuggets

precious little details
that we miss

in our overwhelm

the little jewels
of everyday life
that make it
so sweet


all the days of our lives

cj 2016

May God open our eyes everyday to His gifts...that we wouldn't miss anything!
lavender Apr 2016

I am
water droplets,
splitting down
the center.

Dividing and

Salt enhanced
rain water,
rolling down
hot skinned
cheek bones.

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