Nishu Mathur Sep 22

There we are
Bundles of thoughts and nerves
We plan and script
Burn the midnight oil
Chartering paths and mapping
Defining destinations
But then, life happens

And it will

I suppose I could brood
And close tired eyes
Or I could lasso a cloud
And hitch a ride to paradise

Nishu Mathur Sep 19

The fragrance of love lingers in the air
like the scent of white jasmine
like the fragrance of rain soaked earth
whisked by a summer wind.

It stays day and night in the mind
like incense,
in thoughts,  it spreads
forever the scent of roses
forever a scent in red

It fills the senses like heady ittar
though but a dab on the skin
in what is felt and touched -
makes the senses spin

It lingers forever in the heart
a fragrant melody, one so true
forever it sings and plays
a song of love
and you

Nishu Mathur Sep 15

On golden shores on white sands,
Stands a blue catamaran.
With toil, love, skillfully made.
Though paint chips off, colors fade.
It's built from logs of hardy wood,
A fisherman... his livelihood.
He sails each day, with hopes new,
His life, his love on a rippling blue.

On calm waters when sun shine beams,
When the shimmering bay glistening gleams,
When waves dance, in tandem sway
Where sun rays wink, hide and play.

On vengeful days when waters mock,
When menacing gales toss and rock,
When dark clouds engulf the bay,
When the world anchored safely stays.

But the sun kissed fisherman,
Sails each day his catamaran..
Never tethered on safe shores he,
For thats not where he's meant to be.

As he sails the coastal bay,
I see him fade.. far away
Singing songs, in the distance he,
His love, his life, his hope..the sea.

Nishu Mathur Aug 25

You make me smile
Till the lips curve
Into crescents
And eyes become slits.

You make me smile
Till the nose goes up
And the spectacles come down
And the cheeks rise like tides
With laughter lines.

You make me smile
Till the pearly whites show -
A toothy flash
Though sometimes, no.

You make me smile
From ear to ear
From here to there
Like a rainbow in the sky.

You make me smile
From my face to my toes
And toes to my knees
You make me smile
And long after
The smile
Stays within me.

Nishu Mathur Aug 22

I welcome the sun with open arms
Touched by its warmth and soothing light
Disarmed by it's limpid molten charm
After a gusty and stormy night.
A breeze still blows but the gales have eased
And blue is the sky over sun washed fields
Clouds that gently drift with joy
Float like angels of love and peace.
And though the world darkens at times
Shadowed seem joy and bliss
May the heart never forget
The beauty that was and the beauty that is.

Nishu Mathur Aug 15

Sometimes - the universe comes to the rescue
On a down and out day.
Even when the world seems upside down
The sun shines from somewhere brightening the skies of the mind
The sun rays beam through the radio in much loved songs that play one after the other
Or a little surprise that draws a smile
A considerate gesture that gives wings
Signs they seem to be -
Coaxing us to look up
Lifelines of hope
And one holds on to them
With utmost gratitude.

Nishu Mathur Aug 10

As dark clouds thunder on a grey day,
Resounding across the arid plains,
I hear the loud cries of a bird,
It cuts across the rhythmic drumming of the clouds,
He's quiet for a moment, then I hear him again.

Through the trees I see him,
Royal, an electrifying metallic  blue,
A peacock, stunning, strutting,
Fanning his train of feathers,
Eyespots of majesty, stroked with mossy hues.

He dances in a flamboyant display,
In spot light, as lightening flames the sky above,
Nonchalant, a blue crested head turns with pride,
His ornate train, shimmering, beckoning, to and fro,
His moves, a courtship ritual of love.

His iridescent trail woos in style,
A life of its own in its opaline shades
Golden, blue, brown and green,
Colors of the earth, gloriously resplendent,
A gathered spectacle in  his plumage.

As drops of rain touch the earth,
He is still high on the wings of romance,
His feet in motion,
His feathers spread for his mate,
Quivering, glimmering a love dance.

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