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end Sep 2021
he can't change his clothes
he can't see green
he doesn't like to hear himself singing
but they make me laugh
when they cry, i cry
i didn't go to class
but i watched them live
and they helped me live
they helped me to survive
who else could they be

they're my
dream team
eyes green
shirt blue
red face
know you won't hear
this song my dear
you don't know me
but you're my
dream team

he wears a smile
his goggles are on
he ties up his head band
i'm so far gone
when they laugh, i die
i watched them tonight
told them my struggles
spoke about my fights
they said they were there for me
my dream team

he was taken
he's not found
he took a nap on the ground
it may sound insane
block boys make my day
but who else could have saved me
no one but my dream team
this is about the mcyt dream team 🤡
end Sep 2021
you told everyone you had a girl
tried to control every aspect of her world
but what if she didn't feel the same
what if she was they or he some days

somedays, she wants you to tell her she's pretty
even if you hate the way she looks
and somedays, he just wants to laugh with his mama
even if he hates the way he looks
somedays, they need to hear you say you love them
because they don't feel like you do
somedays you don't have a daughter
is that okay with you

you warned her of how boys were stupid
but told her she'd marry one someday
so what if she decided not to
what if she didn't feel the same

somedays, they dream of boys who'll kiss them
even though they hate themselves
and somedays, they dream of girls who'll hold them and want to be held
even though they're a little chubby
somedays, they want to have a partner regardless of what that partner wants to be called
somedays your child doesn't want anyone at all

is that okay with you
does it make you mad
if i weren't normal
would you understand
because this song is about me
it's about how i feel
it's about what i am
fluidity is real

end Sep 2021
you put your faith into her
yeah you gave her the world
she promised that she'd do right by you
you taught her things like
little girls never hike up their skirts
girls don't wear shirts
they wear dresses and blouses
do their hair in pigtails
and make homes out of houses
paid for by their husbands

but what if he told you the truth
told you she went away with his youth
she was gone but he would take her place
and he
wants to be
someone you could learn to love
if it was me
id see to it that he
knew that he was enough
he just wants to know he's loved

somewhere else
he reaches for the high shelf
he carries the heavy loads
and he watches as time goes by
he can't help but cry
what if he asked for help
asked to end the life he was delt
begged for you to look past the body he never asked for

what if she told you her new name
would you turn her away
because just the other day
she was the little boy you raised

and she
wants to be
someone you could learn to love
if it was me
id see to it that she
knew that she was enough
she just wants to know she's loved

and they
want to stay
in your good graces
don't say they're going through phases
don't take away their happy places
just because you don't get it
doesn't mean they have to regret being alive
end Sep 2021
i wanna kiss your face
take me back to your place
my mother will never know
oh oh oh
i'm afraid i'm gonna like kissing your girlfriend more than you
i'm afraid she's gonna find out that i wanna be used by you too
i'm afraid you'll hate me hanging around
i hate the sound of my own sounds
and i hate how your feelings drown me
and thoughts of you surround me
in the best possible way
i've never been one for fate
but there you are
still standing by me
end Sep 2021
strawberry dress and clear lip gloss
laying your head on a soft bed of moss
the way you run off
reminds me of ballet
and your smile in the sun
just makes my day

but you're like a nosebleed
you really taste so sweet
i wanna take care of you
but you're no good for me
i've never had a nosebleed
i wish someone would hold me
and sing me soft songs
in their arms as i fall asleep

your scraped knees are so cute
i wanna say that i love you
but by now it's too late
you've got a boyfriend anyways

i spend all my money
on a tissue box
and waste all my time on
the show you watch
hoping that one day soon
i'll get to be the one with you

but you're like a nosebleed
you taste so ******* sweet
but you come with a punch to the face
and you make me wanna leave this place

you're like pulling teeth
it's what i need
but i ******* hate you
you're like a nosebleed
know what i mean
you taste so sweet
but it's painful
and just like me
you want everything to be perfect but you're so unstable
begging to be taken on a table
you're a self inflicted injury
and i've been clean for several weeks
end Sep 2021
you're the spider in the corner of my bathroom
i can't look even though i'm not scared of you
still i stay just a few feet away and i don't make you leave me be
you're the spider in the corner staring back at me
sometimes i sit and waste my day just looking at you
your web grows stonger everyday
you're the spider in the corner of my bathroom
i want you gone but i make no move to move you
end Jan 2021
i lay at night
wondering what it might be like
to see your eyes when you come undone
and he's in your thighs

and then i remember
how i surrendered that luxury
when i let go of my heart

what a startle it was
when i looked up and found that i was not alone
before my eyes you denounced my lies
and pleaded with my dying soul

but that wasn't nearly enough
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