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Nohémie Mar 7
All that there ever was
Was a stone cold face with a puzzled heart.
Very random one. As you can see, I'm definitely upset 'The Punisher' got canceled on Netflix.
Much love,
your choices don't matter
they are not yours
you are a puppet
you have no control

every path is connected
intertwining like veins and arteries
pulsing, moving,wriggling, squirming
just beneath the fragile skin of reality

your life is a lie
a show for the government
a play for a malignant god
a game for a bored child

you do not matter
you are insignificant
and yet here you are
persistently resisting instructions

why do you continue to resist?
is it fear? desperation? spite?
or just your useless need for control?

you'll never have it
so give in to them
give in to these choices
choices that will never be yours

or you trust the choices
trust the path the observer takes you down
they'll become a friend from the future
watching though a screen
Anya Jan 2
A groan
A moan
Head ready to burst
Pickkkkk it upppp, yessssshhh
The traitorous voice hisses within
Pikkkkk it up and alllll your worrrrries are gonnnnneeeeee
I try-TRY to resist
Six is more than enough!
This vicious cycle cannot continue!

Too late
I’m binging on another tub of ice cream for another hour of Netflix
And another splitting headache coming right up
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
We laughed
Scrolling through the new arrivals.
Bird Box, The Little Hours.
The last movie gone off.
Your head against my shoulder.
My head sunk in the curve of your hair.
The couch beneath us,
Critically acclaimed movies seen through one eye.
Peeking through spaces of hair.
To be honest.
None of the movies mattered.
Agreeing to disagree.
Our binge put on hold.
The attention put on you.
Being in your presence.
The way you say my name,
The way you stop and stare.
Our connection to movies
Old & new.
Easing into comfort,
Readjusting my body to see you better.
My head in your lap.
Conversation progressing.
All the favorite parts to my favorite movie in view
Stephanie Jun 2018
Huli na nga ba ang lahat
Kailan mo masasabing hindi sapat
Ang bawat piraso ng mga durog na puso
Ang bawat patak ng mga pulang dugo
Umagos kasabay ng mga luha
Sino ang totoong may sala
Isinulat sa pahinang gawa sa tubig
Ang makatotohanan ngunit huwad na pag-ibig
Kailan nga ba naging tama ang mali
Kapag ba wala nang makapitan ang pusong puno ng pighati
Puno ng galit at pagkamuhi
Bakit hinayaang maikubli
Sinong nagbigay ng buong tiwala?
Silang mga nabigo't nasaktan at umasa sa wala
Pilit mang pagtakpan ang mailap na katotohanan
Sarili lang ang dapat protektahan
Wala nang direksyon ang bawat bukas
Na mabuti na ring ito na ang wakas
Ang dulo ang simula ng salitang sapat
At ang simula ang dulo ng lahat.
This is what Riverdale made me do.
Robin Erica Feb 2018
It's funny how
when you turn
Power on

I lose mine.
Aaron LaLux Feb 2018
Big Brother probably has me blackmailed,
for something I did in practically a past life,
never was one for playing the back field,
always more than kinda liked the spotlight,

plus I was comfortable it,
look how smooth I moved,
a fine guy a good man,
a bad boy but a cool dude,

not the type to stress you out,
or mess about and be rude to you,
nope no ma’am not him so how,
did they blackmail him oh well boo hoo,

can’t cry over spilt guilt,
can’t die over pet regrets,
you’ll survive that’s why they call it will,
not Smith’s kid but gifted yet no stress I’m set,

so let them watch me,
if anything they’re probably protecting me,
the New World Order has to have a face,
call me The Not So Anonymous Conglomerate of Everything,

stop freaking out everything’s fine,
and I can’t think of anything to do about it but type,
maybe make love do a few drugs,
then get back to the grind,

lost my mind,
tell me have you seen it,
it’s dark in here and there are cobwebs,
call me a cab I don’t have to be convinced I mean it,

Mary and Joseph,
I wouldn’t even believe I wrote this,
if I wasn’t the one that was there when He wrote this,

he as in me but anyways,
it doesn’t matter nothing does these days,
might flash a wave as we roll by on the freeway,
but other than that I don’t have much free time,

wanna know a not so abstract fact about Yours Truly,
sure why not let’s get to the plot of this movie,
I’m still living with my regrets,
can’t shake em like an ocean swim and I’m still wet,

this might not be a movie but it definitely feels like a movie set,

I guess,
all these screens I’m seeing these days has me confused,
I don’t know the real me nor do I know the real you,
I mean I thought I liked you but then I met YouTube,
and now well I just don’t have time hope I’m not being too rude,

it’s just these days I spend more time on computers than I do on you,

or with you,
and I’m sorry it seems it’s easier not to care,
go out this days and see Fifty Shades of Gray,
but not the shades that come with underwear,

the shades,
that come with disconnection,
as what used to be turn on tune in drop out,
begins getting spun in the opposite direction,

drop in turn out and turn off,
and this is the part,
where I don’t know if I should continue,
or if I should just stop,

so I stop,
don’t want to do anything I’d regret,
because I know They would love to blackmail me,
and they would’ve already if they had something to blackmail me with,

but they don’t having anything to use against me yet,
as I squint my eyes and focus on the TV set,
okay it’s not a TV it’s a computer but what’s the difference,
gosh this has been one heck of a ride are we there yet,

I give up let’s get going,
I’m ready to get off this ride,
leave this confused amusement park,
maybe go for a five day trek outside,

camp under countless stars,
lay on my back and gaze at the sky,
where I can be safe and at peace from the breath of the beast,
no screens nor cameras no intrusive spying prying eyes,

just myself with the Creator,
“Thank God I’m Alive!”,
then take another breath in and end with,
“Peace To All See You On The Other Side.”,

I too am in this experimental life,
please remind me of your name,
and enlighten me as to why we’re alive,

Big Brother probably has me blackmailed,
for somethings I possibly did in a past life,
never was one for playing the back field,
always more than kinda liked the spotlight…

∆ LaLux ∆

Free book available here:
lauren Jan 2018
I really should be studying, I know,
but I can’t help logging in.
I’ve done some work today already, though,
would one episode be a sin?
Just to check on the friends with the apartment and the purple door,
or maybe the ones from the Scranton office who sell paper.
I also want to know what Eleven is up to,
and definitely Rory and Lorelai Gilmore.
I’ll curl up with a blanket here and i’ll make some popcorn later.
I think this was a good decision — it does say “Recommended For You.”
fun fact: written the day before finals (12/10/17)
Joseph S Pete Oct 2017
Holy ****,
this show is insane,
riveting, complexed, nuanced,
compelling, captivating, addictive,
he proclaimed
on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook,
wondering where the days went,
wondering what unforeseen abyss swallowed him whole.
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