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amuba Apr 29
First line talks about you
Second line keep asking why
Third line blames the world
Forth consoles and told me to hold on...
you are in my head
amuba Feb 6
Mirrors on wall
The last layer of skin
Falls under the feet
Crackling noise finally
The raw and naked
The moment created
The soft and vulnerable core

Wooden palette and the hand
Cigarette and the long fingers
Black velvet, smoke and the lips
Ring and the nose, flamboyance and the body
Just one color dipped deep
Inside the empty canvas
Words spoken and the red lips-
"Yellow is the color, the true one"
Color painted on the empty canvas, this time just the true one.
amuba Jan 3
I see it
I see it all
I see it all grey
I see it all grey colored
I see it all grey colored world
Only through these eyes are they grey
All the colors of the world turned one
These eyes only see the deficient
These eyes turned them grey
These eyes turned them
The eyes of lack
I see it all
Filtered vision
amuba Dec 2019
Twisting my wrist
Tangling the string
These things that I make
Will you take one glance?

Every movement
Every second of me
Every sweat and pain
Every breath and stray lane
And these things that I made
Will you take one glance?

Desperation and frustration
Raw view and vision
Before me
I’m never free
Hey, anxiety
Hey, worry

Drinking this pain
Wishing the best
Twisting my wrist
Tangling the string
These things that I make
Will you for once take a glance?
Our work shows who we are in any conditions we live in. We are who we are.
amuba Nov 2019
What is truly mine?
Thoughts and emotions,
Feelings and physical self
In this physical world
All comprising and surrounding my life
A sense I seldom overlook
But deep down the tunnel when I look carefully
A sense of my life overwhelms me.
Yes it is easy to overlook ourselves and our life thinking it is not ours.
amuba Nov 2019
My feet on the ground, the ground moves
The ground, the world, the universe
You lead me, you guide me
My path, you choose, you decide
Unfulfilled and puzzled, reason unsolved.

Today my foot got stuck in the mud
I removed my foot
Missing puzzle piece solved
My decision, my choice, my guidance, my path
My feet on the ground now my feet move.
It is only us who are responsible for our own happiness and sadness. Let's not blame anyone or the world. let's take actions for our own.
amuba Nov 2019
Fingers on the strings
Singing the songs of heaven
Flying between clouds with our wings
Amused at this holy creation

"If only it was real"
From an old brain
"Why, does it lack the feel?"
From a fresh brain

Internalization of concepts
Painting our life with your brush
The idea of fear or even dare and courage
The infiltration of the human touch

Through the lenses of a child once in a while
When all we knew was just dream
Never questioning the impossibilities
When all we knew was just jump and swim

Corruption of our mind
Living with all these lies
These human and his kind
Unfortunately, this is just life

But once in a while through the lenses of a child
When all we knew was just dream
Never questioning the impossibilities
We could just jump and swim

The restrictions
From age and from family
The limitations
From ourselves or some other entity

Through the lenses of a child
When thoughts were pure and untouched
When all we did was just dream
Let’s jump and live the life of impossible just for a moment
For every moment...
The eyes of a child have a very powerful imagination, let's remember our childhood and have the courage again to dream like we use to.
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