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You ****.
I ****.
Ducks ****.
Okay, maybe not ducks...

But you,




But that's not how it seems.

You know about your **** and I know about mine, and we each try to minimize the amount of our **** the other can find,  
without looking too hard,
At what the **** is, after all, we just know about it and keep it in.

But as we all have, I have thought hard and long. about what makes me **** and what I do wrong but the other day a thought came to stop looking at me, and think about other people, who are outwardly un-sucky.  

And I think if we look at one another when we need to look at ourselves,
when we're tossed, and paper thin,

We would each see each other trying really hard.
And we would forgive them,
by looking out-in.
amuba Nov 2018
should I pick myself up
or should I just let it go?
care, wellness and love
with my own tears I wash and glow
this small period of life that I am living
Lord, I want you to let you know
I am tired of this unknown confusions never ending
so please tell me how will I grow?
tell me how will I pick myself up
how will I let it go?
it is a constant battle, when unclear about ourselves everything falls apart and does not make any sense
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Brandy-dipped lady fingers
Bavarian cream;
cinnamon, sugar, eggs, milk
light, cool, smooth like mousse
Summerberry crown
dust sugar
Nineteenth Epulaeryu! ^-^
In need of a pick-me-up, I got some Charlotte Russe!
First time trying it and it's..... aaaaaaahhhhhhh!
The ladyfingers dipped in brandy is AH-MAZING!
Lyn ***
Javi Claycombe Apr 2018
Today was the worst day of my life
Was I always destined for a life like this
The days are stirring, wildly unpredictable
Best part is, I get to do it all over again
Day after day it never seems to end
Of course, I never thought life could be this
My heart races with tomorrow coming soon
Life is short and this is the life I live
It's very common for many of us to get caught up in the stresses of life. We obsesse over the boring routine of everyday life and worry about what challenges might be thrown our way. A life that's constantly lived like that can be brutally overwhelming.

Life is short so you should try to enjoy it as much as possible.

Sometimes all you need is a new perspective.
TKO Jul 2016
I don't mind if I waste my time,
Long's I waste my time with you.
The grass is always green, my love,
And the skies are looking blue.

I know you've got the flu, my dear,
But it'll have to do.
So long's I can spend my time,
Wasting time with you.

Insert Dreamy Interlude Here )

There are no gains in rushin',
So girl just keep on blushin'.
I said keep those cheeks a flushin'
So I can brand your smile in mind.

Will I have you for all time?
I guess we'll have to see.
I think we'll make out all right;
We'll define our destiny.*

I know you've got the flu, my love,
But it'll have to do.
'Cause all I want's to spend my time,
Wasting time with you.

                                                        ­                                                *2013 - TKO
Wrote this tune in a night for a girlfriend who was ill and feeling down. Found it in a notebook while cleaning! Think acoustic guitar and some upbeat, phony country slang ;)
Genesis Hawley May 2016
Where do I go
When I'm feeling low?
When the days are long
And my thinking is slow?

To you I run
To your warmth
And your comfort
For you bring me happiness
You fill me with warmth
That comes from within

You meet my lips
I can't help but smile
I hold you
Feel your heat

I take you in
And slowly relax
You are my first love.
Kimberly Lore Sep 2015
It is important to know
To have someone acknowledge
That your opinions and what you have to say
Whether it is something they disagree with
It still matters.
There is no need to qualify, to preface
What you as a person have to say
Your thoughts have value
You have worth
You're freaking brilliant. Let the world see that.
Kate Lion Sep 2014
when you split an atom we all know what happens
so why do i doubt myself
being so small?

if an ant can lift a lot more than its own body weight
then shouldn't i at least be capable of lifting myself
of rising
of sleeping above the stars

— The End —