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Sep 11
you told everyone you had a girl
tried to control every aspect of her world
but what if she didn't feel the same
what if she was they or he some days

somedays, she wants you to tell her she's pretty
even if you hate the way she looks
and somedays, he just wants to laugh with his mama
even if he hates the way he looks
somedays, they need to hear you say you love them
because they don't feel like you do
somedays you don't have a daughter
is that okay with you

you warned her of how boys were stupid
but told her she'd marry one someday
so what if she decided not to
what if she didn't feel the same

somedays, they dream of boys who'll kiss them
even though they hate themselves
and somedays, they dream of girls who'll hold them and want to be held
even though they're a little chubby
somedays, they want to have a partner regardless of what that partner wants to be called
somedays your child doesn't want anyone at all

is that okay with you
does it make you mad
if i weren't normal
would you understand
because this song is about me
it's about how i feel
it's about what i am
fluidity is real

Written by
end  20/Gender Fluid
(20/Gender Fluid)   
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