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y i k e s Jan 2018
"I love you to death."
"I'll always love you"
"Please don't fall for someone else"
the words found there way out through your tears, through your desperation.

It was too late, I did fall for someone else.
His arms became home.
His voice became a blanket.
His eyes became shelter
His crooked glasses became a source of comfort

You became my melancholic normal.
You broke me one too many times

also hi. im back
y i k e s Apr 2017
It's been a long time, since I've been here.

Over this time, I fell in love and stayed in love.

People have come and go, just like normal
Life stayed on the steady course, as always.
y i k e s Jul 2016
i love you,
i really do

i just can't seem to accept it.
y i k e s Jun 2016
It's no shock I got sun-burned after you began to love me again,

your touch, like fire.
your words, like a burning sun glare
and your heart, hotter than the the heat.

It's no shock I got sun-burned today,
your love is painful to the touch, but i'll endure it all.
y i k e s Jun 2016
i'm not here.
                              i'm not alive
i'm not awake
                            this is not real.
y i k e s Jun 2016
i wish i could show you that i'm worth it.

but it's impossible to show you a lie.
y i k e s Jun 2016
you often tell me that i remind you of her

the way my mind functions
and the way my words come out
the things i enjoy
and the things i dislike

you often tell me you see her in me

but if that's the case,
why did you choose her over me?
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