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Michelle May 2020
but mostly sour
i let my heart become tamarind
to protect myself from you.
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Hundred green parrots,
On a tamarind treetop;
Sit in dense silence!
Sweet tamarind pods stick to the warm black tarmac
where fortunate doves wander about in the shade,
trilling to themselves, and each other.

Either something strikes them as funny,
or they just love their easy lives.

Certainly, they sound so different from their
modest cousins, cooing sadly in colder places.

Born here in Paradise, these birds wear blue
eye shadow every day, and not just on weekends.

Late afternoon finds me in their lazy midst,
hair wet and curling, sand stuck to my bare, tanned feet.
©Elisa Maria Argiro
Bassam A Oct 2014
The lips
sweetened tamarind

Above the lips was a beautiful curve
And two dots glimmering
Like a wheaty bronze

And eyes that sparkle with delight
All together can be eaten at night

A round face and soft skin
It'll make you shiver
and cringe within

This beauty is not from here..
a descendent from a heavenly tree ..

She had golden brown hair forest thick ..
Each hair beautifully in place
full of sunshine and maze

Come with me she said...
don't be shy ...I don't bite
neither will I slit your throat
Y'll see what no man has ever seen
My inner Beauty & wildly oat

I said you're my beauty
And my queen
I'm at your command
Please don't let go
Show me please ..
your inner beauty

She winked at me and let me in
And later sat at the bend

I got in and saw her
a beauty that is so sweet ..
So lovely to enjoy

I want your love and wish to stay
How glad I am ... I came today

To see and taste your fruits and admire
The way you look and speak my desire

She let me in
Her lovely fire ..

We spoke only ❤
And more desire ..

Since then I have been so amazed
Every day she fed me
Her honey and milk
A taste i crave
Her body mist ..

I am so happy now
With her love
Thanked my sweetheart,
'n The Lord above

If this is love
I want more ...

But I ask not for more like before
I am grateful for what
I'v received today
I didn't know that before today
I thank the lord
n' prayed all day

Then I said..  
marry me now,
'n be my wife

She looked at my heart..  if I'm sincere ..
She thought and thought
n' thought and thought

Deep inside she wanted to be
My queen of heart
That wanted to see

then shut the door
n' softly said
what is my ... guarantee?

"Oh please give it a thought."  I said
I never heard or seen
a women like you in b'd

"What'd you say??
How dare you call my name??
I said "I don't know"
what's your name my Queen?
It's not a shame
don' be mean!

She said "hush hush.. enough said
Out of my din,
get on your way...!!!"
I cried and begged
but no she said

She had no more for me to stay
And wanted me be.. on my way
But I hoped to return
To this beautiful women
the jewel of din ..

I bid you farewell
Goodnight before I sin!

— The End —