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amber May 2014
Somedays I like
Drinking coffee with the rain
I like the hot sensation on my tongue
And to watch rain fall again and again

But somedays I wake up
Without anything to do at all
So I lay in bed, think of my purpose instead
And figure out why I am so small

It hurts to know
The days I spend in bed
Nobody will run for company
They put me to the back of their head

Maybe just once
Id wake up with a call or text
Just to remind myself
Maybe I couldn't be alone next

But somedays I wake up
Wishing my loneliness to disappear
But tomorrow I won't wake up
Because now my final date is clear

Tonight I will surrender
To myself I say, "it's for the best.
So somedays now I won't
Have to go back to rest."

Because this loneliness
Cannot be cured
It's inside my head
Never to be assured

Inside my mind
A single soul standing alone
My thoughts only staying around
But never to call my own

Somedays I don't wake up
Somedays I don't even rest
Because my loneliness will stand alone
It's really for the best
Hislizard Nov 2020
Somedays i wish to be an open book
Somedays i wish to be a jammed lock
Somedays i wish to have company
Somedays i wish to have peace and solitude

Somedays i wish to be someone else
Somedays i wish to be with someone else
Somedays i wish to be thin air
Somedays i wish to be the spotlight

Somedays i wish to be harmless
Somedays i wish to be happy
Daniel McDougall Sep 2015
Somedays I write poems and somedays I sing songs. Somedays I feel bliss and somedays are too long. Somedays I exercise and somedays I smoke bongs. Somedays I feel myself and somedays I feel wrong.

Im not strong enough
To carry on

Im not brave enough
To ask for your help

Im not open enough
To show how I really feel

I dont care enough
For how I am

I dont eat enough
Choosing starvation

I dont want life enough
To wanna continue

I just feel empty inside
Screaming silently
Will you notice me...? My daily hell
Somedays you are the butcher.
Somedays you are the lamb.
Somedays you are the yearning.
Somedays you are the ******.
Somedays you are the poison.
Somedays you are the wine.
Somedays I am the hurt
of knowing, you will never be mine.
I question
Im doing, if at all anything

I question
Im turning into and who I am

I question
I'm going to find the answers to the problems

I question
Im finally able to say I did something and am happy

I question
Im even getting out of bed in the morning

I question
Im still alive
Today is one of those days...
Sonia Ettyang Oct 2018
Somedays it feels like a night mare
Caught up in a dream where I'm the only one awake
Somedays it feels like I'm running blind trapped in a changing maze
Somedays it feels like I'm a bird floating in the atmosphere
with a happy go lucky vibe, just going with the wind
Somedays It feels like I'm the sun
My head is held up high and my soul is shining bright
Somedays are great
Somedays are vague
But everyday I'm here living
© Sonia Ettyang
NeroameeAlucard Dec 2014
Somedays you can't get rid of a bomb
Somedays you wanna know what's going on
Innocent blood spilled in the sand
of a far off eaten land

Somedays you win
Somedays you lose
Somedays you think am I really going to make the news?
found dead in the street, robbed or beat
is that what is my due?

Somedays you wonder
can life be once again simple
because now it's as difficult is picking off a pimple
or can I find the answer, in my girl's sweet dimples
because when she smiles it takes my breath away...
and I no longer worry about some days
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
I write to reunite the broken pieces of my heart.
I write when I am unable to cry.
I write the words that never leave my lips.
I write when I feel no one would understand me.
I write the words for help that my soul screams for.
And somedays,
I am unable to write about
the emptiness that exists within.
Crimsyy Oct 2016
Somedays, even sunshine is dull
and somedays his name
will make me physically ill.

Somedays, I don't need
to be reminded
that my laughter is loud
and so obvious,
somedays, I don't need
you to pull me,
I just need a rope.

And somedays I won't comprehend
how you can't understand.
Emmy Jan 2014
Somedays I wake up completely haunted
Your presence incessantly daunting
Somedays I wake up with a dead weight on my chest
Unable to breathe
Somedays I wake up with sunshine in my hair
Your memory not there
Somedays I wake up with a wet face
In my dreams, it was you I chased
Somedays I wake up not black or white but all shades of gray
I often am silent through that whole day
Somedays I wake up okay
With nothing to say
Somedays I wake up burned and tattooed black
With your name scrawled across my back
But most days?
Most days, I wake up completely haunted.
florence Mar 2015
Remember the days I used to write? Without fear without fright.
Remember the days I used to love? Without forcefully holding on.
Remember the days I was stuck in a bliss, with a warm hand secured by my hip.
Remember the days my voice sounded like a song, forever together on and on.
Somedays I wake up with a fright, without you in my sight.
Somedays I hate the grip of my hand, which let go of you so fast, so sad.
Somedays I cant escape this lybranith the one we call a life.
And somedays I cant hear my voice at all, that now only resembles a broken record song
somedays you are up somedays you are down
somedays you will smile somedays you will frown
but when the sun comes the smile is there to stay
it will make you happy and take the frown away.

it will lift your heart and bring you happiness
blues they disappear take away distress
just a little sunshine can fill you with delight
make life seem worthwhile make life seem so bright
somedays they are good somedays they are bad
somedays make you happy somedays make you sad
its is your mind and what mood its in
somedays you will lose somedays you will win

depending on your mind and its stateof play
it decides your mind and decides your day
if you are depressed then it will be sad
if you feeling happy then it will be glad

your mind will let you know just what mood your in
if you use your will you will always win
Sk Abdul Aziz Sep 2017
Some days you taste like chocolate...dark and luscious..the perfect mix of sweetness and bitterness
Somedays you taste like strawberries...fraught with are quite the sinful delight
Somedays you taste like mangoes...full of juicy sweetness
Somedays you taste like oranges..tangy and hard-hitting
Somedays you taste like a Chicago deep dish pizza...crusty, delicious and filling
Somedays you're like my favourite cheese burger...the more i bite..the more you melt into my senses...and i surrender myself to you
Somedays you taste like coffee.....bitter and powerful
Of late though you taste a lot like vanilla...your intoxicating aroma...your texture..your incredible flavours..they all just tease my senses and drive me crazy...the more i taste..the more i a drug or an aphrodisiac..with every bit of you on myself i can feel myself coming repeatedly...
Emma Sep 2013
It seems as if everyday I struggle to love myself. It goes beyond the normal, everyday insecurities; it feels as if I need to hurt myself, to tear away this ugliness and hurt.*

I look in mirrors and hate the reflection I see. I want to shatter and break away this distorted image staring back at me. I can’t look at myself without sadness and hate creeping into my lungs, without breathing so shakily because I’m trying to hold back my anger and disgust. I can’t look people in  the eyes, it would be so easily for them to see the scarred and overly-large eyed lost girl that I am. Somedays I don’t know who I am at times other than an ugly girl with no hope.

Somedays, I feel okay. I feel as if I can get through the day with a bit of pride, and other days-like today- I want to ******* scream and claw and away at the loathing I feel inside.

Somedays, I just want to be beautiful and loved
Akira Chinen May 2016
Somedays the loving gives into the crying
Somedays the living calls out for the dying
Somedays the silence can't quite the screaming
Somedays the only thing moving me is falling for you
Fen Aarons Jan 2014
I have to
I need to
I'd love to
I want to
jump off
A bridge
And die

I wish
I could
**** Someone
I wish
I could do drugs
And forget
all my pain
that hides in my chest

Then it passes.

I wake up
Leading a revolution
Running down the streets,
And making people smile
I want to
Give balloons to kids.
To give
Everything away.
To teach people
Things that they would have
never known.

And then that also passes.

All I can really be sure of
Is I don't want others to be upset.
By killing myself,
That would happen,
And that has been
The only thing
keeping me from doing it.

You have been
The only thing stopping me
From offing myself.
Thank you.
I don't even know you.
But you still keep me
from dieing
You should feel good.
I don't care who you are
I don't want you to be upset.

And death makes anyone upset.

Thank you.
S Aug 2013
Somedays I wake up,
and I pray to whatever is above me,
whether it be God or something else beyond my comprenesion,
isn't there to wake me up.

Somedays, I lay there,
In my bed,
surrounded by the warm layers of fabric that seem to hold me together,
and wish that they would just curl tighter around me,
and constrict me closer into myself,
and pray that they can gently convince my lungs to stop working,
so I can just not wake up.

Somedays, I wonder,
Just gazing around me,
If i can just stop the clock, and stay right where I am,
safe and sound comfortable in myself,
away from all of the anxiety I feel as it would
rise and fall in my chest and bury itself with the confides of my stomache,
and all the other nitches that it can find,
and I dream of not waking up

Somedays, I win.
Somedays, I lose.

I usually lose.

And I find myself uncurling from my happy prison of warmth,
and I feel my feet on the cold hardwood floors,
sighing as I run my finger thrugh my ***** hair,
wondering, not praying
how I ever was able to wake up.
Cory Meece Apr 2014
Somedays i wake up wishing you were still here
Wishing that you're voice was something i could still hear
Somedays i wish but i know the wishings going no where
another one that i wrote a while back.. there was more (that i never finished) because originaly it was  supposed to be a song i dont know why i didnt finish it but i liked this part so yeah
Cat Fiske May 2015
Somedays I'm always happy,
Somedays I'll be nothing close to that,
And sometimes,
I'm going to have those days,
where if my papers are not in order,
fixing them is not an option,
and I wanna **** myself.

Who wants to hang out,
with a girl like that?
Where anything,
and everything,
could set her off,

Sometimes I wish,
you could say,
what you really feel,
about me,
to my face,
But instead it's around me,
And I'm known to imagine things,
But I really do think it's there,

And I'm more then,
a Couple lose ends,
Somedays I'm sewed together,
like a new doll,
But most,
I'm the old one,
you have had for years,
in the back of your room,
Never to be used again,
And the fact,
I'm not good enough for you,
I can't get over it,

And Somedays,
I wanna die,
trying to make everyone happy.
But I won't,
and I can't,
And you know,
what's really sad,
You never try to help me,
You never wanted me in your life,
I've been used so much,
I'm used to it,

And I wish it was funny,
But it's not,
And the two people I like,
will never know I like them,
And I honestly,
just want someone to hold me,
tightly and show me,
they love me,
But no one wants to hold me,
No one wants to love me,
I should know that by now,

Sad to think my third grade year,
is better then this,
A third grade year,
when I tried to **** myself,
or hurt myself enough,
to get out of school,
And sorry guys I'm learning ,

I've been self harming,
since third grade,
I've done it right there,
in front of you,
I would pull my own teeth out,
Not eat so I could get a head ach,
and go to the nurse,
or look sick enough to,
I would find relief,
in the kindergarten artwork,
in the nurses office,
But then I didn't know how to talk,
I would write down,
"I don't feel well,"
just about everyday,
Or stick out a ****** tooth,
and just instantly get allowed,
to leave my classroom,
Kinda sad isn't it,

But you know this year,
would make you cry,
I wish that It was a lie,
But it's not,
Nothing's true anymore,
Just like my relationships,
They all are fake,
And sometimes,
I wanna exit pass,
that will write my goodbyes for me,
But I don't have an exit pass,
And I don't have any good byes,
So I'll take the emergency exit,
from a distances of floors up,
And leap,
and let my tears,
say good bye.

So good bye I guess
I wrote this last year when I was lashing out, I sat on a bridge feet dangling over, I had a friend come find me, and get me down before an officer come and check out the girl reported on the bridge. I can't belive I found this.
SassyJ Jan 2018
Somedays I wrote words
but letters slipped away
lost beyond my grip
reaching and fetching

Somedays I wrote words
then shoved them away
uncased under the bed
searching and vexing

Somedays I wrote words
letting emotions prevail
as the cord strangled  
levelling and curling

Somedays I wrote words
presented with numbers
joints of joy and peace
trespassing and pleading

Somedays I wrote words
as a moniker hiding phases
a face on my lost arms
materialising, internalising

Somedays I wrote words
of a deep reflective past
and a sickening existence
passing days, pressing mazes

Today I don't want to hide
neither compartmentalise
nor capitalise the future
It's all the now, the me
Somedays are good,
Somedays are bad.

Others will leave you,
Feeling quite sad

But never forget,
At the end of the day.

You're just a **** up,
**No matter what you say.
Somedays I think that seeds are planted in my bones and are growing beautiful flowers to fill the cracks. I feel like my dazzling smile makes the boys trip and scrape their knees. I wave hello to the people who deserve it least and hope that one day their hearts swell with passion and love.

But other days, I'm drowning in a deep, dark abyss. I'm not sure which way is up or which way is down because my head is swimming with water and heavy thoughts. I can't find it in me to crack a smile at even the kindest people. My bones are brittle and dry because all the tears have already been spilled. It's hard to get up and get going on those days.

I've learned to accept that it's hard to prepare for the future when you have no idea what's coming. Therefore, no matter what day I'm having, a tiny part of my heart will still beat loudly and love will thud in my chest because I picture those hazel eyes and the sound of your laugh rings like a melody in my ears. Throughout my best days and even my worst, you make me feel like I belong somewhere in this crazy, beautiful world.
Nishu Mathur Sep 2016
We can all do with a hug some days -
Some kind words

And the presence of someone who believes in you
Who will never let you down
Who doesn't make you feel insignificant and small
Who appreciates and doesn't condemn
Who won't pull you low
But helps you get up
Who can flip a frown to a smile
Add a little glow
And turn tears to a tickle
Someone who can bring a spring in the step
And a twinkle in the eye
We can all do with love -
When the chips go down
Or even when the wheels are up

We can all do with a hug somedays
So here's one for you.
Taylor Henry Feb 2013
Somedays, I feel it swallowing me.
******* me down like a half-priced, happy hour, fruity ******* drink.
Somedays, I can't even find the top or bottom or inside or out.
Like my Grandpa with his first iPod.
Somedays, I feel it shouting at me, "You're not better than this".
You sound just like my mother.
Somedays, I give in to it.
Like we're in a thumb war, and it's the 8th grade bully with mutant steroid fingers.  

Then I remember.
It's just my bed.
And it's really time for me to wake up.
david badgerow Dec 2011
somedays i drink, but thats not the point
sometimes i think while rolling a joint
somedays are for sailors and i curse them away
sometimes i feel lonely as night turns to day
somedays i feel stronger, i'm feeling just fine
sometimes it takes longer, im reeling in time
somedays i get ****** up, and then its all over
sometimes i shut up, and you read another
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
Why? Simply that,
Somedays, It's just so

Than being

I'll be honest with my feelings. Just, I'll be flirty about it, so maybe it won't hurt so much when you say no. I'll just laugh it off and continue being your favourite flirt

— The End —