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riri Feb 2
i was told i overwhelmed you
i overshared my problems
the art of self sabotage is quite interesting isn't it

i was too much for you to handle
guess i wasn't good enough
this pathetic cycle of thinking returned once again

i shouldn't let a silly boy determine my worth
my confidence wavers now though
now i question everything, all because you left

i now spend every night
picking at my every flaw
and hating myself for it, wishing i could change
i'm always too much to handle aren't i, and now i know you're never coming back
riri Jan 25
finally a beam of light shining through
the darkness of the storm
nothing was ever hopeful for her
but when he walked in, he walked in with that light

light travels fast though
just as he did
he left before he could become submerged in the storm
and she's miserable now
i just don't get it.
Michelle May 2020
Then I would be the devil
You created.
When you taste me,
I remind you of home.
You used to be to be a devil? Ugh no wonder you're hanging out with me in the middle ****-broken Tennessee.
mediocrity Feb 2018
A cut above the rest
By kitchen knife or chainsaw
Bleeds just the same.

— The End —