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NeroameeAlucard Jul 2021
A megaphone is a device
Used to amplify sound, most commonly speech
Into the ears of the masses gathered around
Usually in an act of protest.
It's an electrically powered portable amplifier
But I don't possess one.
Not yet, anyway. But I know someone who does.
Someone who's shouts of frustration cause pity and anger at the same time.
The person I'm living with, isn't that divine.
I'm stuck between sympathizing and bewildering blind fury
Her condition is not through fault of her own but surely
She can stop taking her frustrations and misplaced aggression out on me.
I wish I knew how to stop her pain, stop her anger.
I wish I could do that without it destroying me.
And, mother I doubt you'll read this but on the off chance that you do.
I love you. But I don't know what else that I can do.
I'm learning to carry a house hold on my shoulders, and I can't do that if you keep taking crowbars to my knees.
But, I fear it might be too late that that fact is what you'll see.
NeroameeAlucard Jan 2020
I've asked a lot of questions about you
I've noticed it's a theme in my rhymes,
Haven't you?

I'm odd like 5/7 time, so maybe it's just how my mind works
But, all of them are answered in spades whenever I look into your eyes

And when I touch your soft skin I can't help but flash an awkward grin
Because something about you, each time just brings something up within

Your voice caresses my ears, I'm addicted to the comfort it provides with each listen.
In short, your words are spoken into my soul, and like a diamond you glisten.
NeroameeAlucard Dec 2019
I can daydream in words
For days it seems
But somehow when I try to describe
What you mean to me
I stumble and slip
Over rhymes I flip
Syllabic puzzles thrown at me to remain confounded
It's astounding what you've done
You've turned the night back into a rising sun
And yet somehow
I stumble on how to say
How appreciative I am of you
Each and every day
I know it's not much, but
This is the best I can do for you.
Is to say these 3 words

I love you
It's about my girlfriend
NeroameeAlucard Jul 2019
You know
I'm as scared of the future as anyone else is
What else is there to say? I've got fears like any other being
There but for the grace of God go I
Again into the unknown
I wish I knew how or what to say
To those that mean well, but won't let me go my way
On my own path into the sun
Sink or swim it's my life to live
Leave it be
Stop it please
Stop with the ether soaked rag you call good intentions

Stop suffocating me
NeroameeAlucard Mar 2019
I don't think you'll be surprised
But I've had you running through my mind
Like a certain blue hedgehog
Quite frequently I find
That smile, so cute and innocent
Its like sugar for my eyes

But... the thoughts going through my mind
Haven't all been pure
I may not know the pleasures of the flesh
But id be more than happy to discover them with you, of that you can be sure

I want to create paintings on your body with my hands and lips
To taste the passion in your voice, and off both sets of lips
You're a diamond and I want to make your ***** shine like the gem you are

In other words, I want to make you feel like a work of art.
NeroameeAlucard Mar 2019
Now, I'm not much of a visual artist
I'm more of a wordsmith
You're a marvel to visualize
Like eggs made right you're easy on the eyes
From the top of your head to the tips of your toes
I can't help myself, something about you caught my eye
Like Salvador Dali you've become a persistent memory
Or like Van Gogh, on a starry night
You make my eyes swirl up and down and all around
Beholding you in every kind of light
Iconic like the Mona Lisa, you could guide your own renaissance...
NeroameeAlucard Mar 2019
Oh spring
Can you return please?
I miss the sun gently kissing my skin
Walking barefoot on grass, no cares given.
The breeze gently tickling my hair
The water near my home, I miss swimming there.
I desperately crave those long nights and friends with which time spent
Adds up to memories to take with us at the end of our days
Oh spring, can you come back again?
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