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Apr 27 · 114
I had a dream
amuba Apr 27
I had a dream
I ran and ran
And ran and ran
I saw something
Far away like a sparkle
Flickering its light
Alone in the darkness
Telling me to come closer
My eyes opened!!!
I thought I saw you
I was wrong
Coz' I woke up next...
Dream within a dream, how often do you have those kind of dreams?
amuba Jul 2021
Without you, I just can't live
This thirst, this curse, I just can't
Without you, oh without you girl
I'm nothing, nothing but a broken man.
I'm nothing, nothing but a broken man.
amuba Nov 2020
Oh girl I couldn't get you
Took you for granted
I should've listened to my heart
But now its too late
Too late to forgive me
For what I did
Even though you told me so
I couldn't get you
Now, now I'm just a lonely man
A lonely lonely man
Without you, without you
I am nothing but a broken man
I lost you, and now its too late.
Apr 2020 · 226
4 lines poem
amuba Apr 2020
First line talks about you
Second line keep asking why
Third line blames the world
Forth consoles and told me to hold on...
you are in my head
Feb 2020 · 220
True Color
amuba Feb 2020
Mirrors on wall
The last layer of skin
Falls under the feet
Crackling noise finally
The raw and naked
The moment created
The soft and vulnerable core

Wooden palette and the hand
Cigarette and the long fingers
Black velvet, smoke and the lips
Ring and the nose, flamboyance and the body
Just one color dipped deep
Inside the empty canvas
Words spoken and the red lips-
"Yellow is the color, the true one"
Color painted on the empty canvas, this time just the true one.
Jan 2020 · 430
The eyes of lack
amuba Jan 2020
I see it
I see it all
I see it all grey
I see it all grey colored
I see it all grey colored world
Only through these eyes are they grey
All the colors of the world turned one
These eyes only see the deficient
These eyes turned them grey
These eyes turned them
The eyes of lack
I see it all
Filtered vision
Dec 2019 · 576
One glance
amuba Dec 2019
Twisting my wrist
Tangling the string
These things that I make
Will you take one glance?

Every movement
Every second of me
Every sweat and pain
Every breath and stray lane
And these things that I made
Will you take one glance?

Desperation and frustration
Raw view and vision
Before me
I’m never free
Hey, anxiety
Hey, worry

Drinking this pain
Wishing the best
Twisting my wrist
Tangling the string
These things that I make
Will you for once take a glance?
Our work shows who we are in any conditions we live in. We are who we are.
Nov 2019 · 424
A sense of belonging
amuba Nov 2019
What is truly mine?
Thoughts and emotions,
Feelings and physical self
In this physical world
All comprising and surrounding my life
A sense I seldom overlook
But deep down the tunnel when I look carefully
A sense of my life overwhelms me.
Yes it is easy to overlook ourselves and our life thinking it is not ours.
Nov 2019 · 209
My feet on the ground
amuba Nov 2019
My feet on the ground, the ground moves
The ground, the world, the universe
You lead me, you guide me
My path, you choose, you decide
Unfulfilled and puzzled, reason unsolved.

Today my foot got stuck in the mud
I removed my foot
Missing puzzle piece solved
My decision, my choice, my guidance, my path
My feet on the ground now my feet move.
It is only us who are responsible for our own happiness and sadness. Let's not blame anyone or the world. let's take actions for our own.
amuba Nov 2019
Fingers on the strings
Singing the songs of heaven
Flying between clouds with our wings
Amused at this holy creation

"If only it was real"
From an old brain
"Why, does it lack the feel?"
From a fresh brain

Internalization of concepts
Painting our life with your brush
The idea of fear or even dare and courage
The infiltration of the human touch

Through the lenses of a child once in a while
When all we knew was just dream
Never questioning the impossibilities
When all we knew was just jump and swim

Corruption of our mind
Living with all these lies
These human and his kind
Unfortunately, this is just life

But once in a while through the lenses of a child
When all we knew was just dream
Never questioning the impossibilities
We could just jump and swim

The restrictions
From age and from family
The limitations
From ourselves or some other entity

Through the lenses of a child
When thoughts were pure and untouched
When all we did was just dream
Let’s jump and live the life of impossible just for a moment
For every moment...
The eyes of a child have a very powerful imagination, let's remember our childhood and have the courage again to dream like we use to.
amuba Nov 2019
Times when the spirit goes down
Times when both the hands are not enough
Times when hearing something good is the only craving
This is the only time when the only most needed person is me
For my own validation
For my own inspiration
Empathizing my own emotions
Leaning on my own shoulders
Wiping my own tears
Accepting my own fears
Sensing my own sensitivity
Soothing myself with soft words
Remembering that bad times are temporary
And in this temporary time that I have
Carried on and hung on with myself
That I stood by myself in need
That I understood myself and my needs
That I build this trust with myself
That I know now in times when the spirit goes down
I have me always to carry on with myself.
All I have got is myself in times rough and harsh, cold and hot.
Oct 2019 · 105
amuba Oct 2019
This is a feeling from inside
Irrational as its nature
Strictly pure and untouched
I hereby face the truth

Unclear, vague, foggy vision
Surrounds the mind
Clutch my nerves, motionless  
The truth it is the reason

This time attention I will give
I will face and I will look
Straight without judgment
As it is the truth I face

Things I do
Stupid and spontaneous
These reactions, these behaviors
They are very real as you, the truth

The comfort I seek
Through these eyes of discomfort
The thirst of equilibrium
I found, and I am sure I will find it again

As I faced the truth
The truth the very reason
As I looked into the truth’s eyes
The truth always reveals the reality
as we face the truth directly it always reveals the answers we seek, and in these answers lies the real comfort and growth.
Oct 2019 · 178
You who is next to me
amuba Oct 2019
The tip of your nails on my skin
Slowly grazing back and forth;
The little dances of your hair
Above my face with each breath in and out;
A dreamlike vision,
A charming creation.

Your scent and your aroma all over
Lingering behind each meeting;
Whenever you close your eyes
Lies miles of beauty only observer tastes
And when I pull you next to me
Is when I realized it’s actually a reality.
let's stay close and near always
Oct 2019 · 217
The beings
amuba Oct 2019
The lies of nature
The nature of the beings
The unruly flow
The flow of the beings
The easily given words
The words of the beings
The meanings behind intentions
The intentions of the beings
The beings with beings
The real value and contradictions
The day of realization
The realizations of the beings
The like and unliked fits
The fittings of the beings
The only important of all
The trust of beings
The only trust that ever needed
The beings’ own trust in his being
the beings, human beings
Oct 2019 · 169
A life without compromises
amuba Oct 2019
The state of smoothness and rhythmic flow
The vibe of calmness and dimly glow
The sight of pleasantness and majestic show
The terrifying sound and unfinished piece
Is what it is, the feeling, the unsatisfaction
Even in poetry without no understanding of rhyme and flow
Is when I realized
It is life and how it is
That I will never be fully understood
That I have to live, me and my own mood
Trying to make some senses
From my own little lenses
Where I try to create paradise
Making the unfinished terrifying piece
A melodic heavenly harmony
Soothing to my only ear for my own understanding
That I live this life without any compromises.
We should live life in our own terms. It is impossible to make people understand us entirely. There are no such people in this world. Stop looking start living.
Oct 2019 · 359
amuba Oct 2019
The sunset and the last light
The flower and the last bloom
A man and his last fight
To withering and doom

A compass without a needle
A fish without taste to swim
Iron weak and feeble
A man without a dream

Falling down the gutter
Dark and meaningless
Where everything seems to wither
Lives the man soulless
yes soulless is equivalent to dying while still living, similar to a man without any dreams just passing by life
Oct 2019 · 349
The moon in the sky
amuba Oct 2019
I eat I sleep
I see the moon in the sky

I laugh I cry
Hard to understand sometimes why

You wish and me too
If only we do the same to get well by

I live and you too
Two lives don't make one but one day we do die

Part or whole in this world
We don't come and go together, no lies

Hence, as human
The best of this living in harmony let us try

I improve me and others
I live and give and we all see the moon in the sky
We live as one and as together, the right balance between individuals and the group is the perfect harmony.
Oct 2019 · 234
Each Day
amuba Oct 2019
Each day I live
An extraction of life

Each day to die
Addition to each moment

Hence, each breath in and out
An experience of life and death
each moment of life is a celebration
amuba Sep 2019
Living just under the surface
A thin cover of an imaginary skin
Sometimes rough or blessed by holy grace
A state of possible lose or win

Deeper the journey happens
Greener the grass and stronger the smell of pine
And deeper the wound opens
The more vulnerable it is and the effect of wine

When struck by the fate of reality
The realization of the world seems empty
For living in the realms of dreams
Let her drown even though she can swim

Tears become fountains of youth
Smiles transform to the place of freedom
Something bad to something good
Everything transforms no boredom

A slight notch of worry
As a girl living in this world of her imagination
That if forever she is sleepy
Never waking up from this sanity of her own creation
just about a girl who lives more in her dreams
Aug 2019 · 141
A Pillow
amuba Aug 2019
I lay in peace
I stay in silence
I am next to you
I keep you company

I am remembered
And sometimes I am forgotten
But still I take nothing against you
I wait eyes, ears open for your stories

I feel your face
I understand each one
I sense your smile and tears
I take them both in with blinded eyes

I am remembered
And sometimes I am forgotten
But still I take nothing against you
I wait eyes, ears open for your stories

I am soft, I am hard
I have my own personality
I do not change after you leave
I give you warmth and comfort

I am remembered
And sometimes I am forgotten
But still I take nothing against you
I wait eyes, ears open for your stories

My life fulfilled
My purpose of existence
My answers to your tears
My inner urge of satisfaction

I am whole with your presence
And sometimes empty when you are away far
I lay here patiently listening and empathizing
With eyes and ears wide open for your stories.
If only we have the non-judgmental and forever giving attitude towards others we would understand and help each other more.
Aug 2019 · 102
I know
amuba Aug 2019
1st verse:
Dancing kings and queens,
Living angels and shiny sheens
They, the beauty and the show
Even under the skin, I know

Dancing kings and queens,
Living angels and shiny sheens
The dancing queen in me
Shiny velvet on my body

Even without if I go
Am I beautiful to you, I doubt
Even without if I go
I am still beautiful as me I know

2nd Verse:
The sound, the rhythm
Endless melody and freedom
Mingles with my heart as I go
This piece of life as I know

The sound, the rhythm
Endless melody and freedom
The songs full or empty
From the voices in me

Even without if I go
Am I beautiful to you, I doubt
Even without if I go
I am still beautiful as me I know

In times with rusted thoughts
When I am small and nobody

I still go out and loud I scream
The world is still under my feet
My dreams are big, I still have lots to show
In my palm lies all the beauty there is, I know

Today when I go out
I hear this clear and loud
You are beautiful, we know
You were always beautiful, we know.
A song
Jul 2019 · 285
The wooden ring
amuba Jul 2019
The songs we used to sing
Till winter from dawn of spring
To the empty skies we flew with our wings
All these memories I put it in this wooden ring.
the wooden ring
amuba May 2019
I feel the ease,
Like wind blowing freely in the ocean.
My fingers and these words
Belonging as the words to the mouth.
Time stops as I sit here with you
That you always show me the taste of my own being.
And if I would have to go through once more the ride of life train,
I would go through you like I did again and again.

Grazing at you while you walk in front me;
Staring at your green eyes when filled with the aroma of fondness;
Falling deeper at your wittiness and burst of laughter;
Dragging me down again to the pits of your sweetness and warmth,
You are here and you are there,
I will always remember you wherever you are.

I felt the ease,
Like wind blowing freely in the ocean.
My fingers uninterrupted with these words,
Time storms like hurricanes, fast and destructive
Leaving a scar deep,
That you just showed up
That you already had messed me up then
And here you are leaving me like you always do again and again.
To you, to that person who makes me the most chatty and comfortable, the only problem you need to stay close to me.
May 2019 · 286
Us and life
amuba May 2019
Why do we keep putting ourselves down
Believing in our own lies?
How creative are we to fool ourselves with our own words
Trusting them as realities.

Following my own set of rules to destruction,
Craving for validation and people to our own happiness,
When happiness is just a state of mind not a result.
The culprit, the brainchild, the source, "thoughts".

Barriers and walls are broken
Beliefs are bent,
The mind goes to the hole of confusion,
When we realize there were no walls to begin with.
All and all being created,
Imaginatively, concretely,
Each measure of the brick
So true and so false.

Tricks and games
Manipulation and lies
All has a reason
And all with an end.
But embedded in it,
Lies a piece of wisdom
A wise reaction to the actions
An answer to our very "thoughts".

This short span of creation called "life"
Why do we tend to lead it with worry?
To inadequacy and lack of trust,
While all we have to do was just to love ourselves.

Love ourselves so much till we love every single being.
Appreciate each incapabilities as our unique traits,
Each failures as our own personalities,
Every mistakes as our biggest prizes won.

As in these lies our biggest trust to ourselves,
To the construction of our own personalities,
To the acceptance we so crave for
And also, to love and be loved.
We live in constant doubt of ourselves in every possible field, leading us to worry every moment we are in those thoughts.
Lets relax take a deep breathe in, take time to observe ourselves, learn about ourselves and hence naturally love and appreciation will follow when we see the reality, when the fairy tale has ended.
May 2019 · 100
Am I even possible?
amuba May 2019
My skin soft
My bones weak
My age immature
My broken spirit

A circus of possibilities
To every problem and remedies
Yet questioning my insanity and abilities
"Am I even possible?"

My skills deficient
My imagination corrupt
My vision bent
My self-image disgust

A dream meaningful and big
Once was now downhill
Questioning my insanity and abilities
"Am I even possible?"

A spill of my own prison
A path to my own oblivion
A thirst of inner expression
A sudden spark to my salvation

Am I even possible
Tell me Lord, is it worth the tears?
Are we born with wonders?
Or die wondering - "If ever I was possible?".
I wanted to write this piece for a long time. It had been inside my head for quite a while but never really able to express it somehow. I keep asking this - "Are we born Mozart in some ways or will die not trying and knowing?"
Apr 2019 · 149
Internal world
amuba Apr 2019
In this world of turmoil and despair
How do we survive and the faults we repair?
This world of superficial extent of my depth
My own denial and promises unkept.
This world inside that I am talking about,
The **** dark and shallow turns inside out.
Even this very thing that I do
Won't help much I knew.
I sound pathetic,
Angelically demonic,
Well willingly manipulative,
Passively aggressive.
Unsound version of this internal world
Shreds the skins and silent cold
This **** world that we live in
First we die externally till we try to fit in.
no notes
Feb 2019 · 230
Little spark called Life
amuba Feb 2019
The voices inside talks and in multiple highs it trips
In the midst here I passively shout.
The trashes and my internal gossips
Here they are to put me in doubt,
Questioning my existence and the unknown trips.
But you know what, I will stay align and to this I vow
To being uncomfortable and reaching beyond pain
To appreciate this little spark of life and its beauty again and again.
in pain and suffering lies the beauty
Feb 2019 · 699
My muse
amuba Feb 2019
A beautiful being close by
Told me once clear but shy
Things I write are not as dry
Bring feelings to laugh and cry

A beautiful soul painted mine
A picture, I still look inside till nine
Green leaves and bright sunshine
Filled with joy when we wine and dine

A beautiful human, my muse
My inspiration, my blues
The melody sung and flowed
This spark that ever glowed

My hands on the pen to mindless freedom
My muse, the reason
Red cheeks and emotions amused
To this beautiful angel my unpaid dues

I feared then none in times dark and confused
Since you were there close by with me my beautiful muse
my muse
the reason
Feb 2019 · 303
We write in times amused
amuba Feb 2019
We write in times, inspired and amused,
Times when we have things to say.
With my inspiration, my companion, my muse
But here I am, alone and astray.

Breathing but suffocating,
Feeling but hurting,
Dreaming but regretting,
Yearning but leaving.

Why do I write this, to whom?
To you, its for you "Anonymous".
Cheers to me and to doom,
As I lay here, slowly losing my purpose.
My muse.
Jan 2019 · 282
My time to shine
amuba Jan 2019
Vague nature of the mind
Evolution of the thoughts
A dying spirit of man
Lack of courage and trust in God

Exchange of attire now and then
Lose of focus and greedy heart
A quick fix to a quick end
The jokers laughing at dealt hands

All in it and all for me
A choice to choose , except not this time
In a phase like this, this I do and I must
Eye on eye, straight mind, busy hands until I forever shine
Life is full of things we cannot control and fix. Accept it, face it with courage even when the knees shake, stand still, the time to shine will definitely come.
Jan 2019 · 202
I died for my dreams
amuba Jan 2019
A drop of my soul
An ounce of my life
An inch of my heart
A part to laugh and cry

Our own youth fountain
In the garden with ****** roses  
Paid the price of this little dream
Once upon a time faithless and hopeless

An ocean of my soul
A trade of my life
****** roses of my heart
This road to you to offer, I die

I regret none though
To live with a little more sense
Following this venture of freedom
I proudly say I died for my dreams
To live a life of pride and prosperity following our once impossible dreams, I am ready to give up all, my own fountain of you
Jan 2019 · 449
Wine and Gold
amuba Jan 2019
The things we thrive for,
Premium wine and solid gold;
Old and wise rare, deep to the core;
All in our hands, warm or cold!
Our fate lies in our hands, this very hands are powerful and knows no bounds when we are ready to believe
Jan 2019 · 441
See as I see
amuba Jan 2019
I write this small piece
As I sit here and sing
My mood flies and cries
Unknowing the truths or lies
Blocked my vision with your words
Your expectations and your wants

I guess to save myself from this pit
I need to dig a hole something deep
A hole in you and a hole in me
I will fill it with the same thing so that you can see
The same thing I aspire one day to be
And one day we will rejoice the fruit of being free
Let me be free, let me be one, please do not separate me with my vision and yours.
Nov 2018 · 419
amuba Nov 2018
The dream is big
The tension huge
The stress high
But I have nothing to lose
Me and my goals, deeply fused

In my dream I believe
I will hustle until I see
By my very eyes happening in front of me

I do believe in talent
From the words of successful and wise
which goes
"Talent is Practice in disguise"
In any field in any combat

My dream is big
Nothing else I know
Nothing else but grind and grow
Hey family, hey friends, hey world
To no one I owe

I am done living your dreams
Fulfilling your expectations
Following your rules and regulations
Begging your acceptance and recognition
I am not your slave, no more manipulation

'coz in my dream I believe
I will hustle until I see
By my very eyes happening in front of me

as a side-note:
I have someone who is bigger than all
He is huge, wide and tall
He crush and he growl
He is everything but weak
He is me and he is 'the beast'
Lets dream big and live fully.
Nov 2018 · 426
Me, My Body, My Mind
amuba Nov 2018
I will ask and I will keep asking
Are you with me or are you me?
If you are why do you keep me dragging
When all I have to do was just "do"

Me, "my" Body and "my" Mind
The word itself signifies they are just my wings
Not actually "me"
Here to make me greater and become a King

So, I will ask and will keep asking
Are you with me or just here as a mere bystander?
'coz there is no room for that when alone 'm grinding
The path defines "who I am" and not "what I have"
I believe I am one, my body and mind are my wings here to help me in my path to become who I want to be. NOT as something to drag us down and give excuses.
amuba Nov 2018
Everything seems different
No clue what changed between us
All the things and meanings bent
Me and my whole body in fuss

Something doesn't feel right
When I touch you and your skin
My heart and my feelings goes for a fight
Something is terribly wrong within

What has changed?
This feeling that I can't manage
Uncontrollable that I have become
I still don't know what is to be done

I hope you are not the same
Please don't be in the same page as me
As the book has this horrible game
I hope you are all good and free

This horrible feeling that is in my gut
I will pull you out one-day be prepared
You make me terrible and everything shut
My mind and my heart, defeat never be declared
Something is really not right in me, within me. And I have no clue how to manage this unless writing it down. Writing is my medicine.
Nov 2018 · 384
Little things we do
amuba Nov 2018
The dances we do just for the one to attract
The songs we sing we think it would affect
One less moment of boredom from you to subtract
If nothing works we morn and our heads we shake

Useless as they seem to us sometimes
Could be hard if you don't see when we whine
Little things that we do, we believe it's not a crime
Are just for you, to get a little bit of you and your time

If stood for us for our silly little dreams just for once
A pat on the back when we are in doubt
Then my sweetheart I promise you this and it's true
We will offer the whole world to you, just for you
I believe that we all are different and our roles as well. Its just to understand it and each other.
Nov 2018 · 833
pick me up
amuba Nov 2018
should I pick myself up
or should I just let it go?
care, wellness and love
with my own tears I wash and glow
this small period of life that I am living
Lord, I want you to let you know
I am tired of this unknown confusions never ending
so please tell me how will I grow?
tell me how will I pick myself up
how will I let it go?
it is a constant battle, when unclear about ourselves everything falls apart and does not make any sense
Nov 2018 · 734
Hey you
amuba Nov 2018
Hey you,
I am writing a letter
How do you do?
It's me if you remember

Laces and shoes
Lights and colors
Any option you choose
The other is me hope you can refer

Hey you,
Maybe if you read this one day
Tell me after how do you do
Bad is still fine but please don't go away

Stickers and glue
Shapes and clay
Tell me you see the clue
Like attracts like as everyone say

Hey you,
I am finishing the letter
Would you also ask me how I do
And give me a kiss later?

Taxes and dues
Your heart and my future
I know I have to pay for it too
Now I see clearer
Both woman and our own future are important in our life, do not neglect one thing when focusing on the other. Let them help each other. That is what I have learnt!
Nov 2018 · 166
You and me what a thing
amuba Nov 2018
What a surprise
You came out of the blue
Was it strange
To watch my face without a clue?

I still feel your warmth
When I hold your hands tight
Do you feel it too
Tell me you also feel right

I saw you smile
You were dancing and like a star shining
Tell me you were looking at me too
Do you agree, you and me what a thing?

Do you also feel what I am feeling?
Hope you do and tell me something
Don't keep me for long waiting
Do you still agree, you and me what a thing?
You and me what a thing
amuba Nov 2018
I do not know if you notice
But I do look at you and you too I wish
I do not know if you understand me
Things I say just at you to look at me
Your laugh, I enjoy it so much hearing
Just for that I would even dance and sing
You are so calm and gentle
When you are next to me its hard to handle
My emotions whether to give you a clue
Can't you see all these things I do?
When I look at your green eyes next time
Please don't look away from me my sunshine
A stupid guy like me falls too
Stumbled down this world when I found someone like you.
I asked her out and man oh man the universe keeps stalling or maybe its not the universe its her who is stalling. What a life lol. These stupid things guys think and do. Hmm, could be my next poem lol.
Nov 2018 · 863
Beautiful you!
amuba Nov 2018
You are here so close to me
Sitting next, but No I can't see
I thought about us a lot
We were in the same boat
Lots of promises and expectations
Now only lessons and self evaluations
But no regrets yet
Such wonderful time we had
Present is not the right time for us
You are far shinier and way brighter
I am rusted and need an understanding
Re-polish myself and fix my wings
And one-day, God, maybe one-day
Could you give me one more chance to look at you and say
Within you there is something very very true
God, the most beautiful person I know is you.
Nov 2018 · 353
amuba Nov 2018
shattered my will
scratched and torn
this lack of acceptance
and the clash of the boundaries unknown

from whom am i looking this validation
you? this world?
turmoils of unknowns and unsatisfied feelings
crashing expectations and crushing wills

expectations of me and myself and the world
please don't ask me for more
empty and confused here i am
killing me and my will
amuba Nov 2018
i see it wide and clear now
       clouds up the brain block you
dark down to the vapors and rain in it  
        floods the head sheds as tears mixed
with bloods from the heart
       make it salty and cold
i will walk it though
       makes me real, honest and stronger
but **** does the heart withers alone
       the soul broken down to the knees
the expectations and dreams crushed
       things and things and lot more things
that i thought of to tell
       a lone being now again
when i thought i live again
       or actually i am living
maybe this was meant
       this was written in my name already
no i won't, no more tears
       no more
no more
       this is it
its already enough
       it was deep
inside it touched me
       almost made a hole through
or else i wouldn't have made it
       be able to tell this now
i keep writing these and feel emptier
       i will dream and dream more
i will feel and feel more
       i will love and love more
i will die and die more
       like i just did.....
die more
Nov 2018 · 130
I won't
amuba Nov 2018
No I will not write about this
This feeling I have in me
I will not express
Let it consume me and drown me
i won't
Nov 2018 · 200
The Unknown
amuba Nov 2018
Hits us hard
Tears us apart
Plays with our heart
And shows us heaven afterward.
**** the fears of the unknown by doing a little favor called asking and taking actions.
Nov 2018 · 267
I feel ALIVE
amuba Nov 2018
Danced a bit
Went to gym and get fit
Did something for myself and create magic with my little wit
Smile brighter and mouths bigger full of candies which can't fit

I do it only for me not just to survive
Life is amazing than to just breath my friend
Let's move our *** and get up facing the sunshine on our face
Love a bit more, laugh a bit more, connect a bit more
Because that's how I feel the life and kiss myself a bit more

I do it only for me not just to survive
My friend I do it because I feel ALIVE.
We face challenges and difficulties, we love and we kiss, we fall and we fail, all of these make us human. Let' s live a bit more and feel alive.
Nov 2018 · 249
Things we do
amuba Nov 2018
Why do we do the things we do?
I sit here putting down words like I am suppose to
Born this way or that no clue
Only thing is I just like what I do!
It is hard to explain 'the why', the reason why we really like the things we do.
Nov 2018 · 180
amuba Nov 2018
You appeared!
We met!
I found. . .
Yes I am still in the path of exploring myself, my weakness, strengths, my insecurities and the core Me.
I don't know why you came to my life and why you do this to me. But I am grateful. You make me more of who I am not just outside but inside too, you make me discover deeper.
Nov 2018 · 153
amuba Nov 2018
I thought I was lost
Between these fangs of turmoils of life events
I thought I was nobody
Having fallen so much I didn't even realize
I thought I had nobody
Scared to trust and willing to runaway.

Not really!

Mind plays such games with us sometimes
Reminds us to pick ourselves up
I HAVE to be lost time to time to get back to my path
I AM somebody to my mom, my father, my brother, my family
I have MYSELF all along
I don't know why I doubt myself so much
All I need is my trust in my own and never fear anymore.
While trying to please everyone we forget about the most important person, ourselves. Love oneself and we will love everyone from the heart.
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