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Other days,
I put my
in the fridge.
Or is it just me?
Thorns Mar 6
Some days it's just like AAAAAHHH!!!

"But don't worry because life goes on..."
Panic! At the Disco 2005
Leo Janowick Feb 23
Some days I wonder if your mind
will ever meet your heart,
if they'll just continue this long
distance relationship,
or finally, disconnect altogether.
I feel I'm starting to get lost
in this placid harmony,
stumbling on the lines in this
******* script.
I miss your roar.
The vibrations of your voice have
been weakened by the
authority in his name.
I fear one day I won't
remember the shape of your face,
Nor will you grace the whisper
in my chest that carries your smile.
We have been bonded by fate,
but something is pulling at your bones,
serving his ***** your taste.
His trickle of bait has enticed
your need to be seen,
but you fail to realize that
you were never invisible.
I see you!
I see you in the light catching
the gleam of him,
as you dangle there waiting for his delight,
but in the dark, he keeps you under his breath,
leaving you gasping for his glance.
You see in the dark,
I still see you,
because you sparkle like a diamond being kissed by the sun.
So I wonder,
will your heart ever remember the way you roar?
Vhien Miguel Jul 2018
Forgive me my love, for I always want you
All I expect is for you to want me that much too
Be afraid when I’m about to leave, clinginess and everything else
At times, I might be stubborn, but not to forget till my hair is no auburn,
I will love you, ‘till my dying day
By your side I will always lay
If your happiness would need me without
I love you so much, I would gladly walk out
For that will give mein liebing joy,
I have no say, just for you to enjoy,
Mostly, I could be stupid, yes I know
But I feel bad when I give you sorrow
Answer my questions, I’ll keep on asking ‘till there’s no tomorrow
Be patient with me, don’t be cold as snow,
Please stop being snappy,
That doesn’t make me happy,
All I want every time is to see you smile,
Even if that would send me off a mile.
seeeeeemore Feb 2018
somedays I wish that we still talked
days pass by without a word from you
I see you, but you don't see me
your eyes runaway whenever I look into yours
is it because mine are red
is it because you don't want to be read
sometimes my words grow legs and jump out of my mouth before you complete your sentence
I'm sorry,
I see your shadows in the sky
I'm behind my time
I think my peers think I'm lame
but they wouldn't say it to my face
nobody wants to talk to me about feelings
nobody wants me to be the keeper of their secrets
secret meetings about the secrets that don't know me
I wish I could be your milk and honey
Sunshine Jan 2018
Some days I wish I could hit rewind
I wish I could take it all back
The fights, the feels, the rush of blood to my head
Some days I look back and cry
I know we messed up bad
There's not enough duct tape to patch it up
If I could rewind it all, maybe we'd be together
Maybe we'd have our own place
Maybe we'd be holding hands
Maybe we'd be
And yet I can't find the rewind button
Because you got up and left a long time ago
CAM Oct 2017
Some days you feel like you need to write something.
I know I'm not relatable, don't be too worried.
But today is one of those days where writing nothing,
Feels like betrayal hurried.

Some days you wish you could disappear.
I can't decide whether today is one of those days or not.
My crush disappears at 1:55 I fear,
But it's not like I ever enter his thoughts.

But some days aren't like that.
Some days you think there's nothing at all.
When in reality your mind is filled with chitchat.
You feel ready to fall
Right out of your seat
But that's alright.

Lunch sounds kind of boring,
But I suppose it's the people there who count.
My friends are always kind of alluring
They're some of the best people I've found.

You think someday someone will sit next to you
And you'll know it's them,
But you realize few
People find it's them.

I'm one of those people who finds the empty parts of the hallway to walk in.
Luckily, my friends are too, so I'll see them there, in the empty parts of the hallway.
Sorry I just kind of wrote on the page today so it's there and unorganized and beautiful in its own way.
Twelve Aug 2017
some days  I need you
some days I want you
some days I love you
some days I hate you
some days i crave you
some days I feel you
some days I live
some days I survive
Seema Jun 2017
Some days I feel sad
And most times, I get mad
Laying hopelessly on my bed
Sometimes I wish, I was dead

Some days I feel angry
And puke on my favorite dungry
Even when I am hungry
I sit and flip through my memory

Some days I feel broken
Like the made in China ceramic
Hearing all the blabber spoken
I become a little crazy mimic

Some days I feel lost
Among the blooming tulip meadows
But my day dream just frosts
On seeing strange shadows

Some days I feel wonderful  
But most days, I feel awful
Remarks come as beautiful
When am eating a mouthful

Some days I feel lonely
Missing all those teen days
Now I smile only
Feeling blessed in many ways...

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