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Sonia Ettyang Sep 2019
Glitter on the grass, moon light glow.
Lake side view
Body splash Dancing waters.
Blankets and wine
Star-studded skies  
Petals & chocolates
Wedding vows on a corvette sun-rooftop.
Smooches and snuggles
Giggles and belly laughs
A night to remember
Tucked tight
Sweet melodies
Sonia Ettyang Sep 2019
Two hearts that beat as one, endebted to the journey of finding each others essences. Follow the currents that redefine our hopes and dreams. Relive the moments that weave the present into the future pediment. Forever standing as one.
Sonia Ettyang Aug 2019
Real steel
Stepping into the train
Smell of old leather wafts the air
Deja Vu slip through the mind
Sits next to the windowpane reminiscing
Couchette and crotchet-blankets
The night fall asleep

Dark subway tunnels
Black fumes and rigorous hooting
Departure and arrival
Screetching brakes
Roaring engines

Weekend gateways
Sundress and hats
Codroy and bell bottoms jeans
Suitcase and newspapers
Home and away
New skies and Fading memories
Sonia Ettyang Aug 2019
Into the dark of the night when our minds cruises through the infinite ebb of reality. We rise through the stellar heights feel the krypton energy activate, and evaporate through the outmost core causing a spectrum of fluorescent lights to radiate through the cosmic spheres.
© Sonia Ettyang
Electromagnetic field of cosmic energy
Sonia Ettyang Jul 2019
I walk through the shadows of the night  Under the glowing light
The mysteries of the moon mystify my mind
Shed light to my soul
Engulf my spirit to the core of the earth bringing me closer to my inner being
Fine tuned to the rhythm of the ocean
Sonia Ettyang Jul 2019
Darling, you and I are glitches in this matrix. And this love is the holy grail that's why fighting for us feels like world War III.
Real love finds you
Sonia Ettyang May 2019
Falling back to the blank slate
dark night of the soul rising
Supersonic winds are whirling
Megastorms with shattering glass flying
Ooh I feel the acid rain pouring
I see the dust devils dancing
hurricane thunder's wrecking in

Wild Neptune tides are rising
Back and forth rising
Crushing drowning and burning
Neptune tides
Neptune tides

This is a tidal war
It's an etheric war in the pathless land
A battle of the titans
Loosing to the ******* hole
The open walls are closing in
But I see the oasis on the horizon
Beconing for my unbegotten soul
My spirit rises with rage
I slay the beasts and chain the demons
Take back my wings of freedom
And set my spirit free
© Sonia Ettyang
I have gone through the worst dark night of the soul. This words only paint the picture.
Glad to be back on track
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