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23.3k · Aug 2014
Javaria Waseem Aug 2014
He asked me what bothered me at night?
I told him I was haunted by nightmares.
He held me in his arms and said "It'll be alright,
I am here to make them all disappear."

*Last night I had a nightmare again
And your face was all I saw darling.
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
You don't limit your life to social media.
In reality, social media limits you to your life.
A selfie with this and a selfie with that.
Your life is race for comments and likes.
Instead of having a personality worth praising
You are now judged based on your social media profiles.

Status update: I wish I could visit Paris some day.
In Paris you're like, "Where can I get signals for wifi?"

Your achievements are unlocking new levels of Candy Crush
Is that the legacy you'll leave behind?
As if all these achievements will benefit you  
to unlock the doors of heaven when you'll die.
Your 940 friends won't be able to help you
by sending a booster or an extra life.

Relationship Status: Happily married.
Happy and married until the moment you both go offline.

You buy everything from behind the screen
Error 404: Cannot buy love and time.
It's a complicated maze that you won't accept
Even when they themselves call it a website.
You don't limit your life to social media.
In reality, social media limits you to your life.
16.9k · Nov 2014
The Cigarette Scars
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
The world spun a bit too fast maybe
that the lipstick marks turned into cigarette scars.
16.7k · Feb 2015
A place known as Kashmir.
Javaria Waseem Feb 2015
Up in the north, away from all the filth,
there's a land of pure where angels descend.
And live between the rivers and trees.
There's a place known as Kashmir.

A place that has sacrifices it's people
just for the sake to get an identity.
A place that's been crying since ages
There's a place known as Kashmir.

A place that's been bleeding for freedom.
A place that's been a victim of tyranny.
A place that need to be heard just once.
There's a place known as Kashmir.

A place that's been divided among nation.
A place that has suffered a great deal.
Let them live, let them breathe.
Let there be a place known as Kashmir!

We stand together as a nation today
For we cannot see our heaven bleed.
Kashmir belongs to Pakistan.
And Pakistan belongs to Kashmir.
16.0k · Nov 2014
The Chemistry Lectures
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
"As the temperature drops down, the molecules get closer till they form a solid shape."

And that's how our chemistry teacher defined 'love' on a snowy day.
11.7k · Nov 2014
Difference in our reflections
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
These people in the streets call me from names, blaming me for blasphemy.
I don't blame them for their reflection in the mirror is different from the one that I see.
Shams of Tabriz had stated forty rules of the religion of love.
Rule 1:
How we see God is a direct reflection of how we see ourselves. If God brings to mind mostly fear and blame, it means there is too much fear and blame welled inside us. If we see God as full of love and compassion, so are we.
10.9k · Sep 2014
The Flood.
Javaria Waseem Sep 2014
Those broken bricks told a story
Of a place where dreams were made.
A place which drowned in the floods
Those broken bricks are all that remains.
8.5k · Jan 2015
A Martyr Never Dies.
Javaria Waseem Jan 2015
They came like a nightmare and took us away.
Oh Mother! Don't spill a tear, your son's in a better place.
They were scared of our pens so they fired us off.
Oh Mother! Don't cry for their guns have lost.

They pointed us out and asked our identities.
Oh Father! Stand tall, I answered them proudly.
I took a bullet in my head for wearing green.
Oh Father! Be strong, I did not feel a thing.

So bury me in this land and bury me with smiles
Every grain of this soil is a witness of my sacrifice.
So bury me in this land and bury me with smiles
Your son embraced martyrdom and a martyr never dies.

Those monsters just killed, did not let anyone go.
Oh Father! Their hearts were stone cold.
They painted the walls of my school with our blood.
Oh Father! Don't worry, they will be the one to suffer.

I was received by the angels at the gates of heaven.
Oh Mother! That place was full of little children.
And when I met the Lord, I was dressed in green.
Oh Mother! My Mother! I was so happy.

So bury me in this land and bury me with smiles
Every grain of this soil is a witness of my sacrifice.
So bury me in this land and bury me with smiles
Your son embraced martyrdom and a martyr never dies.
8.2k · Aug 2014
Charming Curse
Javaria Waseem Aug 2014
She had a charm to make everyone fall in love with her.

But this charm of hers turned into a curse forever.
8.1k · Oct 2014
Hidden underneath the smoke.
Javaria Waseem Oct 2014
She asked me,
"Do you still miss me like before?"
I sighed, "No."
And with that said, I lit up another cigarette to smoke.
7.9k · Oct 2014
Cold. Heart.
Javaria Waseem Oct 2014
They tell me I waste too much time flirting with the stars
They don't know the pleasure it gives to my cold heart.
I don't want to fall in love with humans anymore.
7.5k · Aug 2014
Drunk and the Saint
Javaria Waseem Aug 2014
I am a drunk and you are a saint.
I find Him when I lose myself
And you find Him in your prayers.
7.5k · Oct 2014
17th of March.
Javaria Waseem Oct 2014
They found her dead body in the backyard
She had a lavender in her hand.
Time of death: 2.12 A.M.
Cause of death: *No one will ever guess.
6.3k · Nov 2014
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
The back seat of the old Chevy
and that familiar smell of cigar mixed with your scent
Stealing little moments in
the darkness of the night
as the sky lit up and danced
The faint taste of liquor
never felt so good before as it did
from your lips.
Short breaths,
sweaty hands,
whispers echoing.
It all took me to a place better than
the stars
where we collided
feeling mightier than the sky
that roared outside.
The beads of sweat rolling down your back
felt warmer than the
rain drops
that left a trail behind
on the steamy window.

The world outside seemed peaceful
for the thunderstorm
was felt inside.
5.8k · Feb 2015
Aur kitna?
Javaria Waseem Feb 2015
Aur kitnay kaffan uthayein gay?
Aur kitnay bichar k jayein gay?
Aur kitnon ki qurbani dei
K ye sanehay khatam hojayein gay?

Aur kitna hum seh payein gay?
Aur kitna khoon bahayein gay?
Aur kitnon ko hum bhool jayein
Tou ye sanehay khatam hojayein gay?

Aur kitna sog manayein gay?
Aur kitnay ansoo bahaein gay?
Aur kitnon ko hum maaf karain
Tou ye sanehay khatam hojayein gay?

Kya hum bhi muskuraein gay?
Kya hum bhi zinda reh payein gay?
Ya hum bhi ab apni jaan de dein
Tou ye sanehay khatam hojayein gay?
Random lines that turned into a whole poem. First ever in urdu.
5.5k · Jun 2015
a secret love
Javaria Waseem Jun 2015
Show me your naked self
by tearing down
every costume that
your eyes ever wore.

And I will love you
like a wolf
secretly loves the moon.
5.5k · Nov 2014
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
He left the girl who loved him more than her life.
On her funeral he said, "It's not my fault that she died."

Years later, he found a letter on his daughter's bed,
"Sorry daddy, I loved a guy who didn't care and left."
5.3k · Nov 2014
His first kiss
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
"What did she taste like?", they asked him after his first kiss.
"Dark like her words...."
That's all he could whisper as he drowned deep in abyss.
5.0k · Oct 2014
Autumn Leaves.
Javaria Waseem Oct 2014
Rustic colors of an autumn leaf,
Makes death look so beautiful.
Lifeless it lay telling tale of those naked trees
It once used to be a part of.
A poet's inspiration, a lover's song
The sky at the time of the dawn.

Now it accompanies me
As I lay in my grave,
For the birds have flown south.
4.5k · Nov 2014
Hunger and Starvation
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
On a cold night he sits at a side of the road
covering himself with torn newspaper silently praying to God.

"Dear God today I was lucky after a very long time.
I found a penny alone like me so shiny and bright.
I looked around and took it knowing it was wrong.
But I was starving for so many days that I even lost the count.
I felt proud as I entered to buy rather then searching bins.
It felt as if I own this world but please don't consider it a sin.
The happiness of holding that penny in the hand was the best ever.
I got a little selfish and didn't thought to share with others.
I thought to save it but couldn't control and bought a sweet.
Ah! It tasted much better than rotten meat.
I licked it a little and saved it in my pocket for the whole day.
It even fell in sand but I couldn't just lose it that way.
I was so lost so excited that I forgot to thank You.
But now I realize that I should share my feelings with You too.
So many things to sorry for but I'd thank You first for making me so lucky.
When I opened my eyes this morning, I never thought I'd find a penny.
Rather than asking a comfortable night I wish to be lucky again.
I wish that tomorrow at the same time I won't be hungry again (Amen)."
4.5k · Mar 2015
A thundering whisper
Javaria Waseem Mar 2015
Whisper the unknown feelings into my soul
as I'll drown in
the melting glaciers
of my
4.3k · Nov 2014
Disguised Spider.
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
Like a spider he crawled
and made his net
with strands as strong as steel.
Then he waited for his prey
as he disguised as a butterfly

And I was the unlucky one flying by
on that lucky day.
4.2k · Oct 2014
Our Wonderland.
Javaria Waseem Oct 2014
I visited the wonderland after ages
I was welcomed in the same old way.
The lavenders performed a splendid show
Reminding me of the last May.

The mansion was as we left it,
holding all the memories we made.
Your clothes were laying on the floor near bed.
I still remember how I allowed you to invade.

The family photo was hanging in the gallery
showing off one of my greatest achievements.
Those trips to London, Paris and New York,
a new adventure on every weekend.

The empty rooms haunt me now
but I am holding it all with a thin strand.
(If you ever want to return, darling,
Just come back to our Wonderland.
You'll know where to find me.
4.0k · Nov 2014
Bloody Kiss
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
Trusting you, I closed my eyes
as you kissed me in the shadows
but before the kiss could end,
we both tasted blood
in our mouths.
I pushed away to see if you were alright
although I knew that
you were the one who
stabbed me with the knife.
4.0k · Aug 2014
Javaria Waseem Aug 2014
He told me,
"I can't live without you."
He left and he forgot.

It's been years
He crossed my path again.
He is alive while I am not.
3.4k · Jan 2015
Cheer up
Javaria Waseem Jan 2015
The stars share tales with each other
as they sit around the fire
and they mention of the broken girl who
amazed the world with her smile.
Every one of them burns with envy  
for she shines the brightest in the sky.
3.3k · Nov 2014
The shadow that follows me.
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
Who are you to say that you know me better than everyone else?
Even my shadow is unaware of my doings when I enter the darkness.
3.0k · Oct 2014
The Candy Store.
Javaria Waseem Oct 2014
Kissing you was like
getting lost in a candy store.
Too much sweetness
Yet I always wanted more.

All those colorful feelings
little moments of happiness.
I kept on kissing
But I never confessed.

I miss those sweet treats
And the magic they created.
The candy store is gone now
And I only know what I had tasted.
2.8k · Nov 2014
The First Cigarette.
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
They said it was his last cigarette killed him.
But I believe it was the first one
that he smoked back in his youth for the girl
who broke his heart.
Whereas he smoked the last one yesterday
when he thought he could have a fresh start.
2.6k · Sep 2014
In the Lavender field.
Javaria Waseem Sep 2014
In the lavender field
holding a white rose
Placid visage
I was laying all alone.

My mascara had not ruined
And bun was also perfect
Some scent of strawberry was lingering
In the air, from my lipstick.

I was wearing the velvet dress
which I had saved for that day.
When everyone would be crying
And I'd be all gay.

So darling tell me again
When you see me on this bed.
Do I still look beautiful to you
even after I am dead?

In the lavender field
Holding a white rose
Puffy eyes
I was all alone.

I had not shaved in ages
And my tie was not perfect
I could still taste her lips
That regular strawberry lipstick,

I was wearing the black dress
Which I had worn that day
When we said our vows
And became one again.

The lavenders prepared her bed
As I laid her down to sleep
I wiped my tears and whispered,
"You always looked beautiful to me."
2.5k · Oct 2014
It's Autumn
Javaria Waseem Oct 2014
Oh Madam Honk,

It's autumn again
And how I desperately wait.
It's been months, please return
As you did the last autumn
The leaves are falling down
Like my hopes, with passing days.
You were the spring I cherished
Oh! It's autumn again.
2.4k · Jan 2015
The great river of Indus.
Javaria Waseem Jan 2015
By the great river of Indus, I sit all alone
As I try to find the answers in my own reflection.
Can these waves guide me to my destination?
I can't turn back; I am far away from home.
The ripples are forming just by throwing of a stone.
Will I ever find my salvation?
I envy the birds that can fly without any hesitation.
Oh the great river of Indus! I am all alone.

The soft breeze of the water whispers a song
As if it had heard every word that I said
Or is it just an illusion in my head?
I don't know but the river understands me.
The journey of the great Indus is indeed long.
So I'll just sink down silently.
My first attempt at a Petrachan Sonnet.
2.3k · Feb 2015
141. Never forgotten.
Javaria Waseem Feb 2015
We buried them two months ago and watered the seeds with our tears.
Today, the nature witnessed a bud growing as the sky got all cleared.
I can't move on.
2.3k · Sep 2014
Day 4: The Pitcher of Rum
Javaria Waseem Sep 2014
He always used the pitcher of ***
To forget the sorrow and pain of this world.

Addicted he was, said he'll never stop drinking
Those were the days when he forgot everything.

With a broken heart, he uncovered his soul
And to hide his scars, he drank some more.

He drank and drank till the effect wore off
By that time all his darkness was gone.

So he threw the empty pitcher of *** away
And cursed and blamed it for making him go astray.
30 Day Poetry Challenge is to write one poem per day, may it be a full page long poem or just a couplet. It can be about the reflection of your day, any event, feeling or thought.
#poetry   #challenge
Javaria Waseem Oct 2014
When the demons surface the body
and the souls are buried somewhere deep.
The full moon appears from between the clouds
and every friend looks like an enemy.

The blood changes it's color to black,
making the hearts turn cold as stone.
You don't remain human anymore,
as the worst of your monsters lose control.

In a blink of an eye, there's a pool of blood
and the faces become unrecognizable.
O' Humans! Today I ask you a question,
*Who said that you could be the Most Powerful?
2.2k · Mar 2015
Javaria Waseem Mar 2015
She was just another tragedy
that everybody stayed away from
yet everybody loved to read.
2.2k · Jun 2015
the wildflower and the rose
Javaria Waseem Jun 2015
They say women are like flowers
delicate and beautiful, cheery and colorful.
Put them in a vase and care for them daily
And they will make everything look better
with their aura. You'll fall in love.
Believe me.

She was not a flower from the gardens
She was more like a wildflower growing between
the cracks of a rock. Almost like rebelling against
the nature's rule.
She was alluring in her own ways yet no one
would ever dare to pluck her.

No one could ever love a wildflower in front of a rose
No rose could ever be free like a young fiery soul.
2.1k · Oct 2014
Javaria Waseem Oct 2014
The red moon is out tonight,
I'll meet you wearing the red flowing flames.
They might pull you towards me, so keep a distance.
Don't say afterwards that I played an unfair game.

At the top of the red building,
We'll decently get high on red wine
and just like that, unlock our deepest secrets
discovering every truth and every lie.

Hiding in the red sheets,
I'll leave red lipstick marks on your neck.
They'll be a tattoo on your skin ,darling.
Reminding you of our red date, just in case you ever forget.
2.1k · Feb 2015
How many more?
Javaria Waseem Feb 2015
How many more? I ask you, how many more?
How many more are we going to sacrifice?
How many more vigils will we light?
How many more poems will I write?
How many more of my country men will die?
How many more hash tags and black displays?
How many more have to pay?
How many more coffins will we lift?
How many more? I ask you, how many more, ******!?
When will this end? When will this stop?
How many more tears will turn into blood drops?
How many more? I ask you, how many more?
Please have some mercy, have some mercy oh God!
Aur kitnay kaffan uthayein gay?
Aur kitnay bichar jayein gay?
Aur kitnon ki qurbani dein hum
K ye sanehay khatam ** jayein gay?
Javaria Waseem May 2017
For all those men who think they can understand how it feels to be a girl,
You can’t.

You can’t understand how it feels to open your eyes in the world
With everyone looking down on you and your mother
Because they were expecting a boy and not a girl.
You can’t understand how it feels to be raised up differently than boys
Because boys will be boys
And girls, girls will always have to compromise and sacrifice
For every man to enter their lives.
You can’t understand how it feels to see boys running around, chasing their dreams
While girls are stuck with barbie dolls and fairness creams
And how they are trained to sit and stand and talk and eat
And oh, my God, girls keep your voices down
The society should not even hear you breathe.

You can’t understand how it feels when a girl is growing up
While she is considered as a toy by men around her
For all the ****** frustration
Did I say something wrong? I meant “for all the love and affection”
When he comes up and says
Oh, little one, don’t be scared, I am your uncle
And we are going to play a little game
It’s called you keeping your mouth shut and not calling it a ****.
You can’t understand how it feels to have a pair of eyes on you all the time
Whether you’re in your home or out in the streets.
There are men all around, staring you, tracing your body
As if it is their responsibility to check out every girl entirely
From head to toe, whether she’s in a burqa or a pair of jeans.
You can’t understand how it feels to carry the weight of all the honor
On tiny shoulders, which are supposed to be carrying school bags
Honor of your family, your community, the society
Even protecting the honor of men with fragile masculinity
Wrapping it all in duppatas longer than their *****
While hiding your own identity behind the tags that you’re given.
You don’t know how it feels to live a life designed by men
Making every single move based on someone’s decisions
Like a lion in a circus performing tricks to please an audience.
You can’t understand how it feels to listen to all the filthy jokes they crack
About girls getting better grades or washing dishes or driving in the fast lane
No matter what a girl does, no matter how much she gets successful
At the end of the day, it is all a joke on the dinner table.
“Go bring another gol roti, beghum”
You can’t understand how it feels to carry another life inside your body for nine months
Enduring all the pain and cramps and still doing all the work
While all you hear is how it is a woman’s job to give birth
And oh, to make sure that it is a baby boy
As if a woman has the choice to choose the gender.
You can’t understand how it feels when after all the struggle they tell you it’s a baby girl
Your heart fills up with joy and sinks down in your stomach
When you think about the fate that awaits her.
And you hold her close to your chest, trying your best to protect her
From all the people looking down on you and your daughter
For being a girl.

So, you can’t. You can’t understand how it feels to be a girl.
Because if you did, you would have wished
For it all to be just words.
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
He came back home, crashed on his bed. He then took his tie off and inhaled deeply. What a tiring day it was! He closed his eyes to drift off to a peaceful place when he was pulled back by the crying of his baby. The baby cried and cried as if he was screaming, struggling for his life. The man rushed into the next bedroom and found his wife curled up on the bed.
"What happened? Where is my child? Why was he crying so much?" The man looked around but could not find any clue of the child. He turned and ****** his wife, "Where the hell is my baby?", he screamed in her face but she did not open her eyes.
Her lifeless body slipped from his hands like sand and fell on the ground near the bottle of pills. Like the dead, he too collapsed on the floor.

The baby had stopped crying, he had finally met his parents.
It's not poetry. Just some random thoughts spilled on the paper.
Javaria Waseem Jan 2015
I was told to act like a lady and speak sugar coated words.
Cover my face in make up and look pretty for the world.

I was told to act like a lady and wear skirts not jeans.
Impress people around and make them all happy.

I was told to act like a lady and be polite to everyone.
Suffocate my own dreams and live like others.

I was told to act like a lady and keep my voice down.
Just pass smiles and not to laugh out loud.

I was told to act like a lady and be a lovable doll.
Let them play with me while I can't put up any walls.

I won't act like a lady and there's nothing you can do.
I'll be whoever I want to be, it's my kingdom to rule.
Random thoughts scribbled down.
1.9k · Aug 2015
paint me
Javaria Waseem Aug 2015
paint me with all those messy colors and broken brushes.
paint me with your rough hands and scrappy fingertips.
paint me with all your love and your regrets.
paint me in a dark room with uneven breath.
paint me with dried out lips and the tip of your tongue
paint me all night till you're halted by the sun.
1.8k · Oct 2014
Javaria Waseem Oct 2014
You keep everything valuable covered with the fear
that it's beauty might be ruined with dust.
Yet you uncover yourself with the fear
that you might not be 'valuable' for this world.
1.8k · Dec 2014
The wine from paradise
Javaria Waseem Dec 2014
Even the stars were burning with envy that night
as I tasted the heaven off your lips.
The fragments traveled down my throat
like wine; bitter yet sweet.
feeding the butterflies that were long dead.
The stars witnessed as we sealed off our bond
by stealing kisses before the sun could rise up again.
1.7k · Nov 2014
I'll bleed.
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
This body of mine is just a container
for the words that are exploding inside me.
Someday cut me open and you will
find the unwritten poems that I'll bleed.
1.7k · Jan 2015
The Snake - A short story.
Javaria Waseem Jan 2015
“I’ll be there in a minute.” I shouted as I heard my brother calling me out. The whole village was gathering around the grand fire that was lit near the whispering trees. Every year, on the eve of the ninth full moon, the whole village was gathered around the fire to share stories and sing the old folk songs. I never knew why but it always soothed my soul in a very bizarre way.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes traced down my dark brown curls sitting on my shoulders down to the pendant of the snake that I was wearing.

My old nanny had gifted it to me this morning. “This was made when you were born, my little angel.” I brushed the fine bronze carving with my fingers. The details of the snake’s skin felt so real. The snake was curled up as if trying to hide in himself. “What’s the snake for, nanny?” I had asked her, flipping the pendant over. There was something about that little piece of jewelry that I could not take my eyes off it.“Do you know that a snake sheds off its skin as it grows a new one?” she had replied softly. “But they don’t just remove the old skin; they also remove the parasites along.”

Her words echoed in some distant part of my mind. “Snakes shed their skins.”

I stepped out under the open sky. The stars were all lined up as if waiting for my arrival. Everybody stopped chattering, even the great fire burning turned silent.

The old nanny broke the motion and moved towards me. “Come, my child”, she welcomed me with a smile. With that everyone lowered their gaze and bent down on their knees. The local women started singing the old folk song that I heard since I was a kid but only now the words made sense to me.

“It’s finally the time for the snake to shed its skin,
on this night, we all gather to welcome our new princess
to whom we vow to obey and please
who’ll rule the kingdom of the whispering trees.”
1.7k · Nov 2014
Happy Anniversary
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
Tonight I am wandering like a drunk in the streets , honey
hoping to find that shooting start that brought you to me.
1.6k · Nov 2014
The twin brothers.
Javaria Waseem Nov 2014
She entered her son's bedroom and found him playing hide and seek.
"Shhhh mommy. Don't make a noise, he'll figure out where I am hiding."
His mother smiled and ruffled his hair, "Okay sweetie, just come downstairs for dinner when you're done playing."

"Honey, what's our son up to?", her husband asked her while reading the newspaper.
"The same like always, playing with his imaginary friends.", she laughed.

Inside the cupboard, their hiding place, they whispered slowly.
"Don't tell mommy that we play together, she'll think you're crazy."
"But you're my brother, I am sure they'll be very happy."
"No. You don't get it, for them I'll always be the dead baby."
1.6k · Oct 2014
Black and White.
Javaria Waseem Oct 2014
We all are fighting wars inside us,
as we wear the masks of peace and love.
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