I took a deep breath.
Following the mystery of a simple smell.
A familiar place taken deep within my lungs.
A perfume light scented but sweet.
She'd dab it around the rounds of her neck.
Twice on her wrists.
The wind spreading her essence to my nose.
Following a glare then a smile.
Just when I thought there was nothing left to share.
She'd bathe in dial antibacterial.
Cleasing her neck of a smell that I remember so vividly.
A perfume light scented but sweet.
The smile and bite of a quivering bottom lip.
Just when I thought that nothing else could be shared.
Someone walked passed with a familiar scent.
Taking me back to a familiar feeling that I only felt when I was around you

Amanda May 5

Back in December it felt like you,
Would never leave but I guess it's true,
That nothing gold can ever stay,
and so you have to go away.

I wont lie, I'm going to miss,
Your lips and how they feel when we kiss,
but I have strength and I have hope,
That without you I'll somehow cope.

In a place where my head is full,
Of thoughts like "hes so wonderful",
Is when ill need your touch the most,
Instead of just your wispy ghost.

Memories will help to ease the pain,
On nights when the darkness drives me insane,
I'm sure ill feel better after I weep,
Myself into an uneasy sleep.

Maybe if I had one more day,
With you, things wouldnt seem so grey,
but time is the one thing that I can't suspend,
Because all good things must come to an end.

Jonathan May 5

Strolling the city streets with your heart on my sleeve
I'm demeaned by lies then left to cry

Staggered beauty through the archways i watched her go away
Wondering without a word to say if we’ll try again

No i’ll never love you again
the same way i did today
No it’ll never be the same again
before they led you astray
astray from me

Promises flown away by the wind of dreams we hoped to begin
are left to rust as we make our way towards the past

Wandering without a fight if the truth will someday come alight
so go on now! and disappear before the night

No i’ll never love you again
the same way i did today
No it’ll never be the same again
before they led you astray
astray from me

This is how it ends
This is how it falls apart
with broken hearts
we are now left in shards

Experiences i lived through recently and anyone else can relate i hope
Lola Reyes Feb 21

is a memory you wish would go away
a memory you want it to live far away from
how can you survive knowing
a broken memory wonders your mind
knowing that life has a way of escaping
knowing that at any moment your memory will come back
how can you heal
when they're still around
how can you love knowing
wether or not your love is fake or not
honestly the only thing i want from you
is to leave
P.s. take your broken memory too

Jessica Merisca Sep 2016

Feelings has so much emotional
So much feelings to hold
Which feelings are the best
How could I let go

My heart gave so many feelings
But not so much my soul
I love you with so much feelings
Why can't I let go

My first feelings was with you
The best feelings in the whole world
This feelings I've never felt before
Is what I appreciate the most

I still have this feeling
Even though your gone
This feelings will never go
Even though we're apart

This feelings is love
Love from above
To my heart to the universe to the star
This feelings I've ever loved by far

It's time to let go our love
So we can both move on
You said you wanted space
So here you go, goodbye my love

Cweeta Cwumble Aug 2016

eyes bloodshot and burning red
like two swollen bags full of
acid tears staining my cheeks with
hot red blotches of fiery
guilt clouding my head like dense
fog settling into the room
between us is a thousand miles.

my eyes feel like bee-stings,
my heart a stone.
with my dead-tree body, withering and
wilting, i lay my heavy head and plead
for sleep to carry me away.

you already dozed off hours ago
like a sleeping child worn out
from throwing his toys 'round the sandbox.
your side of the bed is warm, soft and dry,
while the cold rain still pours over mine.
i guess tonight i'm sleeping in a storm.

Lerin Jul 2016

One day when i wake up and im like an angry depress person with such hate and dissapointment with my life . Would u still love me?

One day when i wake up with amputated limbs and losing the will to survive,would u be there for me?

: One day when i wake up with a mental illness,losing sight of myself, living in the walls of my own misery ,would u pick me up and show me the other side of the world?

One day when im in debts of my own failures and cast away in my own fears,would u hold me and guide me?

: One day when i break down and feel like giving up because giving out is all i ever lived up for but nothing seems to go my way,would you show me the light?

One day when im wrinkled,old, and smell like the corridors of the hospital ward,would you leave me for someone else?

Resume for your life partner.
Have you found your soulmate?
Lerin Jun 2016

I used to have delusions of infidelity of my ex, turns out I was always right.

Solitary Sac Jun 2016

Your first love burns hot and bright, like a fire made from paper, and when over, only ashes remain.
Your true love is like a well built woodfire. Slow burning, lasts for ages, and even when you sweep the ashes of initial passion, you are left with steady burning coals.
Coals aren't bright, but stay alight the longest and are much steadier. So hang in there, chum.

For everyone going through this :)
Christina Low May 2016

My cheeks always hurt after talking to you
because I can't look at you without my lips stretching into a smile.
My lips always ache after video chatting with you
because I hate knowing that my lips can't touch yours for another few days.
My heart always drops after you get into your car
because I know you've got to go.

Love Hurts

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