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Daiss 2d
You made me feel like a rose,
beautiful and loved.
You watered me and grew me.
But who knew how bad
you’d destroy me.
I grew thorns out of anger.

I don’t feel the same.
But at least with these thorns you’ll be able
to stay away.
Excited to post my first poem here. Please leave a comment (: thank you.
Kanishka Apr 26
Just as I let my tears part,
My eyes burst in flames,
Reminding me to leash my feelings,
For wilderness is not safe for the tame.
Sanjana Apr 25
When you say my name that way - I want to hear you say it over again

When your smile that goofy smile of yours - I want to do it along with you

When you brush my skin - I want to touch you more

When you talk to me - I want to hear you more

When you walk near me - I want to come near you

When you're with me - I want my heart to stop beating soo fast

I love the things you do


Don’t say my name - cause I know I won’t hear it often

Don’t smile - because I know I’m not the reason you’re doing it

Don’t touch me - because I know you won’t do it more

Don’t talk to me because they aren’t the ones I want to hear you say

Don’t walk near me - because I know you don’t want me by you

Don’t be with me - because it hurts

I hate the way it makes me feel
Ha. If you think that this poem is about you... It's not. The person this is about wouldn't even care about this or even be reading this anyway.
And this love for you
I have attached to a ribbon.
I have watched it soar
Weaving left & right above
My head.
Half-afraid to watch
Half-afraid to let go.
In the blink of an eye it was over.
The look in your eye attached to a ribbon
Cole Maxwell Mar 31
Unlike Drake, we didn't start at the bottom,
We met about midway.
Two people amidst a common problem.
Darkness cloaks this part, at most I'll start to
Coast to the cause of the issues that bother
Cole the most, his heart revokes the thought
Of coming close to ignoring it farther.
I understand like a ghost, I see right through your father,
Voices don't come close to being as
Reprimanding as thoughts do.
They long for your heart to retain as much hatred as they can barter,
Until you can't stand the way that you breath or look at a person the same as you're recalling.
Much to the dismay of Blood,
I had to leave, I was falling,
Alcohol was more important than you all
And for that I'm sorry.
I tried to get away and break my chains
But veins yearn for that which takes the pain
Away and for that I only grew to know more pain.
One thing led to another and still the story's the same,
I've thrown away 5 years of my life to help me dig my own grave.
Amazingly I've made it through to write this story
And say that I've put childish things aside,
And live a better life today.
I support my son and make a living,
Just as Blood may.
As humans we're designed to seek that which
May better our emotional state,
On each individual level.
We chase that which can
Levitate our own knowledge in case there are
Discrepancies at bay.
As people, don't you want to know the full story,
I know your reputation for curiosity precedes you.
If not, why do I not deserve a chance at a sorry?
What means necessary must I take just to have a conversation?
It's quite hypocritical in fact,
But I digress in that partly.
Does trepidation rule over you,
Til you're blind to damnation?
Forevermore, you have risen,
Yet I remain uncomplacent.
Lisa Mar 27
Where were u at when i just wanted to die
Where were u at when i couldn't breathe
Where were u at were u at when i was crying my eyes shut?
Where u at when i couldn't sleep because i was over thinking..
But here you are texting me at 3:am
KM' Feb 8
Please be the truth u tell
Fragility and all
Because I'd rather stab my hands on broken glass
Than have them ****** from punching a gravel wall.
And should you break from a stumble or a fall
I'd rather stab my hands on broken glass trying to build u back up
Instead of leaving you alone
Her voice lingers in the air, still and dead,
Stifling like oppressive August haze,
Stagnant musty pressure upon the head,
Like humid air that hasn’t moved for days.

Her voice lingers, her words stuck to my skin,
Putrid filth I can never wash away,
As unforgiving as a mortal sin,
I can’t be cleansed of what she had to say.

Her voice lingers, her “no” rings in my ears,
A branding iron of shame on display,
Her answer to my love will last for years,
Words I did not deserve to hear her say.

Her voice lingers, its echo like a pall,
Her voice lingers, “I don’t love you at all.”
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Don't say it
I can feel each word
Last time we had this conversation ,every word you said slit my veins
Felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest
So don't say them
Don't say you love me but as a friend
Don’t say you don’t want to loose me
Just don’t say it
Friend zone replies
روبرت Nov 2018
Everything makes no sense
I’m spinning and I can’t stop
What do I do?
Confusing right and wrong
Love and Depression blending into one
I’m sinking
Down and down I go
The man I want won’t be mine
The man in front me I deceived
How did I get so lost?
I give up
Oh, Cinderella there you are! We might need to go see the fairy godmother together.
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