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Somedays are good,
Somedays are bad.

Others will leave you,
Feeling quite sad

But never forget,
At the end of the day.

You're just a **** up,
**No matter what you say.
Nadine Swain Sep 2015
she trusted you
and your words
and your lies

she endured
those nights
when you would fight

she'd go to sleep
with a weak heart and
tears in her eyes

she defended you
against her friends
you so despise

yet here you are
having the audacity
to think

that she wasn't
good enough
for you

who deserves
nothing close
to something like
dafne May 2014
give me back my time I wasted on you
even if it was only a few weeks
because they are worth more
than who you will ever be

— The End —