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amber Jan 9
Throughout the process
My body takes a hit
I grip my thighs, look into my eyes
I don’t recognise it one bit

I grab my loose stomach and
Flinch at the tender touch
I run my fingers slowly through my hair
It’s too fragile for a brush

Milk soaked shirts and
Blood stained shorts
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve cried
Just by exploring my thoughts

They keep pestering me over and over
“How do you feel?
There are resources to make you feel okay”
I tell them “I ’m just trying to survive the day”

Throughout the process
My mind takes a hit
I grip onto my mind, my thoughts send shivers down my spine
I don’t recognise myself one bit
amber Jan 9
That night, the back of your head was such a sight to see. Your worn-but-new sneakers slamming against the pavement was a symphony, the volume decreasing with every step. Your hands running through your hair in angst after being gelled to your forehead by sweat. Lastly, you throw your head over your shoulder for one.
You were the devil in disguise under the muted yellow street light. Your expression sent a thousand messages, but mine only expressed one.

I’m free.
amber Jan 2022
Innocent and sweet
But only to you
Was I seductive and a treat

You said to your mates again
“What I would do to her if she was legal”
What a bad first impression of men
amber Nov 2017
And it didn't surprise me that
you cheated on board games too

Every time we went out
I saw you searching for someone new

I wish I trusted my instincts
I wish I knew all of my thoughts were true

But you will never understand
what you put me through

You move your piece three times
when you rolled a two

Despite all of this
I still gave my hard earned win to you
amber Aug 2016
I'm seeing you around again
But this time, not as it seems
Now i can see you walking down the streets
Of my imaginative and delusional dreams

In my dreams, you would hold me
Like you always said you would
Way before i pulled away and
Said all of these words neither of us understood
amber Oct 2015
You live in,
A broken home,
With a shattered window,
And a disconnected phone.

You travel with,
Your broken feet,
With rough pathways,
Leading to a blocked off street.

You see through,
Black and white eyes,
With a look so unwelcoming, tiring,
As you're badly disguised.

You sing as,
A bird in the woods,
Soothing and caring,
But fading away from the neighbourhoods.

I listen to your broken voice,
On a broken street,
With your broken eyes,
Hearing your broken heart beat.

And now I'm slowly breaking,
Make room for me,
Because with you on a broken street,
Is where I'm destined to be.
amber Feb 2015
As he called out for help
He wasn't surprised to find
The waves crashing in
And out of his mind

He was aggressively shoved
And lost in the cold sand
But he didn't miss the opportunity
To take the winds hand

Swept off his feet
He glides back into the sea
His mind aches with sorrow
Disappointed of what he couldn't be

But tonight he would cry out
For anything stronger than himself
Just so he could be
Restored back to his normal health

The waves take him further
And he falls deeper into his head
Afraid and shocked to see
If this road will get him dead

He's had enough now
There was nothing left to find
He fell too deep into the waves
Crashing in and out of his mind
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