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Carl D'Souza Feb 12
feels good;
Loving others
feels good;
Being loved by others
feels good.

optimises my experience of being alive.

makes me happy.

I seek Love-Happiness.
Carl D'Souza Feb 10
It is a warm summer day
with a clear blue sky
and white fluffy clouds floating by;
I am
walking down my home street
and enjoying the cool summer breeze
blowing over my body
cooling me down;
I am enjoying
the sight
of front-yards with tall trees and shrubs of many varieties,
the sight of two storey mansions with designer architecture,
the sight of neatly mown lush-green front lawns;
I am enjoying
the auditory experience
of a quiet peaceful neighbourhood,
with a gentle breeze rustling leaves on trees
and birds tweeting
around my quiet home street;

I feel
Carl D'Souza Feb 9
I am
gently munching
crunchy hazelnuts
which taste delicious
as they break apart on my teeth,
bits of hazelnut
passing over my tongue;
the hazelnuts are covered in chocolate
which melts on my  tongue
as I gently munch
and savour the taste of
sweet milky creamy brown chocolate.

I am
Carl D'Souza Feb 9
I am enjoying
holding a hot steam iron
gently pressing it downwards
and moving it across
a white cotton crumpled coat
which becomes neatly flat
as I iron.

When I have completed ironing the coat
and I put the coat on a hangar
and I see the coat neatly flat
I feel happy.
Carl D'Souza Feb 9
When I fear
I accept the course of destiny
and this acceptance calms me down;
then I proactively prudently strive with optimism
to do whatever I can
to avoid the loss,
and this striving I enjoy.
Carl D'Souza Feb 9
When I am unhappy
about some aspect of my life,
I still enjoy
the basic experience of being alive:
the stimulating
tactile sensations and
introspective ****** experiences;

I still enjoy
striving with optimism
to improve my situation
so I can be happier;

I still enjoy
being happy
about those aspects of my life
which I can feel happy about.
Carl D'Souza Feb 9
I feel
so many feelings
all the time.

I am
a feeling being.

I need
to feel
to understand
the meaning of my experiences
in comparison to my needs and aspirations.

my feelings
happen intuitively
and prior to careful evidence-based reasoning
and so my feelings are not philosophically reasonable
and so my feelings are dangerous
if I use my feelings to define what reality is.

I protect myself
from unphilosophical unreasonable feelings
by never enacting my feelings,
by never reacting motivated by feelings;
rather I use my feelings
only as information
that I am having feelings
and so my needs and aspirations
may be affected in some way
by my experiences
which led to my feelings;
then I reflect
on my experiences
to philosophically reasonably discover
how it is most useful for me to feel
to achieve my optimal joy an happiness.
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