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Take a puff, inhale
Poisoning my heart and mind
Your love will **** me
Prabesh Apr 29
They say it hurts more and more
As you slowly crawl along the razors edge
That Beaming face has a rotten core
Your thick book of love has an empty last page

Conceal is your art, deception is your truth
Playing with this heart, shaking up its roots
The rainbow I loved always had an extra shade
The pain blow I absorbed morphed me into a living dead
Salman reshi Apr 17
I've tried fire and rain
Nothing can cure these wounds and pain

Holding her hands i want to die in her arms
I'm so much in love with her and her charms

My heart desires you but i can't get you
O my beloved O my sweetheart

Come make this heart understand
You aren't mine you aren't mine
DrabRoses Apr 6
The memories are vague but I'll try my best,
To write them all down and forget the rest,
I'll hold them close and never let them die,
Rekindling my pains, forever I shall cry.

I just can't forget all the things we did,
The memories of the past, since we were kids.
Our laughters, our tears, all our crazy desires,
Our coldest nights and all our greatest empires.

It was all so pure, the pain and the joy,
I'll also even cherish our last goodbye,
I know you had to go but where are you now,
I wanna see you again, i wanna hear you now.

Even though all the memories were all too good,
But it broke my heart when alone I stood,
The memories I cherish, keep breaking me down,
Why did it all happen, when did I become a clown.

I don't know why you came or why you left,
All I know is now I'm empty, there's nothing left
You took it all and just went away,
I used to be so strong, why did I sway.

I know remembering all that now is just a mistake,
Your smiles were wicked and everything else was fake,
But it'll turn out fine and I'll be alright,
Cause I have my own pride for which I'll fight.

Don't think that you left me with scars on my heart,
Dont think all that you said would now tear me apart,
Just cause you threw me to the wolves,I wont be back,
Soon I'll be right at your doorstep, leading the pack.
It's a poem about no matter how much pain one feels now he somehow soon finds the courage to get up again and get back in no matter how many times he breaks hoping that one day the flower blooms.
DrabRoses Mar 31
"How could she do this, after all I've done
She didn't love me, I was only just for fun"
He screamed it all on the top of his breath,
Wishing he had never met you, wishing he were dead.

He left your doorstep with a stabbing pain,
With teary eyes and a soul covered with stains.
Swearing never to come back to this wretched town,
Never to love again and once more become a clown.

You broke his heart, his soul, his will,
You were a demon getting ready to ****.
You trapped him and he fell in love,
You gave him a stain he could not shove.

He sits in his room and cries in the darkness,
Scared of this pain he knew not how to harness.
He writes all you've done with eyes all wet,
How you treated him as if he were your pet.

With death wish in his mind and teary eyes,
He recalls all you said, all those pretty lies.
He awaits his time with your thought in his head,
Wishing you farewell, he goes back to his bed.
Its a poem about how broken love can really leave a person
DrabRoses Mar 30
Every joy and every misery,
How can I forget the lot,
Every tear and every treachery ,
Everything for which I fought .
I might forgive. but never forget,
All the pain and misery ,I felt,
When you left me to die alone. ,
Just leaving the broken words,turning me Stone.
I will remain the same till.
I feel my body go still
When my mind just goes, ****, ****, ****,
Drop by drop the blood will fill
Your empty sugar mill,
Where you took me, and my will
Breaking it apart, leaving me still.
Bit by bit I feel my life turning dim.
The only way to be safe,
Would be to let go and forget ,
All the mischief that you bred
All the lies which you fed,
To me, till I died in a bed.
Now you want me to let go,
All the things that we went through,
All the rain and the snow.
Although I have a very few ,
Moments to remember or forget.
I dont have anymore tears to shed,
You made me dry,
But I will cry,
Even without a tear to shed,
I won't forget.
Every joy and every misery
All the details of your treachery.
It is a poem about how love is a bittersweet sensation that can turn out to be a deadly poison slowly eating upon you.
fika Mar 26
my heart hurts
i cry
but i look at you and believe everything can heal
Lainey Mar 17
How do you explain a connection that is strong from the moment that you meet someone and you feel like they belong in your life?

How do you pick yourself up when the feelings, so intense,  get parked upon the fence and the timing isn’t right but you’re holding on with all your might and you WILL this to survive even though the pain is rife within you?

How do you stay the course when that voice of caution says you could be heading for heartache but you want to make that cynic eat the words that your romantic heart finds so absurd.

How do you carry on when all along you knew it was only you who chose to cling to the view of a future yet unseen, did it mean as much to him for this to be reality not just a dream?

Setting sail into the unknown, you set a course not knowing which way’s home.
Mae Mar 4
Stop making me feel bad
every time I feel bad
about the ****** way
you’re treating me at times.
That’s just messed up.
It’s like punishing me
for the mistakes that  you’ve made;
which is even more messed up.
Somethingelse Feb 19
From the day I told her I was crazy about her,
She did all to hurt
Fell in love with a mutual friend
To keep me at bay
If only I had my way
I would make it end
Not their relationship which is hot,
But my love for her
Cos I'm I bleeding for nothing
Bleedingfornothing Lovehurts
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