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Alisha Mcleod Nov 2015
I know nothing of calm here
I worship entropy in the dark-
and everyone knows i'm full of it

full of missing you
and your bittersweet smile
and im so into it

full of bones aching and shaking during the night and
intensely adoring you
so intense that
my hands shake whenever i try to hole someone else
with fear of loving another

even the skies know it
they pour and pour
but nothing, nothing at all
beats the feeling of missing you and adoring you both so fiercely
so saturated with our rainstorms
that i wonder how we haven't drowned out yet

I guess thats what missing you felt like-
a storm that could hold it all

lil poem from a while back
Alisha Mcleod Nov 2015
Somedays my thoughts shriek so loud that
they congest the rest of my mind
other days they chant lullaby's as if nothing
traumatic has ever happened
one moment i'm up
the next im crumbling to my knees
one or the other its consistent drowning with
no one to rescue me
I'm keen on telling myself its all in my head
at times, but
doctors tell me its all me
but for gods sake do they realize what horrid
phrases the voices scream?
death would be so heavenly
I long for the passing of sides
im awaiting to go home where its all
white and peaceful
i have days where im so narcissistic; I swear
I can commence the world as if every millisecond is
a luxury of sighs and sounds
at moments my dispute comes out so rapid
all i get is crooked looks and mumbles
some days, I love him
other times I swear he's the devil in disguise
during my manic episodes you spoke soft as if I
was a fallen angle that was overflowing with life.
You had mentioned a world that disculded me was a
world you cannot exist in
You said I influenced your heart to skip beats, that I
saved you, I was your fresh air
Once he witnessed myself during a dreadful episode
you declared loving me was exhausting and space
is what you desired for
hell could i control this?
he was the one isolated concept I could ever make
my ******* mind up about
I loved him;
I love him
he said that his devotion to me was similar to
staring into a black hole but seeing the reflection of the delicate sunset
it never made sense to him
when he stranded me, i couldn't help but dissolve in tears
i was nowhere adjacent to happy
but that's all I've ever comprehended
my doctor says they've observed a change
maybe its the sleepless weeks and collection of mood stabilizers
consuming pills in hopes to not feel so ******* empty
anticipating on my next manic episode
waiting for the door to open to go home
If I have learned anything from living with BPD
it is im constantly dilapidated upon everything
one day soon I hope to recover from this disorder
that replicates a loud room without recognizing how loud it was
and all I hear is the ringing in my ears that doesn't seem to have an end
some day this will be over
some day my lover will stay
I pray to fall in love with another angel again
A poem I wrote while in the mental hospital.
  Sep 2014 Alisha Mcleod
Maybe it's the way she can stare at the edge of the coffee table for hours without blinking.
It could also be the way her lips will go days without parting.
Or maybe it's the way she loses track of the last day she slept.
She doesn't recognize herself as a person, but a walking body.
With one pull of a string you can unwrap her only to find out she was hollow framework.
Like an unfinished structure.
A tired, silent hull refusing any fulfilling substance.

— The End —