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Bardo Aug 2022
Feelings are funny things
I used think feelings were the sweet feelings you felt when you were very young
When you were little
(Before the emptiness came)
These were what feelings were... to me.

So it used to baffle me when I got older
After I'd gone through some traumas of my own in life
And suddenly I found much to my dismay
That I no longer felt anything inside myself anymore
Only an emptiness, a numbness, a nothingness... a void
Those lovely early feelings had now all gone
I knew...I knew there was something wrong

But then I'd hear some people say
"Oh, I feel this way or I feel that way... I feel happy, I feel sad, I feel...
And I'd think to myself What! you still feel something inside yourself
Y'know Me! I don't feel anything anymore
All my old feelings that made me who I was they've  all gone
And I have no idea how to get them back again.

But then I'd think
Y'know when you say you feel...say you feel lonely or depressed or calm and confident
Overwhelmed or in control... whatever!
all these different emotions/ so called feelings
But these aren't.... these aren't the real feelings are they
Not like the feelings you had when you were a little child
Their just... aren't they just words describing mental states where/how you find yourself during the day
You feel sad probably because you're thinking sad thoughts
Or you feel happy because you're thinking happy thoughts
But sure I could do that
Yea! I could say well I feel... I feel hungry
Or I feel a bit apprehensive about something that's coming up
Or maybe I feel excited because I'm going out to a show somewhere
But these... these aren't the real feelings are they though
Not the lovely sweet feelings you had as a little child
No! Their not the same.

Y'know when a child comes into the world they start as a clean slate
They have no words at all to begin with
Yet even then they have these incredible sweet feelings inside that make them feel so happy and so special
It makes them feel like they own the whole world
Maybe... maybe their a symptom of the Divine. I...I don't know.

And I'd say this to someone sometimes and it's like they'd look at me kind of strangely
As if to say "What do you mean... when you say... the real feelings!
It's hard to write something about the aloneness from whence you come, trying to articulate your own experience, something that's very subjective. I've written quite a few poems now about the emptiness within and the sweetness long ago. And the Quest to return to that Paradise of old LoL.
Fee Berry Aug 2021
The house fell silent on the day he left
The house fell silent and we were bereft
No footsteps running down the stairs
(As though invaded by a troop of bears)
No hugs or kisses on top of my head
No disappearing forks or staying in bed
No surprise breakfast or cups of tea
No sudden lectures on life at sea
No rubbing my feet or hugging me quick
No clearing up when the dog’s been sick
No “I love you” or “love you too!”
The house fell silent and so did you.

We waited hoping you could survive
We wanted you awake as well as alive
But the house fell silent when you left
And then you were gone and we are bereft.

We are bereft and you are dead
We can’t remember all you said
All you said and all your love
All that life in heaven above
(You don’t believe in that we know
But we hope that heaven is where you’ll go)
All your creations and all your care
All your mess in your private lair
All your energy and all your you…
And all your loud opinions too.
The house fell silent on the day you left
Our hearts are broken; we are bereft.
My son died on 18 July after an accident on his bicycle.
Tom Lefort May 2020
Those still left, bereft, bereft,
Nothing left, nothing left
But empty places, fading faces;
No one here, just this fear
Of forgetting all we said
Within those hallowed years,
That now speak just in whispers
As they are quietly left for dead.

TS Lefort 2020
nihiliti Jun 2018

like birds in gray skies

black like
the horizon when it dies

black like
flies weaving through the night
in search of light
shown down from
our artificial heaven

black like
a sea of forgotten things
buried beneath sickening
mounds of fresh filth
dredged from our
materialistic dreams

black like
my mother's eye
in the middle

like my father's lies
far from white
like the corners of my room
where I'd contemplate my doom
and wish for things
I shouldn't


like the soul at it's lowest
worn down to Tartarus
with all the little
demons that make a life
worth killing
and moreover
make such a thing fulfilling

black thoughts
sown by black deeds
give rise to evil things

evil breeds in
black ravines
where light's not
shown to these
dreaming things

deceased because you ceased to shine
There's something missing...
Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2017
My dreams were shattered,
My hopes scattered,
The day my son left,
Leaving us bereft,
Not of wealth,
But health.
The shock of him leaving was too much,
Life became an empty watch,
Without the supportive hands.
My husband's health declined,
So did mine.
Soon my better half died,
I had to move on,life I defied,
No more dreams nor hopes,
No search for better scopes.
Each day became a reality,
Forgive and forget,live with dignity,
Live life to the full,day to day,
The rest on Allah,what say.
My son left us for better pastures.More his wife refused to stay with us.
Àŧùl Oct 2016
Your eyes are very unfaithful,
A swindling ******* you are.
You bereft me of all that light,
A dwingling light you were..
Youth had enticed me closer,
A cheating partner stabs me...
HP Poem #1185
©Atul Kaushal
Erin Suurkoivu Sep 2016
What are these bodies, these
limbs, giving up their sap
and heat? Who decides
who dies, who lives?

What is cut down is
cut down, and
bereft children
grow in their place.
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