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Miranda Feb 2021
Please take everything I taught you;
The surprises,
The late night talks,
The sweet texts,
Take them and use them for someone else.

Please don’t treat anyone else like you treated me.
Pay attention to the way someone treats you
Memories and moments we made
Are plastered in my mind
I try to let them go
But they won't budge and are
Engraved like your name in my soul

Stubborn as my heart is
When it comes to let you go

A whirlwind of emotions
The craziness of this heartbreak
Has taken away the tranquil I once possess
And made me a mess I can't save

Stubborn as my soul is
Which can't seem to let you go

I made peace with myself
Told myself I was not enough
But in the silence of the nights
My mind wanders to the happy days
And a question pops'what went wrong?'

You left with just just a line
'It's not you it's me'
As if it was enough
To forget the good ole' days and breathe

Stubborn my mind, my soul, my heart
Which just want to hold onto you
And torture me with all your
Sweet, beautiful reminiscences.
My first work here. Hope you guys like it.
Aa Harvey Nov 2020
It’s the way you make me feel

It's the way you make me feel.
It's the way you make me feel so bad.
It's the way you make me feel.
It's the way you make me feel so sad.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Sep 2020

Feeling dead when I’m alive,
My sun no longer shines.
Crazy days are all behind me;
All I have is half-remembered memories.

Time is not a healer and I am not a friend.
Every time I see her face,
I want the world to burn to its end.
For all love ever caused me;
The scars upon my heart.
An empty box of what I could have been.
Written down is not who we hope we are.

These are just in pieces, the thoughts upon my grave.
Mask to hide diseases.
Once you have been lost, you have had your love me days.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
You make me want to scream
(You make me late for everything)
Out loud
(Too proud)
Like a beast howling with rage and uncultivated fear
(Just the same **** arguments year after year)
You make me ashamed to want attention
(You argue with anything I mention)
That isnt fought for or coerced
(Plans made with you are cursed)
And I just want to make you see
(All the things that you do to me)
That things could be different
(You never take things as they're meant)
Better or worse
(You cut me down first)
And I could still be here in a couple of years
(You dont understand the depth of my tears)
Or maybe not
(You forget what you forgot?)
And I love you
(There's nothing more true)
But loving you hurts
(And sometimes you're just a ****)
Prabesh Apr 2020
They say it hurts more and more
As you slowly crawl along the razors edge
That Beaming face has a rotten core
Your thick book of love has an empty last page

Conceal is your art, deception is your truth
Playing with this heart, shaking up its roots
The rainbow I loved always had an extra shade
The pain blow I absorbed morphed me into a living dead
Salman reshi Apr 2020
I've tried fire and rain
Nothing can cure these wounds and pain

Holding her hands i want to die in her arms
I'm so much in love with her and her charms

My heart desires you but i can't get you
O my beloved O my sweetheart

Come make this heart understand
You aren't mine you aren't mine
DrabRoses Apr 2020
The memories are vague but I'll try my best,
To write them all down and forget the rest,
I'll hold them close and never let them die,
Rekindling my pains, forever I shall cry.

I just can't forget all the things we did,
The memories of the past, since we were kids.
Our laughters, our tears, all our crazy desires,
Our coldest nights and all our greatest empires.

It was all so pure, the pain and the joy,
I'll also even cherish our last goodbye,
I know you had to go but where are you now,
I wanna see you again, i wanna hear you now.

Even though all the memories were all too good,
But it broke my heart when alone I stood,
The memories I cherish, keep breaking me down,
Why did it all happen, when did I become a clown.

I don't know why you came or why you left,
All I know is now I'm empty, there's nothing left
You took it all and just went away,
I used to be so strong, why did I sway.

I know remembering all that now is just a mistake,
Your smiles were wicked and everything else was fake,
But it'll turn out fine and I'll be alright,
Cause I have my own pride for which I'll fight.

Don't think that you left me with scars on my heart,
Dont think all that you said would now tear me apart,
Just cause you threw me to the wolves,I wont be back,
Soon I'll be right at your doorstep, leading the pack.
It's a poem about no matter how much pain one feels now he somehow soon finds the courage to get up again and get back in no matter how many times he breaks hoping that one day the flower blooms.
DrabRoses Mar 2020
"How could she do this, after all I've done
She didn't love me, I was only just for fun"
He screamed it all on the top of his breath,
Wishing he had never met you, wishing he were dead.

He left your doorstep with a stabbing pain,
With teary eyes and a soul covered with stains.
Swearing never to come back to this wretched town,
Never to love again and once more become a clown.

You broke his heart, his soul, his will,
You were a demon getting ready to ****.
You trapped him and he fell in love,
You gave him a stain he could not shove.

He sits in his room and cries in the darkness,
Scared of this pain he knew not how to harness.
He writes all you've done with eyes all wet,
How you treated him as if he were your pet.

With death wish in his mind and teary eyes,
He recalls all you said, all those pretty lies.
He awaits his time with your thought in his head,
Wishing you farewell, he goes back to his bed.
Its a poem about how broken love can really leave a person
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