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MJ Nov 2020
The daggers in your voice
they're the reason I fled.
No following me;
you stayed snug in your bed.
You stabbed me with my own
most shameful secret
when minutes before,
you promised you'd keep it.
I ignored all your calls
the words rang in my head
I don't think
I will ever
Forget what you said.
CupcakesArePink Nov 2020
you wont talk to me anymore. i made sure of that

you wont ever see me dance in up(r)ple rain
or the way my eyes glint in the setting sun
(y)ou wont catch our scent of coffee
or feel the soft lingering of my h(a)nd
you wont taste the cherry o(n) my lips
or hear my unfinished lullaby

you wont talk to me anymore. you made sure of that too.

(you) *******, you(h)eartbreaking familiar stranger
take it all back
(u)nset ou(r) da(t)e and senti(me)nts
(take it all back)
M Sep 2019
What a ******* *******,
you really ******* are.
If ***** were made from hydrogen,
you'd be a ******* star!

Fuel for ******* hatred,
Burning without end.
Ensconced by ******* vacuum,
because you've got no ******* friends.
SophiaAtlas Jul 2019
The nicer you are,
The more you’re hurt.

So just be an *******.
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