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Emmy Aug 2018
There is no heartbreak like the heartbreak from loving someone who you can’t fully express it to.
You’re stuck, hanging, dangling from a rope.
Your palms are torn apart from grasping the rope so tightly.
Your fingers, purple from your blood.
Your emotions, blaring loudly cascade over you in flash floods.
Everything around you seems to be falling apart.
And you’re praying the only person you feel that can make it fall back together doesn’t let go of the rope.
Because the cracks in the sidewalk will swallow you whole.
Swallow you over and over until you are dust settled atop tectonic plates.
Emmy Jun 2018
‪I was just a temporary relief,‬
‪from the places you really wanted to be.
An escape,‬
‪but it never set you free.‬
It turned out to be a place,
that chained you and me.
Only it chained us separately,
confining you and me irreparably.
Emmy Apr 2018
Waking consciousness only deepens the breadth of the sickening settling confusion that blossoms so heavily in thorny crowns around my hands so that they are pinned to my thighs like how beauty marks litter your skin from too much time spent in the sun. I spent too much time basking in your black hole confused about how the light wasn’t shining on me...instead my light was being ****** in. ****** from my veins so that eventually every inch of my body was decorated with black vestiges of the rivers that once flowed blindingly white. It’s been six months of half a year, and my body is still sectioned out in slippery squares that feel so impossible to stitch back together. How can I still drown in the valley of our broken love if the pitcher that filled it has crumbled into tiny grains of sand, that I cannot hold with my hands? Oh Lord, won’t you reconcile this desert that settled on my heart? Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord. I want to be found. I want to be found. Can you hear all the sounds that ricochet like tennis ***** against the tennis court? Oh Lord. It’s deafening from down here.
Emmy Mar 2018
Loving drugged me, so suddenly
I couldn’t tell if you made it rainy or sunny
But keep talking sweet like that, hunny.
Cause I’m tired and hungry
Feigning like a heartbroken ******
Loving drugged me, so suddenly
Now I’m a heartbroken ******.
Emmy Mar 2018
She watched the shadows beneath his eyes
The way she would a sunrise
Pretending she wasn’t hypnotized
By how his smile fell across his cheeks
Feeling how it made her knees weak

He got lost in the shadows beneath her tree
Acted like he couldn’t really see
Pretending she was the one who could set him free
By how his smile fell across his cheeks
Feeling how it made his head silently shriek

She was deceived, he made her believe

And so she fell in love with someone who was in love with someone else
What’s worst of all, is that he half way pretended to break her fall
When in reality, he left her with nothing at all
Emmy Mar 2018
I saw your flag stuck on the porch  
I thought it was white
But the closer I looked the redder it appeared
I grasped it and blades sunk into my palms
Which was never what I feared
I knew from my palms my heart would bleed
Until there was nothing left inside of me
A casket, sealed so tight it set me free

Set me free to run wildly across the shattered rubble of glass that cut my knees
Set me free to scream at the bodies who caged me
Set me free to cry rivers, lakes and seas
Set me free until I’ve exhausted the universe inside of me

With broken hands and broken knees
I stared at you
Silently shouting please
Praying for a plea
Praying for you to set me free
Praying you could fix my knees
But I choked on my own fingers
Trying to understand everything that lingers

I wonder why white flags turn red
I wonder why my broken hands feel like lead
But then I remember that I chose this casket as my deathbed
It’s walls strung from forests full of wood, composed out of all the things you said
The melody falling loudly like gravity struck God in the head
And it was then, I understood
Because my white flag turned red
Emmy Mar 2018
I felt like dusk at dawn
Ambiguous and shadowed
Almost here but not there
Completely covered yet bare
Strip stripped until I was so unaware

Smoke so loud it burned yellow red
All I saw was your handprints in her bed
sketched out in gray blue with all your words left unsaid
Jagged jungle waves lapping at my ocean
My slumber sour, like I overdosed on your potion
Torn apart like rhythms lost lover motion
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