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rosaline Jul 5
he held the gun against my head
did he really want me dead?
he was shaking
i saw him breaking
just moments before
his heart was hurting
his lungs were cursing
but he swore
everything was okay that night
he was alright that night
but he lied
once more
Sun is out
Air is warm
Run out of school
Look at the swarm

No more rules
No more expectations
Let's go party
And find elevation

Party at the moon tower
Drenched in light
We are all
Getting high tonight
Man I cant believe it is my last summer break, what did i do wasting all that time. The secret to life is never grow up, cuz it *****. but you just got to keep on keepin on!! Happy Summer to all the upcoming seniors!
The Vault Mar 18
What is this feeling?  
I can't describe it and I haven't ever felt it before.  
It is like I am upside down but right side up.
Everything hurts but heals
I want to cry and laugh at the same time.  
I love me but hate me
What is this feeling?  
It is almost like I am conflicted on everything.  
What is this feeling?
Feeling a lot right now and I am having a hard time sorting out my feelings.
Empire Mar 7
Have you ever
Felt so
     i              z
z                             z
z           z          
d             ?/.a>>>??a  ???      zz z  z z e d???
                      t   ip... p
                          Just from a glance      ss       ..  .
                               Eyes locking                            y
With someone
I've heard of the notion
This wondrous love potion
But I regret to say
It has not yet come my way
eve Feb 19
don’t know what you call this,
it’s labeled a whatever thing.
you’re leading me,
to inconsistency.
tired of your mystery,
this isn’t suppose to be a puzzle piece,
can’t you see that i’m falling apart without you?
call it emotional dependence,
but if you cared just as you say you do,
you’d prove who and what you are,
instead of eluding to the truth.
burning through these possibilities,
how about you,
light a match, and,
guide us to the direction of nevermeanttobe.
do I have to remind you again?
how to act,
and listen.
just listen,
you make me feel like i’m high above,
the clouds of doubt that fill your mind at the worst of night,
causing me to lose track of time.
when it’s time to go,
we pack our bags,
forget to say goodbye.
if you were truly what i gained,
you wouldn’t mind tiring or lying to me.
i’ll accept it for what it is,
cause you’ll reminisce,
leave me to guess,
then wrap me all up in your head;
not as a present,
but to mark the esssence of having the nerve to speak to me.
i shouldn’t have to open the door,
place the keys on your front lawn,
just to see you move on from me again.
advice runs around my mind,
telling me things that i do not like,
how you like to lick your lips,
to marinate a thousand more lies and excuses,
feeling unashamed and inveterate every time.
shamelessly you make me yours and I make you mine;
oh, i don’t know what to call this.
memories of you and me,
raid through these homemade remedies,
for once and for all, trying to forget you;
for the love of Christ, why do I feel inclined to you?
you’ll call me once,
or maybe twice,
and i’ll pick up,
just to hear you cry, and whine,
about the things you can’t achieve in life.
because this life is like a marathon to you,
don’t race along when you feel rushed,
you’ll just forget to pace yourself.
my innocence is wearing thin,
you’re wearing me all across her chest,
and neck,
tell me you’re numb and can’t go through it again,
don’t feel nothing.
i’ll convince myself that you are here,
that you are here to hear what i feel is true and finally listen.
as the days go by,
i allow time to slip through fingertips,
time after time,
you make me out to be the biggest fool.
when i brag about you to them,
they suggest i don’t get too fond of you,
nevertheless, i’ll drift and float to dizziness;
disregard the past conversation,
while actively pursuing to revitalize the old one again.
these perpexlexing parts are hard to find,
i look around, note one to none,
and none to suffice;
there it goes, so i, lose track of you.
I suggest listening to Yellow Lights by Harry Hudson, it’s been running through my head these past couple days and sparked an interest in me to write about a personal anecdote. I hope you enjoy, see you all soon, x.
Raegan Meyer Oct 2018
can't think straight
a fuzzy brain
over a blacked out memory

put your hands on my heart
feel it beat

you bring me to life
Aa Harvey Jul 2018

I am still not good to go,
I am still way too weak.
I need to rest my broken bones,
It’s been one Hell of a week.

If I find myself inside a picture box,
I will be lost to the stars and I will look so far gone.
Coyote with an Acme anvil to the head;
I’m feeling dazed and confused and I am in need of my bed.

There is not long now until this day is done,
So fix me up with caffeine and a soak in the tub.
I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders,
It is dragging me down.
Depression seeks my name;
Rainfall beneath a black cloud.

When I need a change, I just can’t catch a break.
I’m starting to feel my age as every part of me aches.
I hear the crack of my joints as I fall to lie down.
I raise an arm with a remote attached;
My legs have given up on me now.

I can’t go any further, but I am home at last,
So I wish you well with your adventures,
But now it is time I took a nap.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Tabitha Olthouse Feb 2018
Lost to a sea of confusion
No one knows how to float;
Or swim
So where do they all go?.
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ©️®️
My home town
Does anyone even know what's going on?
I guess not, just let them take our land.
After all we took there's first
Stupid ******* white people
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