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s Mar 2019
am i still visible to you?
  Dec 2018 s
It's the
worst thing
Having to let go
you love more
than yourself
s Dec 2018
i do not know
it is me being too much
it is he being so careless

all i know was
it is hard to forgive
but i keep repeating
the same thing


why love can be so painful?
someone pls told me that i should be forgive more. things are getting so hard for me these days and i do not know what to do anymore. i love him the way too much.
s Oct 2018
you took so many place
in my heart
    that i almost can not find
      a home to stay

you burn it all
  but i can not say a word

it is my fault
for loving you too much
   i love you too much
some things is just hard to understand. you told me, i feel the way too much. my feelings was too much for you. it hurts. guys please tell me how to control feelings?
s Aug 2018
for the feelings that
i have felt for you

i am really sorry to feel
that way
s Apr 2018
to you,

im sorry for all the bad things that i said to you yesterday
im sorry for all the negative thoughts that cross into my mind whenever i hear you doing things
its not like i dont believe in you but i just get nervous that you might get someone better there
im sorry to hurt you yesterday
i cant say that i didnt mean to hurt you, i want to hurt you as hurt as possible wondering if you feel my pain too
i want to break you once so if something really bad happen to us, youre going to be strong, we are going to be strong and hold onto each other
im sorry for all the lies, thats my way to hurt people. telling them lies and hurt their feelings im sorry for doing that to you
actually it was hurt to see you hurting
i cant even breathe theres a heavy weights in my chest i cant breathe
i love you so **** much and i hope your feelings will never change
anyway thankyou for loving me all this time
Thanks to God for let me be by your side
i prayed for you every night, Thanks God that i have someone like you in my life, telling Him how much i adore you that i always begged Him to keep you healthy and okay
i love you seriously
i was lying yesterday
im sorry
i believe in you this whole time its just that i kept making a reason to hurt you
i believe in you
i believe in you
regret regret regret
s Jun 2017
the sooner the sun comes up

the bigger your shadows get

a good beginning don't always

have a good ending

if the progress were slow, there is a reason why

so don't cry my friend

pain is a part of being young, they say
i can't remember the feelings i have when i write this, or maybe this is some dialogue of drama that i have watched. but this words is so beautiful and worth a post. hows life lately? are you getting better or is it empty? tell me about your day:-) stay safe **
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