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clever Sep 15
in your arms with my head on your chest
clever Sep 15
i'll do you a favor and turn off my phone
cause if i'm honest, maybe i'm better off alone.
Nova Jun 15
They used to shine so bright.
Her smile used to greet us more.
Her words used to be so kind.

What has this cruel world done to you?
Mary Frances Apr 24
People thought it only existed in fairy tales.
She found it cliché.
He brushed off the very thought of it.
But then it happened.
They happened.
We happened.
And we never expected it.
I love it
when you
S M I L E.

I just wish it happened
more than
just once in a
Come on, whatcha hiding? Smile!
Pat Adamek Apr 20
Smoking like a dragon
Game of Thrones on TV
I don't mean to be dramatic
But I knew I was addicted from the first time you had me
Backflip on the mattress
Cracking up a cellphone screen
Back then I knew you were attractive I just didnt understand conflicts of personality
Tell me why you're laughing
Tell me why we over think
I don't think you have the answers
The two of us are dancers but only when we drink

You don't want to know what I'm thinking

You didn't hear this from me

You don't wanna know what I'm thinking

But if I speak up

You didn't hear this from me
Reminiscing over potential, someone who could've loved
Sunshine Mar 24
it's late
the lights whet dim
you're at a party
probably with your hands
around another girl's waist
but i'll act like it doesn't hurt
act like i can pretend
that last night didn't happen
it's late now
the sounds coming from the street
i can hear them
drinking, taking shots
i know you're at the party
drinking to forget
and i hope someone passes you by
because i can't act like
it doesn't hurt me
i can't act like i don't want you
but it's too late
my phone is dark
now im at the party
trying to find you
pushing men off my waist
but you'll act like you don't want me
act like you can pretend
last night didn't happen
but we were too late
and you're standing there
feel your eyes tracing my hips
and she's all over you
but i won't act like you don't want her
won't act like she isn't me
but maybe i wasn't late
because you're next to me now
you couldn't act like you didn't want me
i couldn't act like i had no feelings
and we just happened
to be right
on time
whatever you're doing now
I can't change it
but I won't deny it
I just won't be late

Johnny walker Feb 26
I've seen sunshine and walked out In the rain
seen beautiful rainbows cast upon our skies but never did I think that I'd lose you my
I've lived a life out on the streets before I met you slept In bus shelters park benches In fields to the cliffs overlooking the sea, but I never that I'd lose you my
I spent days before I met you depressed and lock away In rooms with all the curtains closed and never allowing daylight In, but I never thought that I'd lose you my
I've spent days before I met you with suicidal thoughts and l came close  to making that decision several times Ive slashed my wrist several times  and came close to jumping a bridge but never once thought I'd lose you my love
Despite all thats happened In my life I never once did I think I'd lose you my love
He died.
We cried.
All this pain.
Tears coming down like rain.
He's not coming back.
And yet it all happened
so fast.
In the blink of an eye,
he was able
to die.
Any suggestions on how to deal with losing loved ones?
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