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Sonia Ettyang Feb 24
Questers of truth
With mystical souls and mystery minds
Once in awhile need a rewind
Slowdown the pace
And seek for places and spaces that
reignite the spirit and water the soul
Seeking for places and spaces that speak peace and fill the mind with ease
Seek places and spaces that bring uttermost connection
A home away from home
A haven
© Sonia Ettyang
"And find places where everything you see tells you to stay"- Seeker
Sonia Ettyang Feb 24
Sunbeams ***** through the tall trees
Birds chirping along the window seals
Wind chimes tunes fills the quiet room
Nag champa wafts in the air

Mat laid flat
Squats and stretches
Eyes closed
Mind in the body
Heavenly flow

Frequency modulated
© Sonia Ettyang
prana is the universal energy which flows in currents in and around the body"
Sonia Ettyang Feb 23
Back and forth it goes

Bruising hearts
Yearning souls
Misguided spirits
Forever in a quest
To realign with the infinite
But eyes wide shut
Minds on snooze
Bodies on cruise

Tik tok
Tik tok
The pendulum sways
  everytime and again
© Sonia Ettyang
"How did it get so late so soon?"
Dr. Seuss
Sonia Ettyang Feb 23
Once you realize an empty soul is one who has lost; not a fight but a war that rages deep inside of their being.  Then you'll cease to compromise the sanity of your mind and soul for their sake. For no matter how hard you try to help them refill their vessel they'll still be running on empty.
© Sonia Ettyang
December 2018
"Sometimes we are just the collateral damage in someone else's war against themselves". Lauren Eden
*misery loves company
Sonia Ettyang Feb 16
My apologies if you thought you'd play checkers with my heart. Surely you deserve a round of applause for the biggest fool in town.
© Sonia Ettyang
October 2018
I recognized the game before you even played it.
Sonia Ettyang Feb 16
Back and forth we've made rounds with this unrequited love. Shifting blames while stroking egos. I think it's time we let this go before we drive each other out of our heads.
© Sonia Ettyang  
November 2018
Wrote this while listening to (Hooverphonic- mad about you orchestra)
She lives among the stars
Swirls around the sun
But in her daydreams
She's one with the elements
Free flowing as the wind  
Her spirit forever burns like wild fire
Her body like the ocean is forever in
dancing to the rhythm of her own drums
from one shore to another she moves
With flowers around her head
  Jewelry on her body
Music in her heart
Pen and notebook in her hand
And eyes set on the infinite sky
To wander and to wonder
Forever enchanted by the mysteries of the earth
©Sonia Ettyang
“To move freely you must be deeply rooted.”Bella Lewitzky
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