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amuba Jul 2019
The songs we used to sing
Till winter from dawn of spring
To the empty skies we flew with our wings
All these memories I put it in this wooden ring.
the wooden ring
amuba Feb 2019
The voices inside talks and in multiple highs it trips
In the midst here I passively shout.
The trashes and my internal gossips
Here they are to put me in doubt,
Questioning my existence and the unknown trips.
But you know what, I will stay align and to this I vow
To being uncomfortable and reaching beyond pain
To appreciate this little spark of life and its beauty again and again.
in pain and suffering lies the beauty
amuba Feb 2019
A beautiful being close by
Told me once clear but shy
Things I write are not as dry
Bring feelings to laugh and cry

A beautiful soul painted mine
A picture, I still look inside till nine
Green leaves and bright sunshine
Filled with joy when we wine and dine

A beautiful human, my muse
My inspiration, my blues
The melody sung and flowed
This spark that ever glowed

My hands on the pen to mindless freedom
My muse, the reason
Red cheeks and emotions amused
To this beautiful angel my unpaid dues

I feared then none in times dark and confused
Since you were there close by with me my beautiful muse
my muse
the reason
amuba Feb 2019
We write in times, inspired and amused,
Times when we have things to say.
With my inspiration, my companion, my muse
But here I am, alone and astray.

Breathing but suffocating,
Feeling but hurting,
Dreaming but regretting,
Yearning but leaving.

Why do I write this, to whom?
To you, its for you "Anonymous".
Cheers to me and to doom,
As I lay here, slowly losing my purpose.
My muse.
amuba Jan 2019
Vague nature of the mind
Evolution of the thoughts
A dying spirit of man
Lack of courage and trust in God

Exchange of attire now and then
Lose of focus and greedy heart
A quick fix to a quick end
The jokers laughing at dealt hands

All in it and all for me
A choice to choose , except not this time
In a phase like this, this I do and I must
Eye on eye, straight mind, busy hands until I forever shine
Life is full of things we cannot control and fix. Accept it, face it with courage even when the knees shake, stand still, the time to shine will definitely come.
amuba Jan 2019
A drop of my soul
An ounce of my life
An inch of my heart
A part to laugh and cry

Our own youth fountain
In the garden with ****** roses  
Paid the price of this little dream
Once upon a time faithless and hopeless

An ocean of my soul
A trade of my life
****** roses of my heart
This road to you to offer, I die

I regret none though
To live with a little more sense
Following this venture of freedom
I proudly say I died for my dreams
To live a life of pride and prosperity following our once impossible dreams, I am ready to give up all, my own fountain of you
amuba Jan 2019
The things we thrive for,
Premium wine and solid gold;
Old and wise rare, deep to the core;
All in our hands, warm or cold!
Our fate lies in our hands, this very hands are powerful and knows no bounds when we are ready to believe
amuba Jan 2019
I write this small piece
As I sit here and sing
My mood flies and cries
Unknowing the truths or lies
Blocked my vision with your words
Your expectations and your wants

I guess to save myself from this pit
I need to dig a hole something deep
A hole in you and a hole in me
I will fill it with the same thing so that you can see
The same thing I aspire one day to be
And one day we will rejoice the fruit of being free
Let me be free, let me be one, please do not separate me with my vision and yours.
amuba Nov 2018
The dream is big
The tension huge
The stress high
But I have nothing to lose
Me and my goals, deeply fused

In my dream I believe
I will hustle until I see
By my very eyes happening in front of me

I do believe in talent
From the words of successful and wise
which goes
"Talent is Practice in disguise"
In any field in any combat

My dream is big
Nothing else I know
Nothing else but grind and grow
Hey family, hey friends, hey world
To no one I owe

I am done living your dreams
Fulfilling your expectations
Following your rules and regulations
Begging your acceptance and recognition
I am not your slave, no more manipulation

'coz in my dream I believe
I will hustle until I see
By my very eyes happening in front of me

as a side-note:
I have someone who is bigger than all
He is huge, wide and tall
He crush and he growl
He is everything but weak
He is me and he is 'the beast'
Lets dream big and live fully.
amuba Nov 2018
I will ask and I will keep asking
Are you with me or are you me?
If you are why do you keep me dragging
When all I have to do was just "do"

Me, "my" Body and "my" Mind
The word itself signifies they are just my wings
Not actually "me"
Here to make me greater and become a King

So, I will ask and will keep asking
Are you with me or just here as a mere bystander?
'coz there is no room for that when alone 'm grinding
The path defines "who I am" and not "what I have"
I believe I am one, my body and mind are my wings here to help me in my path to become who I want to be. NOT as something to drag us down and give excuses.
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