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4.1k · Apr 2020
Gen Z
Michelle Apr 2020
And standing upon the precipice.
Young hopefuls,
Staring into the faces of—
The things that boomed long ago.
The gunshots ring,
Like a terrifying drum beat.
Life passes in flashes,
Yesterday long gone.
And tomorrow-
Already has its mind made up.
Michelle May 2020
He liked pringles.
So she thought that it would go
Straight to his heart.
What? What is this paper? Maaan, I just wanted pringles.
I see now.
505 · Apr 2020
Tiger King
Michelle Apr 2020
Fact is stranger than fiction.
Quentin sits for days trying to think of a plot,
As dazed and twisted as his.
And should the Tiger King take Quentin under his wing,
I am sure that Quentin's mouth will be searching for teeth.
(but then again, don't you think Quentin is a tad bit
Benevolent monarch, with peasants made of fur.
Boldy he strays upon a kingdom never his.
And the peasants,
They have no choice
Have no voice,
Nothing but the strength to look the Tiger King's
Advisor in the eye
as they say
And good old Carole Baskin watches.
From a pedestal of brie and champagne:
Money money money! Shower it.
Just not on the tigers.
No money for the peasants.
No money for the ******.
457 · May 2020
I collect your words...
Michelle May 2020
I collect you words
Like the flower petals that fall
From the bride's hair.
O eternal circle
Hovering around the fourth finger
I only wanted to feel you
As you dissapeared.
Sometime, I feel like my heart is glass. Like it shattered many years ago, and I just cannot help myself but to run my fingers against all of the sharp edges. Why does it feel so good to bleed?
429 · Apr 2020
The Robot
Michelle Apr 2020
She held out her arm,
To be poked by the robot.
"Tell me my symptoms my symptoms
My heartache,
My pain-
Tell me that put together
They all make sense."
The robot gave but a quizzical glare.
A dead stare through emotion so dense.
It analyzed the data,
The beep boop menagerie.
"You're human."
Was all the robot could see.
Doctor, doctor! Tell me it is not so.
Why is my heart in tact,
When it is so broken?
405 · May 2020
If you were an angel
Michelle May 2020
Then I would be the devil
You created.
When you taste me,
I remind you of home.
You used to be to be a devil? Ugh no wonder you're hanging out with me in the middle ****-broken Tennessee.
Michelle May 2020
Why can't we just sit,
and wait until this becomes a memory.
Why can't we just fit,
out thoughts into the mold of a history-

We created this.
We created the turmoil,
The sky and the clouds,
That make our blood boil.

We have forgotten the silence,
In which our hearts beat.

Just sit and wait.
And this will all become a memory.
Just sit and wait,
And we will all become a memory.
Sometimes, letting go is all there is.
310 · Apr 2020
In the Empty Spaces
Michelle Apr 2020
I only wanted you
To love me
Where I couldn't love myself.
Just love me in all of the spaces that are empty. just love me until I can hold myself together again. You! Your love will take me home.

Home is the empty spaces you are too scared to inhabit yourself.
They call to you.
Eery is the space you do not know. Invite it in.
Offer it tea.
it will call out in a familiar song soon enough
306 · Apr 2020
Michelle Apr 2020
The emotion of fools.
Who have forgotten responsibility.
Inject it into your veins,
and pretend it makes you martyr.

God is watching,
but I am not sure
he cares all that much
about us.

He does not pity us.
He does not pity.
257 · Apr 2020
Stare at me
Michelle Apr 2020
after all this time
here i am
thinking about you.

you stared at me
as you tore me to shreds.

were my eyes the only thing
beautiful enough to keep
stare at me and tell me you didn't destroy me.
219 · Apr 2020
Holiday Spirit
Michelle Apr 2020
Knows nothing of time.
When I see you again, it
Shall be a whole eternity-
But yet, no more than a
Moment past our last
I have something to tell you.
What is it?
You will remember me forever.
216 · May 2020
Michelle May 2020
I thought it was over.
But with a big heave,
My internal sailors pull at the intestinal sail
Trying to right the ship.
Gravity becomes stronger
Down down down
I'm over over over.

                         Make it stop.
Man, I am so sorry about this. I hope you can forgive me.
194 · May 2020
Michelle May 2020
but mostly sour
i let my heart become tamarind
to protect myself from you.
186 · Apr 2020
Michelle Apr 2020
I lay,
Soft head in soft pillow.
Fabric against porcelain skin.
Heart spread wide open.
Gentle stream filled with warmth,
The hush of one thousand voices
in my mind,
And even through the ceiling is dark,
I can feel the gentle warmth of the
You know the feeling ;)
Michelle May 2020
she cries in shattered glass,
in the open spaces where the dye was cast.
a world so white, so drenched in paint,
the ones now deaf once were saints.
and when the black came out to say
a counterfeit bill a jog a day-
light crime so bold so crazy
it made the streets hazy with smoke.
equality sounds a lot like a hoax
the war brushed away with nothing but Twitter
tear gas and bullets are so much fitter, bitter
is the taste of deafness upon a lost society.
abandoned, forgotten, stomped on and out
no wonder some have forgotten their law abiding piety.
white paint becomes pink
when mixed with blood.
pink is a color for little girls,
and fits perfectly with the sound of our world.
George. Ahmaud. Breonna. We love you. Rest in peace.
176 · May 2020
Sorry, Momma.
Michelle May 2020
Sorry, Momma,
I am not coming home tonight.
Not to my wife,
Not to my kids,
Not to the love of life that I hid
In my bedside drawer.

Sorry, Momma,
I am not coming home tonight.
Not to the sun,
Not to the moon,
Not to birds calling morning so soon.

Sorry, Momma,
I am not coming home tonight.
I was shot,
In the spot,
Where the sun meets the ground.
I was homeward bound.
But I am not returning to you,
I am not returning home-
Michelle Apr 2020
Your eyes are distant from mine.
I stare in the expanse of Whatwas,
and the Whatwas changed into the
and the Whatis created a distance.

153 · Apr 2020
Lock Down Locked Out
Michelle Apr 2020
This all feels so awfully familiar.
Like coming Out of a vapor made,
From a witch's brew.
This stupor holds me tight.
O let me sing the hymns I once knew,
Knowing that Time is long gone.
Memory serves only those,
That choose to remember,
148 · Apr 2020
Michelle Apr 2020
Gently course upon
a gentle stream.
If you had known then,
dear Traveler,
would you have the wisety now?
134 · Apr 2020
Michelle Apr 2020
I am tired.
Not the mind kind of tired,
The bone kind of tired.
Not the eye kind of tired,
The blood flowing in my body,
kind of tired.
The kind of tired that originates,
Not in the world,
But in me.
The kind of tired,
The world will never be able
To get rid of,
For me.
Forgive me,
I need to take a nap.
This kind of tired is making me
I am not always like this.
But the world,
Right now?
Reminds me the tiredness that I am capable of.
hey man, you ok?
Yeah. Just need to take a nap. I just woke up
128 · May 2020
Michelle May 2020
I missed
When you kissed me
I felt so far away,
You kissed me
and I forgot reason.
In the season of love and pandemia
I forgot my reason to love.
Such strange times we live in and a poem for them
121 · May 2020
How would you feel
Michelle May 2020
In the season of love and pandemia,
How would feel if I let you go.
Dear Lover, open arms and closed lips,
Please don't let me know.
If you leave me (don't dare),
I shall not love anymore.
Your love just doesn't compare,
In the season of love and pandemia,
How would it feel if I let you go?
I must be the one to let go.
To spare you suffering of choosing to stay.
113 · Apr 2020
Michelle Apr 2020
The angel gently floats
Into the stillness
Of a fervent prayer for peace.
Michelle May 2020
the moment
that final moment
in the garage,
out in the end of summer sunshine.
forever only
lasts as long as one summer.
she hoped it wouldn't.
she hoped it wouldn't.
a teary eyed kiss,
and the promise to see eachother
Michelle Apr 2020
I know the feeling of burning,
As I come ever closer to
The Sun.
Go my wings
As the flames
Ensnare my feathers in a crown of red.
95 · May 2020
Michelle May 2020
Our goal
was to end up together.

I guess the mountain
proved too high for us.
In seven years I will return to you.
In seven years, I shall complain.
Of all the things I thought in vain.
94 · Apr 2020
Your Warmth
Michelle Apr 2020
I held onto something I dreamt up.
and it was warm, alive even-
How could it be a lie?
94 · May 2020
Come back to me.
Michelle May 2020
Come back to me,
so that I may love you even more.
So that I can show you the things,
I did not have before.
So that I,
Can show you a world,
Where I love myself.
I remember you with your back pressed up against a wall, crying. It was that simple realization that what is, isn't sustainable.
92 · Apr 2020
Mere Powdery Angels
Michelle Apr 2020
We breathe in fear.
    Inhale the powdery mist,
    Trying to see through distorted rays of light.
    Fear has turned day into night,
    Angels into mere flaky shadows
    Oh how does sunshine light an alleyway hidden in the recesses of DetroitChicago land?
    Eyes, lungs, arms reaching for familiarity
    But scared, that this, that this,
    Is reality,
    Our reality.
84 · May 2020
Michelle May 2020
I was so in love
So in love love love
Love falling out of
The emptiness inside my fingers
and chest.
Love in the very fabric of the shirt I wore.
Because I thought it would be...
I was so in love.
Love love love.

"Why are you so cold?"
"because I gave all of my warmth to you, Bee. To you."
73 · Apr 2020
For Ruth
Michelle Apr 2020
Safety in the arms of a screaming mother.
I watched from the rocking log
as the water tore the rocks down.
Down, down, down, drown.
The nightmare continues as the
dark alley opens.
For the girl who just wanted to go home.
Home, home, home. She was-
Grown far away from the ocean.
But as the water tears at the land,
It lover her.
And cries.
Ruth George, a University of Illinois at Chicago college student, was killed after ignoring a man’s catcalls in a parking garage.
70 · Apr 2020
I searched for you
Michelle Apr 2020
In all of the places you were not.
In the blemished scars upon my face,
and among the stars in God's grace.
In ugliness and in beauty,
There is no greater hidden thing,
But truth.
I see you now.
And even though you are not a star,
And even though you are not a scar,
I see you now,
And I love you.
67 · Apr 2020
Michelle Apr 2020
It's only a google doc.
It's only a sheet of paper.
But it has your words on it.
Your words,
Meant for me.
I remember you.
But you aren't mine,
we are going to change our lives, together.

— The End —