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3.2k · Sep 2014
Confession #1
s Sep 2014
i was dreaming about hold my grandmother in her last second time and then she died and everyone cried. and it feels so real i can't barely breathe and when i woke up the whole world feels so strange for me.

   i hate my *mind
i miss my grandmother :-(
have you ever losing someone you love? tell me your story so i don't feel like i am the only one.
2.3k · Oct 2014
How Stupid I Am
s Oct 2014
if love doesn't grow in our heart
i  mean
if love doesn't grow in your heart
please cut out all the loves and let me fall
i don't want to grow a love for you anymore
you don't even have a feelings to me
or even care about me

how stupid i am
to let you enter the garden
and let all the love to grow
how stupid i am
to put my high hopes to you
how stupid i am
still believe that the light in your eyes was made for me
how stupid i am
maybe we were not meant to be together. your heart was made for me. and mine is just the pieces of broken things.
s Oct 2014
don't force me to believe in love
when all i could see is just another broken part
don't force me to believe in your heartbeat
because it's still beating even though there was no love
don't force me to look into your eyes
because i don't want to drown in the sea of your tears
don't force me to believe in love even though it was real..
1.4k · Sep 2014
s Sep 2014
all  my  feelings  to  you
1.1k · Oct 2015
All Of My Favorite Part
s Oct 2015
my favorite part is the dew while yours is the sunrise
days left for us, only few, isnt forever but still nice

my favorite part is the night while yours is the sun
if loving you isnt right, i dont care bcs its still amazing

my favorite part is the leaf while yours is the flower
i never want to leave you but it so hart to get us together

my favorite part is when winter, while yours is when summer
would you warm my heart even it already frozen?

my favorite part is the sea while yours is the mountain
ill never set you free but im afraid you wont come back again

my favorite part is blue sky while yours is the white cloud
when you say goodbye my hearts screaming loud

my favorite part is the moon while yours is the dark sky
please come back soon before i say goodbye

my favorite part is the dust while yours is the solid ground
i gave you all my trust but you just left me a wound
tbh this is not my poetry, it's someone else's that i used to know. he's pretty good at writing poetry. I love his poetry, I hope you guys do.
1.1k · Sep 2014
types of boys:
s Sep 2014
like the stars ;
the first one is lighting your world, the other one is just lighting you at your darkest day.
s Oct 2016
the saddest part
of being loved by someone is

if you try hard
to love him back
but can't

and it's frustrates you a lot
that you just can't love him
but he's still stuck

in you

836 · Jun 2016
love #2
s Jun 2016
love is love
even though his heart does not fit yours

love is love
even though his hands were holding another universe

love is love
even though his lips never land on yours

love is love
even though his moon never back to you

and love is still love
even though

this is what I thought about love part two. love is still love.
s Oct 2014
don't fall in love with a boy
who smells like winter
because all he had is
frozen heart and cold soul

don't put your high hopes with a boy
who smells like winter
don't. you. ever.
because he just love a girl
who smells like spring
the one who are melting for
the one who keep him warm
even in the 0 degrees

don't you ever
fall in love
or put your high hopes
with a boy who smells like winter
because he will never love a girl
who smells like autumn
whenever I write a love poetry I just didn't know for who it is. I've never been in love and i thought that I don't want to, but the feelings is here. it's in here, in me, in my soul and I can't deny it.
802 · Jul 2015
Cold Dead Heart
s Jul 2015
I thought that I'd be alright once you go
I thought that I'd be fine once you leave
but I was wrong
you broke my heart
you let it bleed,
day by day the hole becomes more bigger
no more lives
no more hopes
just a cold dead heart
it's been a long time since my last poem >.<
788 · Sep 2015
I Thought It Was Okay
s Sep 2015
i thought that it would be okay to fall in love with only his eyes
but that's a wrong thing to do
it's 2am and im thinking about kissing his soul

i want to be part of his life
watching him smile all the time
look at his eyes for a long time
singing together in the middle of the night
hugging and warming each other hand
but that's a impossible things to do

his path is different from mine
he's the guy that only princess can get
he's the guy that all girls are talking about
and maybe he will never look at me even
761 · Sep 2014
s Sep 2014
is it my fault?
is  it  my  fault,  Dad?
to born with this body
a soul that full of stupid things
that you hate

i am not perfect
but i have tried my best for you
high scores in school
unexpected talents
still not enough?

i don't know what kind of daughter
that you dreamed
but i know
i am not the one

was that the reason you left us?
was that the reason you left me?

i do love you, Dad
but since you left us
you don't even my first love, like the other  daughter  to  her  dad

since you can't accept all my flaws
you're not my favorite hello
not even my hardest goodbye

I wish my dad found this from someone else and feel guilty for everything he made.
s Sep 2015
just a lil reminder that you're all loved. []
753 · Aug 2015
Temporary Feelings pt. 1
s Aug 2015
his souls reminds me with the colour of the sky in the morning
he's listening to his music right now thinking about something red

whenever he smile,
he smile with both of his eyes

I'm here, he's there
but the thoughts of him
is always on my mind
my feelings kept looking for this one guy, I can't stop think about him. but I can't trust with my feelings because it can change overnight. so i write it here because i want to remember this feelings :-)
739 · Oct 2014
The Unwanted Ones
s Oct 2014
'why are you still in here?'
someone asked her.
'why am i still in here?'
she asked herself. confused.
then she go to another place.
'why are you in here?'
another people asked her.
'why am i in here?'
she asked herself. again.
someone shout it loud to her ears.

then she realize
that nobody wants her
she's useless

so she go to her bedroom
where nobody can  found her
where she can be alone
the demons took all the control
she takes the blade under her pillow
and cut her wrists
wishing for dead

it happen again tomorrow
and the day after tomorrow
and when she's not strong enough
she cut herself again and again
she can't keep it to herself
she's not strong anymore
she thinks she's unwanted and useless
and the other night
in the rainy day
she killed herself
721 · Jan 2016
Little Stars
s Jan 2016
walk in the dark streets
scared to look back
look for another footprints
but there's nothing left behind my back
just like the stars
only stay in the night skies
only show when it's too dark
never dare to take a look

   when will the light in you appear?
    it does take a little time
    but don't scared to show your true colour
    it takes courage to be brighter
    try a little harder
    because you're not just a little star
674 · Sep 2014
love #1
s Sep 2014
they say,
love is a feeling when you can't control yourself for falling with someone else's eyes

they say,
loving is hurt sometimes, but it's the only thing that makes the angels happy.

they say,
don't put your high hopes or your future in someone else's shoulders because it's probably not the right person

they say,
love is love. no matter how you feel.

love is so confused.
s Jul 2015
i once knew a boy who loves his friend so much
that he rather to sleep late at night to text a good night messages

i once knew a boy who loves his friend so much
that he understand her, no matter what she did

i once knew a boy who loves his friend so much
that he could gave up everything just for her

just for
his world
I'm looking for inspiration to write & here i am
613 · Oct 2018
too much
s Oct 2018
you took so many place
in my heart
    that i almost can not find
      a home to stay

you burn it all
  but i can not say a word

it is my fault
for loving you too much
   i love you too much
some things is just hard to understand. you told me, i feel the way too much. my feelings was too much for you. it hurts. guys please tell me how to control feelings?
601 · Feb 2016
A Letter To My Grandmother
s Feb 2016
to my lovely grandmother.
who always stay by my side even though her eyes is already tired.
to the one that makes me feel most comfortable.

have you been well?

I guess that you must be feeling well there. life is getting more hard when you're gone.
don't you see his eyes? the eyes of your lovely husband? it's not brave eyes like it's used to be. he became more weak day by day, just like you.
life's been so hard for him, but still he's standing on his feet. he feels so sad lately because one of his part has gone. his lovely son, his lovely grandchild. the only family that he loves so much.

they're treating him so bad but he still love it.

isn't it ironic? how he love his called 'the loved ones' but the one who love him is his lovely daughter? he never consider us as his family.

even me or even my brother or my mother. well we are just a burden for you two, right? I understand it the most. but still I know that you still love us.

to the one that I trust the most.

I'm doing really well here. even though not as good as I used to be. even though I lost supporter but still I'm doing my best to live.

thankyou for all this time. i love you forever with all of my heart.
it's way personal but i just want to post it. so here ya go
593 · Jul 2015
I, You, & We
s Jul 2015
time flies
we were trying to get along
we were trying to be together

knowing each other secrets
sending late night message

i was looking for something beautiful deep down inside your flaw
you were trying to accept me for who i am

but when the days went cold
and you couldn't handle yourself

we end up being strangers
and maybe you're not gonna miss me anymore
i don't know if this is good but this is my current feelings. i don't think it will be get enough readers just look at the title but I hope you like it!! ** have a nice day:-)
569 · Feb 2017
I Used To
s Feb 2017
let me tell you about myself;

i used to end relationship quick with people;
i told them that i can't have relationship with them, i told them things that made them give up on me, i told them that i can't.

i used to throw away all the feelings i have;
everytime my feelings grow, i always cut the roots and let it die.

i  used  to  treat  people  who  loves  me  so  badly.

i used to ignore them,
i used to hold myself for love,
i used to be so cruel about people's feelings.
i used to do bad things to people around me and myself.

now you know that,
will your feelings still grow on me?
this is my confession.
532 · Sep 2014
one inch per day
s Sep 2014
one inch per day
one inch per day
you grow up
but have you ever realized?
theres something..
inside your body
deep down in your soul?
have you ever noticed?
one inch per day
s Aug 2015
“Here, take my hand.” he said.
“I don't want it.” i said.
“Please, we can walk together.” he said with his charming smile.
“I'm sorry but I can't, are you not afraid?” i asked.
“I don't have something to be afraid of, so just take my hand.” he said once again.
“I'm sorry, I'm scared that I might lose it someday.” I tried to walk away.
“It's okay, I'm here.” he said.
“you don't know.” i ran.
Since i always lose something important that people have given to me I'm getting sacred of a lot of things. i find myself scared to accept everything from others. I'm scared that i might lose it someday & end up crying till my eyes out..
527 · Sep 2014
Isn't It Funny
s Sep 2014
isn't it funny
how i kept writing a poetry about you
even all you did was hurted me

isn't it funny
how i always love you
even all you did was left me

isn't it funny
how i still put my high hopes
to you;
to someone who don't even have a heart but still living
493 · Jun 2017
s Jun 2017
the sooner the sun comes up

the bigger your shadows get

a good beginning don't always

have a good ending

if the progress were slow, there is a reason why

so don't cry my friend

pain is a part of being young, they say
i can't remember the feelings i have when i write this, or maybe this is some dialogue of drama that i have watched. but this words is so beautiful and worth a post. hows life lately? are you getting better or is it empty? tell me about your day:-) stay safe **
491 · Mar 2017
love #3
s Mar 2017
someone told me that to love or to be loved,
you must ready to take a risk

love will always make you feel both
happy and sad

love will always make you feel confuse
about giving more or taking more

love will always make you feel full
either of joy or tears

love will always make you grow
to be a better person or another person

love will always make you taste
the sweet and the bitter

love will always
make you
feel weird
but also
this is my very first poem while i thought of him.
484 · Sep 2014
I Miss You
s Sep 2014
the night just reminds me of how dark my days

the loneliness has filled up my room

all these stupid things is stuck in my mind
destroy every piece of my soul

even the lights of the moon can reach my eyes, i still feel lonely without you by my side

i am feeling like a trash.
483 · May 2016
Baby Please Just Stay
s May 2016
i feel you
somehow i feel how you feel
it's not that i ever face the same thing as you
but i feel it
broken heart, sad, and confused
you told me sad yet romantic story of yours
i wish i could be the one
you told me how much you love her but don't know how to take a step
i tell you how to

my heart feels like want to explode
it's broken into pieces
even though i love you
i still can't tell you or even show you
even though i want you
i still can't keep you close to my soul
even though i couldn't be with you
but baby please just stay
after a long time he come again and we are talking a lot of things but this is happen
473 · Apr 2016
Thanks To You
s Apr 2016
have you ever think of someone so hard until your head hurts?
have you ever care about someone you never met before?
have you ever feel so curious about someone?
have you ever fall in love with someone who's so far away?

i have met with thousands people
but none of them makes me feel so curious
and it's funny how i never see his eyes
but i am so sure that it would be bright
what happened with my mind?

you might think i am crazy
to expect too much
you might think i am out of my mind
but the feeling is real
the feeling is lighten up my morning
and i feel so warm, more than before.
ah, thanks to him.
just some strange feeling inside me. whenever you are, wherever you are. i hope your heart feel at ease. I hope love fills your heart. every second, ever minutes, every day, I hope you're all full of love.
438 · Sep 2014
Reminder #1:
s Sep 2014
a*  little  reminder  for  you  this  afternoon  : ­ 

life is worth living, don't you ever feel bad of your self, body, shape, size, thigh, or thoughts. you are good enough no matter what. do things that makes you happy. if something goes wrong, change it. if you don't like something. change it. everything starts from yourself, the hard you work the happier you'll be. life goes on. don't stuck in something useless. just fight for something you deserve. you are enough. you are unique.
if you read this comment something?:-)
429 · Dec 2018
s Dec 2018
i do not know
it is me being too much
it is he being so careless

all i know was
it is hard to forgive
but i keep repeating
the same thing


why love can be so painful?
someone pls told me that i should be forgive more. things are getting so hard for me these days and i do not know what to do anymore. i love him the way too much.
s Jul 2015
i saw you smile
i saw you laugh
but there's something wrong
you do it without your eyes

there's something wrong
with how the days pass
you seems like a dead body
walking in the morning street
even though there's an old man says hello to you,
you're just walk away

why are you being like this?
you're exist but not living
you're standing in the crowded but don't do anything

what happened with the light inside your eyes?
i don't see anything,
just a litre of blood that are going to bleed
s Nov 2016
everything's my fault for being too cruel.
i push him away as far i could yet he's still trying to reach me but i hurt him like everyday i throw the knives in her heart. i told him how much i can't fall for him with a really hurtful way. my friend told me that he loved me so much that he cried because of me.
i've tried to love him, to feel the way he feel for me. i look at him so often, that our eyes met. i  didn't like him at first, maybe until now but it hurts knowing that he's no longer waiting for me. i know i'm too cruel but nobody ever help me to fix myself.  
i'm being so happy all this time knowing that there's someone who truly loves me and i will just make him stay like that because i believe that he will wait for me, no matter how long is it. i'm being so happy that i finally got a loyal ones, the one who would wait for me. i'm so happy that my story would have a happy ending.
but  i'm  wrong.
love can't be like that and that's not love if it's only one person that feel it. love won't wait forever if you don't make a move and hold it close to your heart. nobody will wait forever if you show no interest to them.
but everything's still so blur to me, like every single thing. i may say everyday that i fall for the main character in dramas but God, i swear not that kind of fall. i never really fall into someone else, i never really fall for people. i only fall with how they talk, or his mind. because before i fall to people, i hold myself, telling myself that i shouldn't fall in love because i'm scared that i might be like my mom. i'm scared that i might live the rest of my life loving someone who once loved me but then when he's got bored of me, he choose to left. i'm scared that everything might turn out like that. i'm too scared to be like that, too scared to try. so here i am, only have regret in every love story that i've been through.
this feelings has been stuck in my mind for like one month. god i do feel this way and i don't know how to forget or deal with feelings. i sounds so pathetic yet so dumb, you can call me stupid and cruel because that's who i am.
384 · Sep 2015
When You Were Still Mine
s Sep 2015
there's a night when i feel so cold and I couldn't sleep because I've sleep the way too much.

    and I  miss  you.

I just wanna hear your voice but there's just the sound of rain.
I just wanna feel your collarbones but you're not here anymore.

   I'm crying. trying to survive.

"one more night." I told myself.

I already know that you won't come back but still im still over optimist that you will come back.
I miss your touch.
I miss our memories.
the night still feels like day for me. i miss the night when you were here.
372 · Jul 2015
Why Can't I
s Jul 2015
why can't i let my self to fall in love,
when I'm feeling my heart beating in my chest?

why can't I let my self fall into my feelings, when all I can see is your eyes?

why can't I?
338 · Jul 2016
the only day
s Jul 2016
you can only find the day like me once in your life.
im the wind that blows hard till your eyes hurt
and can't see the ocean anymore.
it will put the heavy rain to your shoulder
and make you kneel to the clouds
but it won't look at you anymore
because it cry too hard,
so hard that even the fire inside your heart
died because of its sadness.

it's until that point you realize
my feelings have become numb
my body have become weak
i wasn't the same me anymore
and to you,
fragments of shattered glass was only visible thing left in your heart
because you already lost me for good

(b.i & j.s)
this is my first collaborated poetry:-) hope u all have a great day/night.
336 · Mar 2016
It's Funny How
s Mar 2016
it's funny how last year you think my feelings is not real and im not exist in this life.

it's funny how last year i try so hard to be visible in your eyes.

and it's even more funny how you beg me to come back when I never really get too close to you.
330 · Dec 2013
into the new world
s Dec 2013
trippin' out
and spinning around
all i can see is white
i feel alive than before
i'm feeling like
my heart is very peaceful

and kept walking
i saw my family there
i saw my parents hugging
aw they're not fighting again
I saw a friend who is always judge me was crying
and I saw so many regret at there

What's happening?
and then I saw my body lying limp
I'm dead
I'm already dead
I know this will be happen
But I can't leave them
They care about me now,
..but it's too late

i saw a bright light around me
so i follow the light
and go into the new world
295 · Jan 2015
"good person"
s Jan 2015
nobody really knows about life. some people are trying to be the good ones. some people aren't, this kind of people never feel enough and scared to try more. people are creating their own world. social media, wealthy, popularity and everything that similar with it. they never really knows about life, they're just doing something so they can live for tomorrow. 24 hours is not enough for human. they don't know that the true beauty is inside their soul. they are wasting their time just to be a good person, they don't realize by be a positive soul can create a good personality.
happy new year everyone wishing u all the best this new year!
s Sep 2014
if your heart was made of cactus,
you deserve one flowers that will make more than you beautiful
if your heart was made of roses,
your beautiful but too scared of the wild side of the world
if your heart was made of bible,
you're required by all human in this world
if your heart was made of rock,
please change something when it's not the right thing
if your heart was made of fire,
don't burn anything near you
if your heart was made of paper,
make sure you have the right one to write a long beautiful poem there

but if your heart was made of   broken glass, broken promises or everything's that broken
I don't know what kind of glue that can make it good like the beginning..
257 · Jan 2016
s Jan 2016
time flies
season changes
i don't know why
but they keep running
to catch me

people who's waiting
is not there anymore

i kept asking why?

the day changes
sun and moon
day and night

it keeps bothering me
i am seventeen now

heavens whisper to me
"time flies, sure to change people."
it's been so long since I write my last poetry. Happy New Year my love, hope u have a better year<3
234 · Oct 2014
s Oct 2014
he's like an old poetry
it took so long just to understand about his feelings
233 · Jan 2015
s Jan 2015
who are you to appear, dancing, and smiling in my mind?
who are you to be an actor in my dream?

why am i thinking about you so often?
why are you appear in my mind instead of sitting next to me?

please don't be my thirty minutes thoughts,
i want you to be here
next to me
I am sorry for a ****** poems and my skills are not improved, i can't write beautiful words because i feel so empty oh god help me !!
208 · Dec 2014
worst feelings
s Dec 2014
am i deserve to live longer?
the demons take control of my mind
it plays with my feelings
fill up my heart with dark things
sadness, guilty, dumb, weird, ugly

when will i can go?
how long can i survive?
how long?
139 · Apr 2018
An Apology Letter
s Apr 2018
to you,

im sorry for all the bad things that i said to you yesterday
im sorry for all the negative thoughts that cross into my mind whenever i hear you doing things
its not like i dont believe in you but i just get nervous that you might get someone better there
im sorry to hurt you yesterday
i cant say that i didnt mean to hurt you, i want to hurt you as hurt as possible wondering if you feel my pain too
i want to break you once so if something really bad happen to us, youre going to be strong, we are going to be strong and hold onto each other
im sorry for all the lies, thats my way to hurt people. telling them lies and hurt their feelings im sorry for doing that to you
actually it was hurt to see you hurting
i cant even breathe theres a heavy weights in my chest i cant breathe
i love you so **** much and i hope your feelings will never change
anyway thankyou for loving me all this time
Thanks to God for let me be by your side
i prayed for you every night, Thanks God that i have someone like you in my life, telling Him how much i adore you that i always begged Him to keep you healthy and okay
i love you seriously
i was lying yesterday
im sorry
i believe in you this whole time its just that i kept making a reason to hurt you
i believe in you
i believe in you
regret regret regret
98 · Aug 2018
s Aug 2018
for the feelings that
i have felt for you

i am really sorry to feel
that way
50 · Mar 2019
s Mar 2019
am i still visible to you?

— The End —