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Sara Svensson Nov 2018
I had been wandering blindly in darkness, then you found me

You brought with you the sun and it has been shining through the clouds ever since

How am I now to cope with being alone in the dark, once more?

When in the light I was taught to see
Sara Svensson Sep 2018
There was no evil in the eyes of the man that smiled at me in the dairy section when I was little.
There was no evil in the eyes of the drunken man that tried to talk to me at the bus stop the other day.
There was no evil in the eyes of the construction worker who gazed upon my bare legs for a little too long one summer morning.

But there was evil in your eyes.
498 · Sep 2018
You're my sky full of stars
Sara Svensson Sep 2018
Your face has been splattered with freckles all over.
I look at you and I'm staring up at a star filled sky, yet to be mapped out.
I give a name to the constellation on the bridge of your nose.
I give a name to the cluster of freckles on your eyelid.
I map the sky out and give everything names and I name them all after me.
481 · Feb 2019
Sara Svensson Feb 2019
I wish I could still remember your smile
It pains me that I no longer know what you smelled like or what it was like to kiss your wrinkled cheek

I wish I had known that the last time I saw you would be the last
I wish I could see you once...or ten times more
If I did I would memorize everything about you
And I wouldn't be sitting here now-desperately trying to remember the colour of your eyes
Fearing the day when I can no longer hear your voice
I'm crying as I write this. More than a year has passed since you left us and I still miss you terribly, every single day. I love you so much.
416 · Dec 2018
minutes ago
Sara Svensson Dec 2018
You lingered, I think
When you were saying goodbye to me.

My grin grew wider for each hug and when you rested your head on my shoulder

My cheeks, they turned pink

When you walked away the world was again colder.
Sara Svensson Oct 2018
I might be weak and rather small
But I want you to know there is nothing at all
I wouldn't do to make you smile
I would swim against the raging Nile
I would sail across the great blue seas
I would find a way to achieve world peace
For I might be timid and rather ill
But my love for you is greater still
knowing how much you love me in return gives me the strength I need to face my demons and to conquer my fears.
408 · Nov 2018
and it always will be
Sara Svensson Nov 2018
It is yours, take it
I know it will be crushed in your hands
I know that you will break it
Go ahead and stomp on it,
drop it, pierce it, drain, destroy it

it is yours nevertheless
like a pig to the slaughter
380 · Sep 2018
Jag tror jag är kär
Sara Svensson Sep 2018
Your freckle covered body, your non stop nervous chatter.
Your quirky fashion sense, your "8 year old girl" bladder.

The way you asked for permission before kissing me goodnight.
The way you told me later that you wanted to be mine.

Your beer-fact filled mind, your world war 1 obsession.
Your innocent fumble, your absolute perfection.
349 · Nov 2017
Call me Sara Bad-Influence
Sara Svensson Nov 2017
I have become the friend that my parents used to tell me to stay away from.
My last name is "bad influence", with a hyphen.

With a lit cigarette in one hand and a bottle of ***** in the other one I run down the street,
bare feet,

I curse the moment when I sober up,
knowing full well that my intoxication was just a weak attempt on my side to make myself feel something.

Your mother said that I was a bad influence on you.
But I have to wonder...
Am I really that bad?
328 · Dec 2018
Sara Svensson Dec 2018
You're so much like our father
With the careless gaze you have
Your unempathetic, selfish ways
Your golden, bright blond hair.

Perhaps it is why you coloured it brown
So you'd look more like me instead
You must not have noticed yet, dear brother
I look so much like our dad.
325 · Sep 2018
Sara Svensson Sep 2018
I love the things you like about yourself
But I love the things you hate, the most.
317 · Nov 2018
Sara Svensson Nov 2018
You took the train out of town in the morning
heading south

Left your smell behind among the covers when you went

In the early evening I lie in bed
hugging the pillow on which you slept

Taking in your sweet, familiar scent
wrote this a while back but apparentely I forgot to post it
Sara Svensson Oct 2017
If I were insane,
how would I know?

I can't get this thought out of my head that maybe I am,
or maybe I'm not.

What if I am?
But what if I'm not?

If I were insane,
would I be able to tell?
And if I am,
what then?

What if, and what if not?...

...These thoughts are literally driving me insane.
real life dilemma in my head
272 · May 2019
Waiting to bloom
Sara Svensson May 2019
flowers wither
new ones will grow
in their place
this much I know

the strength to keep going
this year I have lacked
but a flower I am
like a flower I will; grow back
265 · Oct 2017
Dear Melancholia
Sara Svensson Oct 2017
Sunflowers were named sunflowers for the way their petals resemble the rays
radiating from the sun.

When I saw you I named you Melancholia.

For I took one look at you and noticed the air of melancholy surrounding your very being,

and I knew it to be your name.
265 · Oct 2019
A father’s betrayal
Sara Svensson Oct 2019
I was the light you had to vanquish
Just like your light once was
For I was too much like you
To ever earn your love

I’m sorry for what you went through
They were wrong to take your smile
But being haunted by your own monsters
Does NOT give you the right to be mine.
You became the monster under the bed. Never will I do to my children what you did to yours.
241 · Sep 2018
Sara Svensson Sep 2018
It is hard to tell for certain
If your eyes are blue or green
But I know they're the most beautiful colour
I have ever seen
212 · Aug 2018
Sara Svensson Aug 2018
To look at you is lying down in the grass and gazing up towards the night sky.

Your freckles are constellations I wouldn't mind studying closer, your eyes are a fog I could so easily get lost in if I'm not careful.

The light from your soul has started to mend mine,

and I welcome it.
190 · Jan 2020
An abrupt ending
Sara Svensson Jan 2020
My friend left in the middle of our conversation
I’ll never know what else he might have said
He was interrupted when telling his story

Who knows where else he may have led
A dear friend of mine passed away this past summer. It was really late at night and he was on his way home from a party. He and the friend he was with got mugged by three individuals when they were waiting for their next bus. The reason my friend is dead is he tried calling the police, the killer stabbed him in the chest and then the three of them ran away. He died outside of a McDonalds, while his parents were on vacation. He was only 18 years old. His name was Tobias. I loved him.
156 · Nov 2017
On true love
Sara Svensson Nov 2017
Why settle with a rose
when you could have the entire garden?
Unless one rose is all you ever wanted and all that you will ever need.

In that case; why settle with a garden, when you could have that one rose
130 · Aug 2018
What I'd like
Sara Svensson Aug 2018
I'd like to feel your arms around me.
I bet it would feel like home.

I'd like you to sleep like that, behind me. Perhaps I'd feel less alone.
I've met someone
109 · Nov 2017
If only I was fictional too
Sara Svensson Nov 2017
If only my heart would stop falling for the characters on the pages of my books.
If only they would fall for me too.

— The End —