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Charu Singh Jul 2020
Walking under the quite Chinar trees,
Suddenly a leaf of it hit my forehead,
As I grabbed it in my hands, let's my mind freeze,
I remembered that day when I was going to bed.

The time felt so familiar,
I was a little kid,
Playing with kids all so similar,
The weather was peaceful.

Next day the riots break,
People shooting others like a freak,
The war was not among angel and demons,
It was among religions.
This led to our families heartbreak,
And we left Kashmir,
As in our mind was a crack.

I bought a young Chinar plant,
But was too young to understand,
That the plants need a perfect weather to implant.
Those small little leaves withered,
And all I did was shattered.

The only desire I'm my young mind
Was to have my own house.
With a yellow Chinar in my home
In winters, and myself sitting
Inside that tree in blanket
Like a mouse.
Bhat Aejaz Apr 2020
Didn't i do right by pretending 'alright'?
Didn't i hold a sea of tears?
Shouldn't you appreciate this art of mine?
Haven't I averted a stormy flood?

Am not i hiding the wounds grave?
Don't i smile amid extreme pain?
Haven't i grown very skillful?
shouldn't you really applause for me?

Isn't it better to bear all alone?
Shouldn't i request them not to bother?
Am not i averting the mockery of my heart?
Don't i recognize the fake sympathies?

Don't my blames hit me straight back?
Didn't i let people spoil it all?
Isn't it maddening to regret all the time?
Haven't i waited for the doubts to grow?
Mystery in Indian occupied kashmir..
Bhat Aejaz Apr 2020
Nothing has changed ,when they ended this law game .
Before its Negate,it had just remained a name .

Still young is Ousted, knocking the doors for a job.
They had become feeble ,day and night they only sob.

Dread in the people ,if they Distle for their Right.
In the prison,how they can be out for a day light .

From home to office ,Nowhere they are seeing their fate.
At all ending ,dither of youth is going to be so bate.

Going to Pvt. schools,by set down a resume there.

All is good,but we can not give You 1500 above here.

Everyone is praying for Us,Officious for us to be alive.
Love from the family ,they never ever let us to Drive.

Hope the "Head" will feel,the youth  as their own.
Will do for them ,a great ,as for and very soon
It is about Unemployment youth in indian occupied kashmir
Bashir Ali Najar Apr 2020
Sound of sea gull
Diving into the dal

The sound of fisherman
Shouting greetings to one another
 The smell of lotus
The sight of blue sky,
The feel of hot sun
   Searches None!!!
The sparrows saunter   Everything looks Canvas of painter
The Cuckoo Ready to call
  Wakeup it's Time for all
Walk ## talk ## IMU
aviisevil Sep 2019
why do men die for other men ?
what compels them to give up their lives for the lives of their fellow men ?

is it love ? is it duty ? or is it just plain madness ? is it that bond of blood ? or a promise to be better ? or is it simply what being a human is ?

the same men capable of destroying a million lives in pursuit of their own ideology ? the same men who for the purpose of their own greed and need can ignore the very definitions of civility and liberty and justice.

can we still call them men ?

what is happening at this hour in this nation, a nation which is thousands of years old and in making; isn't different from what has happened in the past and unfortunately that is going to happen in the unsuspecting future.

people are turning to an ideology that not only imprisons the free bird in the sky, but also retaliates if it so chooses to lay on a different branch.

diversity isn't celebrated anymore, but rather is frowned upon by the masses, who believe that past holds no relevance over the future.

acceptance, and the very creed upon which the great men who came before us, and made us who we are today - their legacy and wisdom is being demolished, like cards in the winds; and just like the structures of the ancient, for they no longer are painted with the colours we are familiar with today.

sheep and wolves alike, are being chased by the blood hounds, cornering every whisper with words of the system, a system that has been diseased from the inside, infecting the very veins of this great nation that has stood the test of age and it's many a poisons for millennia and more.

bit by bit the great walls of knowledge and of the enlightened spirits are being razed down by a mere fool in different costumes, performing in a circus build upon the ashes of the innocent and the innocence of the communities that now long for blood.

the very nature of this great and grave divide, is unnatural, passed down by the same set of hands that once pulled the chains and carried with them - forcefully, a plight of millions, suppressed and then set aside fanatically, all in the name of a devotional creed.

lizards in boxes pretending to be voices of the free and humane, casting their spells on the fragile and a blind audience, numb by all the back and forth between the gods, and as always, only the peasant suffers.

how many more homes must vanish before we realise there's no magic in the disappearing of colours, and the despairing remains of the one's gone, painted across the streets in black and white, begging for somebody to give them their proper funeral.

it is men who take life, animals don't **** for their sins, they never have, for they don't know what it's like to be tamed by fire.

they'd rather burn, than become more like us.

maybe that tells it all, and maybe that is why, the devil may have horns and hoofs, but it never haunts and hunts the wild.

we are what we love, but we become who we hate, always - in the end, until something worse comes around to make things better.
for as long as there'll be men and the quest for freedom - empty pages shall be filled.
Amrin Aug 2019
Now I can breath in the valley air,
Sans the fear and despair,
Though I have never been to
the scrumptious valley fair.

Stories of the turmoils,
Bloodshed and the toils,
Now I can see the sun
rising from horizon of scare.

Lofty and lushly I hear,
Chinar trees sear,
Blood red, mauve, yellow leaves,
allegorical, the bruise heal.

Insurgence has met its expiration,
Reverent, stands the nation,
And now after the tremulous affair
Let's breath in the valley air.

Bostful, the national pride,
Paradoxical waft shall end,
And as a nation, we stand,
To breath in the valley air.
memoona kazmi Aug 2019
The candles flicker and fumes
Rise from the wick
Into my room

A baby flame
Born at once
Took a breath and died

A mother with a coin
in her pocket chooses
poison as her diet

With gun pointing at innocents
The all say
Death for them is a child's play.......
Hi guys, i want all of you to open google and search for the brutality of indian army... Search for kashmir... Everyday hundreds of them are being massacred mercilessly...... They need our gratitude.  They want us to stand for them... Please stand for kashmir
Sundays at home, are overwhelming.
People who should think of future, are engulfed by fire of past.

Open your door to new friends, before their fingers are bruised by knocking. I said to myself... this Sunday.
Warn my Love—shut office in real time
To shun emotional practice in real time

Challenge my sense, call me in silence
This is man who will notice in real time

Repeat the history and borrow a crime
If you don't allow the justice in real time

With my rivals, you walk hand-in-hand
You are caught accomplice in real time
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