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Neelam May 30
A vagabond occupied

my mind once upon a time

That self-loathing trespasser

was caught duplicating

vain promises coated with crisp

layers of white lies

Forged by mellow empathy

Lacking in substance

Hollow impersonation of

Being in a relationship with a narcissistic person is exhausting. The person even tried to imitate the idealistic character of a man in love, but everything was plain fake.
Jana Pelzom Nov 2020
There I stood
What a crazy mood!
I’m pretty
   You’re not
I deserve this
    You do not
Why can’t you listen to me
    They’re not your bot
This is unfair
    You got to accept life and its fare
What do you mean I need a doctor
I am just practicing self love!
And that’s when you realise
You’re not all
What the jazz is about
You’re a little speck
And that’s ok
You don’t need
Though it be to your dismay
To be put on display
Or stand high on deck
Of the sinking wreck.
I was reading up on personality disorders and thought about talking to a narcissistic character (?)
Narcissists ©️2020 Jana Pelzom
vonny May 2020
she was a caring girl
she knows a boy who always cries
and it is the end of january
so his hands are covered in blood
she gives him soap that smells of lemon
and she scrubs his hands clean
he makes her feel uneasy and anxious
but cleansing him is the only thing she does right
he fills her head with steaming tar
and leaves grisly scars over her eyes
damaging her sense of vision
she washes his eternally blood-stained fingers and palms
the blood mixing with lemon soap and tears
completely blind to her own tarnished hands
sobbing, the girl reaches out to the boy in utter darkness
only to find empty air meeting her fingertips
it will only happen again at the end of february
Michelle Apr 2020
Fact is stranger than fiction.
Quentin sits for days trying to think of a plot,
As dazed and twisted as his.
And should the Tiger King take Quentin under his wing,
I am sure that Quentin's mouth will be searching for teeth.
(but then again, don't you think Quentin is a tad bit
Benevolent monarch, with peasants made of fur.
Boldy he strays upon a kingdom never his.
And the peasants,
They have no choice
Have no voice,
Nothing but the strength to look the Tiger King's
Advisor in the eye
as they say
And good old Carole Baskin watches.
From a pedestal of brie and champagne:
Money money money! Shower it.
Just not on the tigers.
No money for the peasants.
No money for the ******.
Deidre Lockyer Nov 2018
There is one dark light in the firmament
Brewing poison, it hangs watchfully
Waiting with hunger for the first sign of breakage
The first scent of vulnerability
Uncoiling in slippery skilled determination
Seeking ingress, seeking blood
He is the sleight of hand l hung my heart on
The secret lie that skinned my soul
Fall of the house of hope
Gutter liar looking at his next victory

Innocence you will die beneath him
Every touch will rob you of sanctification
In the temple of naïveté he is a streetwise hustler
Born of a killing moon
Drunk on theft as he cuts through defences
Needing fresh meat, hunting game
He is the deceit, the gaslight
The rending of my sacred veil
Fall of the castle of faith
Sleeping well as he has no heart

I had sandcastles in my eyes
Glass lilies in my hands
He nonchalantly crushed them all
Smeared his name across my beauty
And laughed
“Lighten up, baby”

But tides turn and mermaids call
Now the beach is deserted
Storms boil the ocean, purging
I cast his name into the liquid fire
And end this
“Namaste, baby”

There is one dark light in the firmament
Amid clean clouds of evening it coils in contempt
He shall not see me, he shall not touch me
For him, no more my blood
With the screams of ravens l have flown again
Turned from his flowing bitterness
I found a little light of promise
New belief in the budding of me
Resurrecting tomorrow
As l will it so mote it be
Tijana Jul 2018
I was preapered to fight all my life, but against who? Brave beast like soldiers that are match to no one or just plain cowards?Why would I waste my time on these humorous synonyms, that cant even survive a day without aplause and their ego stroke.

Its funny, its humorous but its the harsh truth,I think you would die of laughter if I told you that they arent just your neighbours, but the rulers of this world. Brittle as nails, efficent in their work as snails, Its not even enough to call them natures biggest fails.

We laugh at our own despair, but it's funny how some things never change, we are all slaves without any chains.These charlatans found a way one day, to control us without any brute force, but by their brain.And here we are today, some are on the streets begging for bread,some live their lives by a comercial tread.
Luka D Jun 2018
Walking on eggshells
around you

You're a misery
You're my misery

Passive aggressive with a
mean mentality

You're a misery
A misery

Doubt befalls me
on your promises

You're a misery
A ******* misery

But I never had
my hopes up, 'cause

You're a misery
a misery
You're a misery
Your own enemy.
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