moe 5d

I remember the day how we felt the same way,
the attraction,
the passion the romantic satisfaction,
thats how the sparks lead to the mutual desire,
how the touch of your hand set me on fire,
that special connection we shared felt like no one else could compare,
until that day when you started to pull away,
preoccupied in your thoughts with A distraction,
my instincts are clear how this makes me insecure,
now bad energy is here,
all my emotions with fear have sufficed to the top and now i'm feeling distraught,
conversations reflect with less motivation and neglect,
that genuine connect becomes disrespect,
not honest nor true just lies and confused,
i walk with these tears and fighting alone with all fears,
your feelings of regret and enforcement to a threat,
questioning all emotions but waiting to see whats next

Kewayne Wadley Dec 2017

Hate is such a strong word.
Yet you show me plenty of it.
You first flash your gun.
In compensation to cut wages.
Yet you remember me.
How you should have listened.
A siren of power rung.
the hands that flashed adamantly "no, please don't."
You ignore my cry.
Covering me in the congress of actions seen.
I guess bad decisions in part.
Act first speak later.
My spirit shattered in false hope.
I put firm trust in the light that flashed from your badge.
Thinking to myself its all a mistake.
To think I was half right.
It's much easier to edit flim or tape.
The disguise worn scene to scene.
You were never held accountable for your word or action.
In a couple of months everything will be thrown out.
A face sagged in misery.
Treating me your very worse,
Refusing to see that your very belief is the problem.
I couldn't say a thing.
The claps of your sole echoing against concrete.
A new victim found.
No matter how fast you run,
Your disguise can never hide what you've done.
You fled the scene before my body dropped.

Kewayne Wadley Dec 2017

She gave him life in the whim of passion.
Drawing lines of pleasure. All of her pain that she's felt over the years.
The very existence of all she's ever dreamed.
All in the hopes that he'd never do the same.
He and he alone would stand the test of time.
The portrayal of locking eyes, deep shades of gray.
Drawn and retraced.
A homesickness suffered from the gift of tender eyes.
She remembers the nights the rain wouldn't cease.
The creases her face made in grief.

In the end. All she had was the sketch pad that never left her side.
He alone took each tear and rested his head beside them.

Her sketch pad.

This vigorous sketch that stared off into the distance.
She screamed of warning to the oncoming flood.
The beads of blue that traced every drop of rain.
Blending bright and dark hues to the paper of her pad.
Wool combs of hair colored in, blending into the background.
She thought long and hard.
First filling his hands with roses then taking them away.

Deep marks left behind from a couple of flicks of her wrist.
An eroding eraser.
The blossoming of a new sketch, a tremble of thought.
The rain came back even harder.
More fierce the next sketch she made.
Paved and coated over and over again.
A fear that she would never become the recipient of all she's dreamed.
Someone that would love her for all that she keeps hidden.
She reacted to the woes of thunder and lightning.
A tear made deep then covered.
Resistant to all shes felt.
A deep pain struck against the burrow of her heart.
Every flower in the valley of her screamed in anguish to the water that continuously fell.
The valley becoming a gutter in front of the driveway she drew.
Blue and gray hues crosshatched across the page.
Surrounding him in the background.
Here he stood outside in the rain for hours in front of an empty house.
His heart replacing the roses that filled his hands.
Within the confines of her sketch pad she illustrated her best friend.
The best friend she's ever known.
Someone that she could trust.
Made her feel whole.
Here within the confines of her sketch pad.
she illustrated how he made her feel.
She drew breath into his lungs in true fear.
Knowing that somethings aren't meant to happen.
Of all things that she loved. She loved herself the most.
Promising that she would never feel this hurt again.
The torment of having something precious ripped away.
A homesickness suffered from the gift of tender eyes.
She remembers the nights the rain wouldn't cease.
The creases her face made in grief.
It was that night she made the promise never again.
She drew her best friend in a world.
Cold and alone.
All within the confines of her sketch pad.
Where she felt she could be herself.
Illustrating the exact way he made her feel

Dolly munjal Nov 2017

She loved him
So she let him to play with her feelings...
After fulfilling his needs
He left her by calling  slut...

Josephine Zecena Nov 2017

I clench my fist tight.
So dearly trying not to cave in and dial, but the device taunts me.
That Pandora's box full of the emotions, images, and echoes that drench me like rain.

It seems the pages have run out.
Every excuse, every apology, every sweet nothing drained like the battery on my phone due to the over use to distract me from you.

You, sitting there on your shelf.
With your legs dangling and hitting my face. Swelling my eyes and lips shut as you watch my greatest regrets play repeatedly in my mind.
Making me unrecognizable to those around me now.

This is who I've become.
A silent shell filled with the echoes of your laughs and smiles.  
With only melancholy music to comfort me.
The world around me only now visible through rain soaked glasses.

Smooth jazz by Coleman Hawkins as it rains outside my window is the only thing that brings me comfort. The only realm I find my weary soul comforted by.
Harlie Oct 2017

They say love is patient
They say love is kind
Guess they didn't keep the heartache in mind
It's great for a while don't get me wrong
Then empty words are thrown and love's long gone
You cry and regret but only for a while
Before you know it someone makes you smile
They build your heart with a beautiful design
They build you up reminding you who you are
Time passes your good as new
Maybe you'll be alright who knew?
Love is not patient
Love is not kind
Love breaks you and leaves a scar
Until someone comes along and sees who you truly are

Sand Sep 2017

Bring back that version of you I fell in love with
Bring back those dreams we built together
Bring back the love we loved with such deep passion
Before life got in the way

Currently at a low point in my "relationship" and I'm getting nostalgic about the first couple of months
Valerie Sep 2017

There's a reason why you came and left my life.

So I can be able to handle pain and learn how to let go of that pain.

Thank you, dad.

Thank you for being my first heartbreak.

Hanna Jordan Sep 2017

I find myself sitting on his porch
with a pipe in one hand and
cigarette in the other.
I stare into the night sky as the
blanket I have wrapped around me
soaks with the teardrops that have been
traveling down my cheek for the last 5 minutes.
What's there to say? I ask myself as the silence becomes almost deafening.
The crickets are chirping so loud I can barely hear my own thoughts.
Everything is numb.
He doesn't really care about you, I think to myself. He doesn't want you anymore.
The words rumble through my head like a terrible thunderstorm.
No, he's never actually said those words to me aloud. But, you know what they say, actions speak louder than words. And that my friend, is why I'm smoking myself into oblivion on his porch at 12:25 in the morning while he sits inside too consumed in his own mind to even fathom how I'm truly feeling in this very moment.

MPS12 Aug 2017

Sabi ng iba mag ingat pag nag mahal.
Wag padalos-dalos para sa huli ay hindi ma bigo.
Kilalanin ang bawat isa.
Intindihin ang mga intensyon.
Minsan sa bigla ng iyong pagdating;
madudulas, masusugatan, at masasaktan.
Dahil ang puso ang unang pinairal at isip ay saglit nalimutan.
Dahil minsan ay mas madaling mag bulag bulagan.
Kahit ang dumi ay bumubungad sa mga mata.
Para lang hindi sya mawala kahit hindi na masaya ang pagsasama.
Nakasanayan na ikaw ay laging katabi sa kama.
Pero malaking pagbabago ang nasa gitna.
Ang pagmamahalan na sobrang tamis noon,
pumalit ay asim at pait ng damdamin ngayon.
Paano at kailan nag simula mawala ang tamis ng iyong halik?
Dahil ba iba na ang nagpapatibok ng iyong puso?
Ang haplos na inaasam sa iba na dumadapo?
At dahil siya na ang dahilan ng kislap ng iyong mga mata?
Gusto ko man itigil ang kirot ng damdamin,
pero bakit hindi ko kayanin na ikaw ay mawala sa akin?
Minahal ka ng lubusan at buong puso ko'y inalay.
Pero ito ay unti- untin mong tinapakan at binali wala ang halaga.
Ngayon ako ay huling nagsisisi dahil hindi nakinig sa payo ng iba.


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