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Nishu Mathur Jul 2018
Set the clock behind a little
Allow the hands to move slow
Kiss the deep burgundy skies
And the sunrise's golden glow
Smile at the little ones
And those who come my way
Listen to the world around
What it has to say
Pluck away worried thoughts
Instead - hum forgotten songs
Doze a little, dance a little
Before the day is gone
Nishu Mathur Jul 2018
I coloured my world today
my hands smeared in pastels
canary yellows
ripe peaches and cardinal ochres
pink from a flamingo sunrise
a passionate cerise
an array of feisty blues
a flamboyant turquoise
a topaz tango
a twinkling periwinkle
Streaked it with
contoured lilac smudges
lavender tipped edges
in custard pineapple floats
splattered emeralds, toned pistachio
fern greens with swift finger strokes
Tempered it with
muddy crusty earthy browns
rock coloured sandy mounds
reined in royal purple
the sensual blaze of a flaming sunset
the dark indigo of a gloaming sky
agate drops a few
a silver sliver of a crescent new

I coloured my world
with my eyes
my fingers, hands
my hues
just the way I wanted to
An old poem
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