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amuba Nov 2020
Oh girl I couldn't get you
Took you for granted
I should've listened to my heart
But now its too late
Too late to forgive me
For what I did
Even though you told me so
I couldn't get you
Now, now I'm just a lonely man
A lonely lonely man
Without you, without you
I am nothing but a broken man
I lost you, and now its too late.
Blakbuttafly89 Apr 2018
dear lost damaged goods the next time u come my way, remember how last time u acted foolish and karma made u pay
dear lost and damaged goods next time u get into anther pretendership remember sometimes big ***** women cheat and lie too
dear lost damaged goods please remember that when u speak those negative words to her they will be repeated to your daughter and future granddaughters
dear lost and damaged goods remember she only wanted ur time and loyalty so when ur with the next chick left feeling sick and blue  remember.... her the one u over looked who wanted nothing more than ur friendship first pure and true
dear lost and damaged goods remember she was hurt multiple times to but never once did she ever deceive you
dear lost damaged goods next time u god places u before another queen like me bow down let her know the real you! Damaged broken man
Viromnibus Jun 2014
He was a poet,
She his poetry.

He was a crooner,
She his melody.

He was a painter,
She his masterpiece.

He was a monk,
She his inner peace.

He was a captain,
She his ship.

He was an admiral,
She his fleet.

He was a laddie,
She his missy.
. . .
. .
Now there's no more she.
Forlorn is he.

W e e p i n g.
G  n  a  s  h  i  n  g.
W   a   n   d   e   r   i   n   g.

Stripped of...
**"E    v    e    r    y    t    h    i    n    g"
A poem written and inspired by the events between I and P.LNM
Special Thanks to my good friend ZSB for helping me out with this piece.

— The End —