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RobbieG May 2022
I see through fresh eyes a life that you would want. I live with a fresh and healthy mind now, now without you. I think to myself how easy you could fit into this life now but that's not what I want. I see myself now too, with these fresh eyes and healthy mind... and boy do I think, we both got what we deserve!
RobbieG May 2022
The world from which I see outside of this screen is REALITY...

The world from which I see within this screen is fake...

   "ThE wOrLd YoU sEe Me FrOm, WeLl ThAt WoRlD iS wHaT kEePs Me SANE... FrOm EvErY wOrD wRoTe, I pReVeNt A bOtTlEd Up ThOuGhT!"

 The world from which I'm seen outside of this screen is REALITY...

The world from which I'm seen within this screen is fake...
RobbieG May 2022
I need more friends and compassion like I need another *******, all these problems and scars were created by others but I'm forced to wear them, all the offenders are missing, kissing more victims with the same lips that *******. The riots ended when I surrendered myself to solitary confinement, the silence killed all others minds so for once I COULD HEAR MINE! I hated what I heard but with every word I acknowledged the pain, strain and mental drain it had inflicted on me! The rest is history the mystery solved from words not spoken, from opinions not shared, from no prescriptions but from HAVING A ******* HEART AND KNOWING RIGHT FROM WRONG! Face your demons before you let them out, don't fear what you can't see, believe in becoming someone you can be proud of!
RobbieG May 2022
Dumb, unattractive also.
I still found someone!
RobbieG May 2022
I know I'll only be judged for who I was not WHO I AM! So sometimes I decide to let him loose, free from the comfort of the uncomfortable noose... If that's who you will always see mentally than let him be seen physically...

" You know I hate him, you know I killed him, you know he's dead to me.... But you keep treating me like you used to treat me and back then is when we broke apart and it fueled the start to the rest of my life and
to my surprise his eyes are the only ones Im ever seen through!"
RobbieG May 2022
It's all the same... literally not much cannot be the same. People, problems, ideas, issues, etc, etc, etc... We're all the same!
RobbieG May 2022
Large cold drops nonstop land on the tops of their heads, the dogs awake with tails that shake to hit the front door, only to be stopped midstep just before their paws hit the wet doorsteps, when will it stop their eyes ask as they anxiously wait to go outside, light shades of green that fade to various tans and browns that line the paved roads on both sides have desperately needed this rain...
Spring is here as the sounds of the big cold drops landing on all the tops of all earthbound is heard for all willing to listen, a tall tale of the warm weather to come and the dark bright greens to yellow shades soon to take over along with Summer.
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