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Dresden Feb 2019
How oddly romanticized
the word "muse" has become
For my muses have been nothing but vexing
and dumb
amuba Feb 2019
A beautiful being close by
Told me once clear but shy
Things I write are not as dry
Bring feelings to laugh and cry

A beautiful soul painted mine
A picture, I still look inside till nine
Green leaves and bright sunshine
Filled with joy when we wine and dine

A beautiful human, my muse
My inspiration, my blues
The melody sung and flowed
This spark that ever glowed

My hands on the pen to mindless freedom
My muse, the reason
Red cheeks and emotions amused
To this beautiful angel my unpaid dues

I feared then none in times dark and confused
Since you were there close by with me my beautiful muse
my muse
the reason
Juhi Jun 2017
The Man sitting in the chair...
colourful jacket...funky...
The one you call 'Professor'....
He's not a saint, He's made mistakes..
He's as stubborn as they come,
Maybe a millionaire...maybe not....
But He's priceless to me.

And while He's there...
please bear in mind,
He'll drive you to despair...
He'll flirt...He'll joke...
He'll smile that perfect smile...
But He'll help...He's generous...
He's totally aware of his faults...
and proud of what he's achieved...

And that makes him so human...
Handle him with care...
But beware,
He's my Muse...Mine only...
So,strange woman,don't you go
stroking his jacketed arm...
Not unless you can be Me,
the one that creates ballads
on Him...
Paws off...
He's priceless to me...
Pauline Morris Jan 2017
Have you forgotten how this works
We get off in one big ****

You can not put me off for later
By then I will have become a fable

You must write when I command
On this fact I squarely stand

Even when sleep tries to steal you away
In your brain I still romp and play

I will make your tired body get up and write
For your brain is not that tight

The words will leak right out
You know that fact without a doubt

I know how important I am to you
So what I say, you will do

You will always do as I choose
For you can't live with out your muse
Cristina Quebral Jun 2016
Your cries outside my window cradles my ear. Sweet Eden in your parade I see so clear. The blissful potion dancing in this breeze I breathe it in. Each drop you bring, release within my sanguine.
sanch kay Oct 2015
i like writing you poetry -
at 2 am, night lights glowing through
rain streaked windows, i listen to the city
and wish you'd listen to me.

i like writing you poetry -
angsty little love notes where
every word betrays the cool countenance
i otherwise wear on my face when
we're warring with our words but
teasing with our tongues.

i like writing you poetry -
it's where i can tell you the stories
that belong to the dead of the night
and the dead of my heart.

i like writing you poetry -
because it's the only way
i can tell you that i love you
*without you ever having to know.
hello, love.

— The End —