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SquidInk Nov 2020
What you said:
What you wanted to say:
im in pain
i want a hug
im mad
im sad
im dissapointed
i miss him
im hurting
im crying
i want to cry
im not eating much anymore
im upset
i dont care
i don't know how to feel

i know that you dont know how to express your feelings, and i understand
you say "LOL" or "hahaha" when absolutely nothing is funny
you say it when you're hurting the most
but why does it help you cope
to say the opposite of what you're feeling
indirect interpretation
Jay M Mar 2019
You know, I know,
It's all coming down,
Your fate's in my hands,
It's all over now...

Through times of torment,
Of pain, and of sorrow,
You can only wish for one thing;
An escape.

Another realm awaits,
Beckoning you,
Enticing you so,
In an instant,
Consuming you.

- Jay M
February 25th, 2019
Zack Ripley Aug 2019
In the middle of the night, I toss and turn screaming out your name
Knowing that even if you take me back, things will never be the same
amuba Aug 2019
1st verse:
Dancing kings and queens,
Living angels and shiny sheens
They, the beauty and the show
Even under the skin, I know

Dancing kings and queens,
Living angels and shiny sheens
The dancing queen in me
Shiny velvet on my body

Even without if I go
Am I beautiful to you, I doubt
Even without if I go
I am still beautiful as me I know

2nd Verse:
The sound, the rhythm
Endless melody and freedom
Mingles with my heart as I go
This piece of life as I know

The sound, the rhythm
Endless melody and freedom
The songs full or empty
From the voices in me

Even without if I go
Am I beautiful to you, I doubt
Even without if I go
I am still beautiful as me I know

In times with rusted thoughts
When I am small and nobody

I still go out and loud I scream
The world is still under my feet
My dreams are big, I still have lots to show
In my palm lies all the beauty there is, I know

Today when I go out
I hear this clear and loud
You are beautiful, we know
You were always beautiful, we know.
A song
Pre Nov 2018
I hang in the balance

I traipse the line between free
and consumed

because you spoke to me

really spoke
more than you really ever had
spoke like friends
(maybe more than friends)

and though I thought I was
I’d practiced
hating you
I’d gotten over it
found someone else
(though that’s not going particularly well)
but no

and I know you
that’s the hardest part
I know you

I know that this you
this you I’m falling for
after so many **** times
I’ve lost track

this is not you

this you is the quiet you
the you that likes me
because I’m feisty and a little
the you that teases me,
but never to embarrass
the you that knows I’m vulnerable
and cares
the you that flirts but doesn’t force  
that is kind and friendly and opens up
and tells me
quiet things

But I know that tomorrow
you’ll be someone else
in the hallway
in passing
across the room  

so I’ll miss this you
I’ll get over it
as you proceed to ignore me

only to fall
once more
just when I think I’m free
a smile
as you round the corner
where I stand
your eyes crinkle
at the edges      
they see it all
and they know me
and my heart leaps
once again

you know
I know
It’s all happened before
ode to those feelings you can never truly be rid of ...
It is music to my ears,
To know that you are happy.
Unless you're my heart's tears,
Then you make me sappy.
I may say I am selfless,
But really I am not.
I only talk about my troubles,
It was always in my thought.
For people who hate me,
I always understood.
For people who like me,
I never understood.
You could?
You should?
You would.
You would if I were a completely different person,
With less issues and more talent.
That may not be you,
Or you,
But maybe you.
You know why,
Deep down my true emotion isn't care?
Music helps me.
Motivates me.
To fight staying who I am.
But I know I can't.
You can.
Do whatever it takes.
Whatever peaceful and unhurtable method motivates you,
To be better.
That is music to my ears.
All the people at my school:  I can't relate to.
Delta Swingline Mar 2017
This state of limbo is the calmest and scariest place to be.
Where all of these decisions seem to matter long before they've been made.
And here I am just staring down the possibilities...

I can stop you know.
I have self control and that is something I can be sure of.
But even now, what are we supposed to do?

I'll start with saying this:

I'm not going anywhere.
I am not a guarantee for what you might want, but I won't leave.
I can't.

So here's what I propose:

Stop. Think. Act.

And sure, that's brutal honesty, and it's not easy.
But you've got an iron will do you not?

For now...
Just watch some TV with me.

Whatever happens, I'll be sure to be here. You know that.
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