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avenjoe Nov 2020
It was one of those nights we had
Right when you turned out the lights
You got me struck down
Tickling me as if there's no tomorrow

It wasn't the first, it wasn't the last
You really got me satisfied
You were stroking all over my body
Sent me to another level of enjoyment

Seems like a touch
Touch too much
You know it's much too much
Girl, you know you're giving me much too much!

Girl, you know that you got face of an angel
You smiled with sin
She wanted it real hard, wanted it fast
A lil ***** touch might ease me

Touch me like you had a velvet glove
Lay me down and touch
This kind of woman's gonna drive me insane
Too much for my body, too much for my brain
lost Oct 2020
the urge to reach out,
to gaze into your eyes

overcoming barriers, only you and i fought.
just to be in one another's soothing embrace,

the emerald green capturing me,

stay by my side, as i stand by yours,
in love, once more.
yikes its been a while so this is not good
Are those green hopes?
Can’t we all hear their whispers love?

Calling without sounds,
Dancing without moves

Palms and fingers touch with heartily sun-sprays.

Together, we all grow,
an emerged labour fun
Where commence to our very first earthly love touch.
By Angel. XJ 01/05/2020
1st May, 1st experiences at an arranged allotment in Chinese campus. A fun seed explore at early Summery
Who has seen the black clouds
and lightening passed to the other side?
Keep calm, heart still...,
Look, some are chasers of the whirlwind wonders,
Position, strength and direction are
all important,
likewise, your love touches.
Await, V. Day with you,
warnings are counted in.
With your lips , silence.
A morning leisure walk randomly end up to Highgate village, where we had our first Highgate local explore years ago.
Łëïçkî Feb 2020
Quick hands and light fingers,
trace the dips in my collar bone
and skip stones down my spine.
Touches burned into my skin,
like the scars left on my heart
and on my wrists.
forgive young stupid love
Siviwebaraza May 2019
You touched my soul
And heart like how
The sun touches the earth
In the morning and made
My world bright
For that i love you
Light of my life
I love you for being you
Your kisses are like colors to the blind,
Your touch like an aria for the mute,
As elusive as passion to the mind,
As beyond the grasp as an absolute.

Your kisses like a full moon in the day,
Your touch is like a rainbow’s harmony,
Like language that the angels use to pray,
Or the dreams that wide open eyes can see.

Your kisses are like clouds held in a palm,
Your touch like a silent cacophony,
Embracing the ferociousness of calm,
Embracing the constraints of being free.

Your perfect kisses defy description.
Your touch is a sublime contradiction.
Instagram @insightshurt
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Karisa Brown Apr 2018
Cotton candy
Pink illusions

Stark night
Trees moonlight
***** knees will do

Jokes and laughter
*** happened after
Don't freeze
Run run

Sobs hysterical
Turns angry at touches
Deepens wounds
Needs therapy

Behind closed doors
Confidence grows
Sharing secrets with
An honest soul

Letting go

Feeling that everything is alright
And you know it
Describes your soul
aisha Jan 2018
I am fond
of the darkness

I am fond
of everything
that lurks in it

My only fear
is to face
the reality
that the light
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