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Now, I'm not much of a visual artist
I'm more of a wordsmith
You're a marvel to visualize
Like eggs made right you're easy on the eyes
From the top of your head to the tips of your toes
I can't help myself, something about you caught my eye
Like Salvador Dali you've become a persistent memory
Or like Van Gogh, on a starry night
You make my eyes swirl up and down and all around
Beholding you in every kind of light
Iconic like the Mona Lisa, you could guide your own renaissance...
Oh spring
Can you return please?
I miss the sun gently kissing my skin
Walking barefoot on grass, no cares given.
The breeze gently tickling my hair
The water near my home, I miss swimming there.
I desperately crave those long nights and friends with which time spent
Adds up to memories to take with us at the end of our days
Oh spring, can you come back again?
I've been adrift before
On memories and happiness
On sunshine and rain
Falling from my face
But now im on a bit of a new drift
On one of misplaced trust
I guess

I've got a story to tell
I'm not very good at this sorta thing, but ****
I'll give it the college try so if it *****, oh well.

Allow me to tell you a story about my pathetic love life
I met a girl that seemed too good to be true
Had quite a bit in common and scratched those itches
What is this, odd thing im feeling
Who knows it's probably nothing
Anyway we talked very frequently and grew close
At least to the point where we felt comfy sharing intimate thoughts competently

After a little while I wanted to ask her out
Only to find out, on valentine's day no less
That's shes taken
****... another story going behind these drinks
I can smile again,
I can feel the weight
Lifting off my shoulders.
The tears I cried now dry on the concrete

The memories fading with the setting of the sun
I'm going to be here, still. Like the half circle in the missing piece just rolling along

I'm not done. Far from it. In fact I've just begun.

I can smile again.
It can't rain all the time
You can tell a lot about someone
By the music they listen to
I haven't listened to a love song in quite a bit
Of time.
Not because I don't like them, I like to think I'm not that cynical
I guess taking some punches to the gut from love made me rethink my playlists
Constantly hitting skip
Until just now
Cause it's when you're down that you truly understand lyrics

The song? "Try a little tenderness."
What can you do
When you can't give someone a third of what they deserve?
Where can you find some more happiness to fill their eyes?
Why does this seem to happen to me all the time? I meet someone amazing and yet I still feel like I'm not worth anyone's time?

But enough with the self deprecation
For once my heart and head are United, unlike the nations
But this sensation, this feeling won't go away like pain without aspirin or julie Andrew's in a shop for sashes

What can you do? Leave it all on the table and hope they grab it
I'm a cherub but i'm far
From innocent
But even my somewhat prepared self
Was far from ready for this.

We met and she made her intentions clear.
Over some drinks at a bar
"I just got out of a relationship and I need
Someone to take my mind off it, think you're up for the job?"

I was shocked at her brutal honesty
So I nodded in agreement
Hoping that maybe, just maybe
I don't wander too far off the deep end
With her this evening...
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