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AD Snail Apr 2016
Someday's I’m tired of smiling
Someday's I’m angry at the world and everyone
Someday’s I hate myself
Someday’s I want to die
Someday’s I’m scared of death
Someday's I think about the past
Someday’s I think about the future
Someday’s I’m thinking about to much
Someday’s I’m sad
Someday’s I want to be crying
Someday’s I want to be yelling
Someday’s I’m happy
Someday’s I question myself
Someday’s I’m my own worst nightmare
Someday’s I judge others
Someday’s I get angry with myself for saying mean things to others or judging them
Someday’s I’m broken
Someday’s My heart stops for a second
Someday’s I’m day dreaming, to get away from everything
Someday’s I want to be dancing around like a crazy person
Someday’s I think about what other think about me
Someday’s I’m sick and tired
Someday’s I want to join in the group
Someday’s I don’t think I’m wanted
Someday’s I think everyone hates me
Someday’s I don’t think my opinion doesn’t matter
Someday’s I realize my hands shake a lot
Someday’s I worry about almost everything
Someday’s I’m scared of everything and everyone
Someday's I write poems and quotes to help me out, with all the things I think about, telling myself “This is how I’m going to tell everyone my feelings” because I have a hard time telling them face to face without crying, and running away from them, and the next day saying it was nothing
Please Mind the grammar/miss spelling.
Lawrence Hall Nov 2018
A Child Whispers to Himself

Someday I will wake up in the morning
And not be wrong
Someday I will look outside the window
And not be wrong
Someday I will not make up my bed just right
(or maybe not make it up at all)
And not be wrong
Someday I will open the refrigerator
And not be wrong
Someday I will choose my clothes for the day
And not be wrong
Someday I will say something I think
And not be wrong
Someday I will toast a slice of bread
And not be wrong
Someday I will read a book because I like it
And not be wrong
Someday I will visit a friend of my choosing
And not be wrong
Someday I will admire the pictures I like
And not be wrong
Someday I will play in the leaves with the dogs
And not be wrong
Someday I will order from a menu
And not be wrong
Someday I will eat my dessert first
And not be wrong
Someday I will hug only people I like
And not be wrong
Someday I will buy the coat I want to wear
And not be wrong
Someday I will smile at the girl next door
And not be wrong
Someday I will write poetry openly
And not be wrong
Someday I will say, “That’s a pretty car”
And not be wrong
Someday I will say, “I like the fog and mist”
And not be wrong
Someday at the store I will buy some little thing
And not be wrong
Someday I will use the shampoo I like
And not be wrong
Someday I will take long, hot, soapy baths
And not be wrong
Someday I will tell someone about my dreams
And not be wrong


Someday I will leave this unhappy house
And not look back
And not be wrong
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:
It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.

My vanity publications are available on as bits of dead tree and on Kindle:  The Road to Magdalena, Paleo-Hippies at Work and Play, Lady with a Dead Turtle, Don’t Forget Your Shoes and Grapes, Coffee and a Dead Alligator to Go, and Dispatches from the Colonial Office.
Shreya Inks Feb 2015
I may have lost many times,
I may have got broken, broken;
I may be stupid in thousand ways,
for I'd kept too much unspoken;
But I know imma make it someday,
Someday, someday, ay-ay-ay.. Yeah.

I know the way I am going,
leads to the crossroads, crossroads;
it may be hard to choose one of them,
for it takes long to get those codes;
But I know imma make it someday,
Someday, someday, ay-ay-ay.. Yeah.

Oh if I lose again this time,
it may knock me down, down;
I may be crushed in pain,
for it takes long to turn me on;
But I know imma make it someday,
Someday, someday, ay-ay-ay.. Yeah.

Imma be okay, okay.
someday someday ay-ay-ay.. Yeah.

My Lord has give me so much,
it'd be fair if He takes few of it away, away;
it may leave me feeling rough,
for its not easy to find a way to stay;
But I know imma make it someday,
Someday, someday, ay-ay-ay.. Yeah.

I know I'd be rolling in the bed,
if I have to sleep with a broken heart, heart;
I may feel like completely lost,
for it takes time to mend that part;
But I know imma make it someday,
Someday, someday, ay-ay-ay.. Yeah.

I know people laugh on me,
they think 'am so crazy, crazy;
I may pretend I don't hear them talk,
'cause to forget them is not easy;
But I know imma make it someday,
Someday, someday, ay-ay-ay.. Yeah.

Imma be okay, okay.
someday someday ay-ay-ay.. Yeah.

© Shreya ♥
Kaitlin Collide Sep 2013
Someday I’ll be happy
Someday I’ll feel free
Someday I’ll be okay with being me
Someday I’ll feel love
Hold me tight
Someday I wont be so alone with all my thoughts at night
Someday someone will listen to me
And hear a silent song
Happy or sad it will be music to their ears

Someday I won’t feel such a fight inside
Someday I'll think of a problem and then think it’s alright
Someday I wont cringe at the thought of life
Someday I'll make it through all of this strife
Life will never be perfect
But one day it will be okay
Someday.. someday.

Someday is the day I look forward to
I’ve reminded me of “someday” all my life through
Is someday a myth or will it someday come?
Or is it some false hope playing me dumb?
I’m working towards that day, but what if it doesn’t exist
Someday might be an irrational wish
isabel Nov 2017
someday we will be given more

someday i won't wake up crying because of how much I miss you

someday I won't constantly question why everyone continuously proves to let me down when every word I dictate and every action I muster is to make every person in my life happier than they were

someday my parents will recognize the grin I plaster on my face everyday is fake and that hidden behind are shadows of loneliness and regret

someday ill be happy when the sunrises because it means I've been granted another day and when the gentle whispers of dusk emerge ill be grateful for the stars that glimmer among the blackness

someday we will be given what we deserve

someday I will no longer be in a broken home filled with ugly words spewed at each other and twisted lies coursing through each room, poisoning relationships and love

someday all the hours of hard work and those sleepless nights and days spent listening to the rain patter on the windows because that was the only solace to my pain will pay off

someday the tunnel of blackness and the cloak of unhappiness with lift

the days will feel longer and the sunlight will wash over you, succumbing you with the warmth

the nights will be an endless stream of dreams of opportunity and friendship and laughter

the future will be full of new discoveries and relationships

someday you will recognize your own beauty to be the eighth wonder of the world

we will always hope for someday,

wait for someday,

lust for someday,

someday, will one day be today.
Someday you'll miss me like I missed you, Someday you'll cry
For me like I cried for you, Someday you'll want me back like I
Wanted you, Someday you'll understand why you broke my heart
When I didn't, someday you'll understand that I was the only
Girl that put up with all your mess, when your own family didn't
Someday you'll know how pain feels how you hurt me
Someday your life will turn upside down, like mine did when you broke my heart
Someday you'll have someone hurt you like you hurt me
Someday you'll realize how lonely life can be.
Someday you can sit down and think how much I meant to you
When you meant the world to me,
Someday you'll know how I really felt
Someday you'll try to come back to me like I tried with you
But someday you'll love me when I won't love you.
jm Apr 2015
someday, i won't flinch as your name
appears on my screen.
someday, i won't stalk and visit your profiles.
someday, i won't be bothered
when someone mentions your name.
someday, my world will not stop
for a moment whenever i see you.
someday, your glances and smiles
won't make my heart skips a beat.
someday, i will not miss your hugs ang cuddles.
someday, i will no longer crave
for your presence and kisses.
someday, the places where we used to go
won't make me remember you at all.
someday, i can have the spirit
to read love stories again.
someday, our sweet habits will fade from my memories.
someday, your promises which turned out to be lies
won't hurt as much as it used to.
someday, all that we had won't matter to me anymore.

Antipodean Apr 2015
I write poems in hope that they will live on forever
Because someday I will die

I try to tell my daughter I love her every day, I call my dad once a week and try to stay in contact with my friends
Because someday I will die

I go to work and collect that check making sure a part of it goes to life insurance
Because someday I will die

I wonder the streets at night, climb mountains during the day and try to take it all in
Because someday I will die

I try to get to know you all better
Because someday I will die

I want to understand your point of view
Because someday I will die

I read poetry
Because someday I will die

I drink Crown, smoke a tobacco pipe and eat the occasional steak
Because someday I will die

I meditate and contemplate the meaning of life
Because someday I will die

I love and hope and care and pray
Because someday I will die

I rant, shake my fist and express my discontent
Because someday I will die

I clean my house, take out the trash, do the dishes and wear clean underwear
Because someday I will die

You are reading this poem
Because some day I will die

We fight to stay alive
Because we do not want today to be the day we die
Marthin May 2021
Maybe someday, we'll see each other again
when the trees bloom once more
we'd be meeting in that same park we used to go
under that maple tree where we used to sit

Maybe someday, we'll see each other again
alone, sitting at a corner, then our eyes meet
shock turns to happiness, smiling, both of us
then we'd sit across each other, asking how we've been

Maybe someday, when skyscrapers fill the sky
I'll see you walking, hand in hand, with a girl
She looks like you, the way both of your smiles match
Her eyes sparkle like the way yours do

Maybe someday, when I'm away from home
I'll visit the places we once dreamed of visiting
Taking pictures of myself, alone and reminiscing
And if ever we meet again I'd tell you that I went there

Maybe someday, where you're smiling brightly
With another man, who can make you laugh
I'll be looking at you from afar
In the restaurant we always used to eat at

Maybe someday, I'll see you again,
wearing a light dress, with a baby in your arms
and you'll see me, and you'll just smile
and I'd smile back, smiling for your happiness

Maybe someday, when I can forget you
I'll also be happy, I'd find myself a pet or two
Visiting friends and family, going on trips
Trying to forget you and move on

Maybe someday, I'll be fine again
I'll see you, and it won't hurt as much as before
I'd talk to you again, and ask how you've been
And I'd share to you all the things I have seen

Maybe someday, when I return to this town
And you'll be there, sitting under that maple tree
And maybe, I'd have the courage to tell you
Tell you the things I couldn't say

Maybe someday I could,
Maybe someday,
Beth Decisions Jul 2015
Someday I'll be the person I want to be.
Someday I'll stand up for myself.
Someday I'll learn how to love myself.
Someday I'll get my own art gallery.
Someday I'll finish writing my book.
Someday I'll walk the louve.
Someday I'll go to Venice and Rome.
Someday I'll find true love again.
Someday I'll be actually happy.
Someday I'll be the person I'm meant to be.
And until then I'm okay.
I'll get there!
blair asher Jun 2014
capricorn: someday you'll wake up and the sun will be reaching down your throat saying her batteries ran out and she needs to borrow yours
aquarius: someday you'll realize that a hurricane without an eye isn't worth it and i hope that's today
pisces: someday your mom will give you a life altering piece of advice and you'll sit for a minute and then disregard the entire thing
aries: someday you'll bite your tongue and someone else will scream in pain, you'll look at him and someone else will fall in love, congrats
taurus: someday you'll be the reason they whisper "love hurts just like morning coffee" in the hallways
gemini: someday the government will have made laws prohibiting certain behaviors, and all because of you
cancer: someday someone will grab your hands and tell you that they love you and yes, you should probably abandon hopes of being decent now
leo: someday you'll make the conscious decision to love someone and then wonder why it didn't work like you thought it would
virgo: someday you'll meet someone who you talk about sunsets and road trips and being the human embodiment of a storm with; love them hard
libra: someday you'll abandon taking photos of the sky and you'll later find yourself tasting colors in the back of your throat
scorpio: someday you'll get a coffee and give your name and the barista will write "very sad looking girl that looks like a walking orchid"
sagittarius**: someday the sun will stop asking for your half of the rent
Debanjana Saha Jun 2017
I came across a line today -

"There are seven days in the week,
and “someday” isn’t one of them."

So true,
for a clue
to live life again!

I wanted to keep myself healthy, but I say, from
someday I would start exercising and eat healthy.

Everyday I think, I would create art, more often
but postpone it to someday to make it happen.

I wanted to ride a bike but I keep saying
someday I would learn how to ride.

I wanted to express my love to someone
but my hearts say - someday,
I would express my love all over again.

I wanted to read as many books as possible.
but brain says, someday I would read it all.

I wanted to buy clothes which would
suit my character at best,
but I say, money isn't enough so someday
I would earn it so as to afford it.

I wanted to travel more often
but I keep saying to myself,
This time is not right, someday I would.

I have lost most of my friends
and I don't know whether they were
friends or foe in real.
But I keep saying someday
I might see them again.

*And Someday never happens
make it happen today itself..
(There are seven days in the week,
and “someday” isn’t one of them")

This line tempted me to write all the someday
which I ever wanted to make it happen
Some days keeps going one after the other
until we all figure out that
'Today is the day".
Maria Etre Nov 2016
maybe one day, he says
I'll strum the strings of time
to echo vibrations from someday
till today

maybe one day, he says
I'll rearrange the stars
to spell "yes, they are!"
because it's truly bizarre

maybe one day, he says
I'll ask the moon how he copes
with the sun, every time he rises
and she sets

maybe one day, he says
I'll get the jar of wishes
and plant them in all of
my today's, my everyday's

maybe one day, he says
I'll lie on your side
and listen to memories of your breaths
and let them carry me into
deep slumber

maybe one day, he says
this roof will expand
to meet the ends of the earth
to be big enough to fit all our dreams

maybe one day, he says
I'll erase all dark days
and force the sun to rise
to new better days

maybe one day, he says
will be
"the day"
Someday is written to the rhythm of song played on the guitar - credits to song for inspiration.
Martin Majercak May 2016
I will...
I will try,someday I will also die.
I will live,someday I will give.
I will pray,someday stones lay where they may.
I will think,someday my hopes may sink
I will learn,someday peace is it what I yearn
I will evolve,someday problems I will solve
I will strive,someday into the ocean I will dive
I will age,someday I will quench the rage
I will awaken,someday my sins will be forsaken
I will write,someday with ferocious sight
I will fail,someday,my ship will sail
I will win,someday my time will begin

Martin Majercak
I wrote this in about 8 minutes.
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2015
Someday I'll hold you like you me charms
Look you straight and deep in your eyes
And let you know how much I lust for you
I'll pull your soft body with me masculine arms
Dead close to mine so that you realize
How glamorously my  **** tightens for you
Someday I'll touch your neck with my teeth
I'll graze it so softly that you won't quit
And then pour magical whispers into your ears
The much I've dammed up all these years
I'll place my hard palms beneath your shirt
To softly hard caress your skin so that it'll sweetly hurt
Then I'll place my head onto yours and sigh
Because by this point I'll already be high
Someday I'll be this close and I won't miss
I'll peck your forehead but your lips kiss
You'll shut your eyes and savor my taste
I'll take it one step at a time with no haste
I'll patiently unbutton your outfit
You won't stop me for you'll feel me heat
Someday I'll **** at your beautiful *******
Draped like two cute oranges on your chest
You'll mourn like you're grieved at the pleasure
You'll beg me to quickly find my way inside
But I'll try and keep my control and decide
when to partake of your juicy treasure
Someday I'll explore further down your thighs
Me whom you much loathe and despise
You'll arch like a bow at every touch and laugh like a clown
Yet mourn as I navigate every street of tuna town
You'll beg me to pass through the tunnel of love
And just then I'll swiftly embed myself into nature's glove
I'll place myself above you,I'll be a long awaited burden
You'll hold my posterior as I plough through your garden
Since you say there's no love around here
Further apart your thighs will obediently split
While we make it
Someday we'll walk a thousand miles with no rest
We'll surf the ****** waves till we hit the viperous crest
Anton Angelino Jun 2023
Empire State Building, floor 102.
That’s where I’ll be waiting for you.
You guys are like family, I love you in a way.
I’ll be your friend and solace, strong roof over your heads.
Pull up to your wedding, be your best man, wipe your tears when it’s over.
But don’t jump off, babe, soon we’re all going to be happy.
In Empire State, someday we’ll all be free.
I wanna fall in love at least once before I die, even if it brings me down.
So don’t jump off, babe, soon we’ll all stop being lonely.
Empire State, someday we’ll all be free.

I can see the words trapped in your eyes when you look at me.
Someday you won’t have to fear it.
We’ll hold hands doing laps around Central Park in summer.
We’ll french kiss on the subway like some blazed down gunners.
Don’t be afraid of the dark when you feel it.
Someday you won’t ever have to fear it.

I’ll go to New York City, I’ll be grateful to stand where they stood.
I was in heaven when they were dying, I swear I emphasized with them when nobody could.
It’s sad when I think what my brothers and sisters have suffered while I sat on Jesus’s lap.
It’s not my ******* fault that Jesus made me gay as ****.
I’m looking in the wrong places, forever out of luck.
But someday I won’t have to wander.
Someday I will open my blinds and invite the light in.
I’ll be at the beachside, old and happily married.
In a townhouse painted green which has a garden of hydrangeas, nourish me.
I’m a hemlock baby, fruit of toxicity but I’m still beautiful.
Step on me all you want, but I’ll still do lots of good.
The empathy within me is as strong as a stone wall standing tall and lingering on.
There’s radioactivity, discovered by Madame Curie and I’m carrying it along.
But I have faith still
that God loves me
I wish to love another in the same way, Lord let me.
I will give you
roof and solace
Someday you’re gonna need it before you get to give it.

I can see the scars on your soul when you expose it to me.
Someday you won’t have to loathe them.
We’ll dance with locked hands jiving to music of liberation.
Remember what they took from us, be proud of what he had.
Don’t hate yourself and don’t think you’re broken.
You’re just beautiful in a world that’s not yet awoken.

A songbird once sang to me that someday we’d all be free.
The pain that you endured, it will be your strength, it will lead you forward, it will hold your hand.
A songbird once sang to me that someday we’d all be happy.
I’ll come to your wedding, be your best man, cry with joy as you’re standing at the altar.
Empire State, we’ll throw baby showers, grow vegetables together, perform in gay bars on street corners.
In Empire State, we’ll kiss on the subway, be invisible, marry each other on floor 102.
I wanna fall in love at least once before I die, I just wanna fall in love.
It’ll be okay,
we’ll all be free someday,
Empire State, don’t you jump off.
Poem #15 off “Divine Providence”

The final poem off the collection and my final poem for now. It’s about being hopeful and resilient, remembering what the world has taken from you and being determined to get it back. To have a life worth living. I’m gone until I catch a glimpse of it. My main inspiration for this poem was Season 11 of American Horror Story and the song “Radioactivity” by Kraftwerk.
Willow Grierson Apr 2014
Maybe someone will notice me.
In the way I want.
Someday someone will notice me,
More than naught.
Maybe I won't feel lonely,
Inside my shell,
Someday I won't feel lonely,
Inside my hell.
Maybe I will die,
By my own hand,
Someday I will die,
Don't you understand?
Maybe it will get better,
Than it is today,
Someday it will get better
Or so they say.
Maybe I won't get bad,
Like I was before,
Someday I won't get,
A face in the door.
Maybe someday starts today.
Where I will feel well
I'll escape Hell.
Euphrosyne Apr 2020
Someday we'll be okay
Because someday will be our day
Some say after all the struggles we've been on they know we'll both stay
So someday it'll be so much okay

Someday, you'll be mine
Laying by my side,
Fighting each others war
After that fights we'll soar.

Your love please don't give it away
Because someday I'll show you the love you deserve everyday.
Someday we'll be exchanging words
That someday I'll be yours.

Someday I'd like to say
It's so much better with you everyday
Because your the love that I don't need to throw away,
I know people ignored you and stayed away
So I'm here keeping you anyway.
Don't you worry my sweety you'll never be castaway.

And just like the Hispanics say
(incluso la gente bloquea mi camino)
Even people block my way
(Te amare todos los dias)
I'll love you everyday
When we get to that someday.
Maybe someday we'll be our day.
em Oct 2013
Someday is not today
But someday I will fall in love
When your hand is in mine

Someday I'll wake up next to you
I'll pull you close
And breathe you in

Someday I'll make love to you
And as our bodies entwine
You'll show me the magic in love

Someday I'll wear a white dress
And as I walk towards you
I'll smile your favorite smile

Someday I'll look into your eyes
In the faces of our children
And I'll adore them because they'll be half you

Someday is not today
But today
I look forward to someday
kyle Shirley Jan 2015
Someday im gonna change,
Someday will be the day im free
Someday will be when im needed
Someday im gonna die your gonna die
Someday ill feel alive be today it isnt me
Someday you will want me for me
Someday just isnt here fast enough
John Thomas Aug 2010
Someday Girl

Everyday I miss what I never had, that kiss, that feeling of bliss, leaving my head swimming in neverland...
Soft lips speaking the depths of aqua blue eyes… a brilliant smile that could stop traffic for miles.. I’m talking about a woman that’s just wild.. with a personality that could be bottled and sold in vials to melt the hardest hearts into molten piles…

My someday girl…

Walkin in the room with brilliant blond hair flowing.. exuding confidence and not afraid to show it.. pure beauty for sure you know it, when she can’t even be captured by the words of a poet.. I can’t describe my feelings inside I just know it.. someday I’ll be on a roll, meet her, and slow it…
Til then I’m patiently waiting... gasping to keep my lungs inflating… raspin verses til my tongues achin.. but I get frustrated.. cause I even visited churches and the nuns are taken..

Some days I think of giving up hope.. settling for something just to stay afloat.. but I keep waitin it out grasping at a tiny little frayed rope that’ll lead me back to the realization of my greatest hope..

My someday girl…

I hope to someday embrace her slowly… sliding my hand across silky soft skin to hold her closely… the sweet smell of her hair controls me and my heart dances to her pulse as she holds me..
I could spend eternity locked in that embrace.. if I could just find it I’d gladly step into my place.. but I guess life would be too easy if that was the case..  so everyday I tighten my shoes and keep runnin the race… stumbling through dates.. tryin to put numbers with a face… but none of em got the key to put my tumblers in place… so again I wait and I wait…

For my someday girl…

It doesn’t seem fair though, cause along the way I’ve met girls that I’ve longed to date… only to find out that they’re engaged or they’ve found a mate.. it makes me wanna shake my fist at fate..  give up, and roll a spliff to sedate and smoke it down to that last crispy trace.. but through it all I still hold that glimmer of faith.. that my someday girl will come and take her place… so I wait…

and I wait....

For my someday girl…
by John Thomas
inkstains May 2015
someday i will forget the taste of your lips like how we forget the taste of gum when we chew for too long. someday the slightest of your touch will not ignite flames on my bloodstream. someday my legs would not falter when you smile or say 'goodnight'. someday i will not miss the warmth of your body at 2am and every time i look at my hands i would no longer look for your fingerprints. someday i will not love you as much as i do now.

someday i won't miss you anymore. someday i will move on and find someone new.


but right now i don't want to. *right now, i can't.
Phoenix32 Nov 2019
Someday I hope to be someone’s everything.

Someday I want to be the light that illuminates their world.

Someday I want to be the person who cures someone’s shattered heart.

Someday I want to be the person who makes them feel cherished and appreciated.

Someday I hope to be the one they could fall in love with daily.

Someday I’ll find the one who makes me feel safe enough to let my guard down.

Someday I’ll find someone who knows all my quirks, annoying habits, and weaknesses, but never make me feel ashamed of my flaws.

Someday I hope to find the one who’s afraid of losing me.

Someday to someone I’ll be more than good enough.
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
I will smile
I will be happy
I will
Rest in peace
But not today
Today's the day
Just like everyday
That I have decided
To compromise
For that
Because that's what
We've been told
That's what
Everyone says
Work in the present
For the future
But where
Is that future
Will we truly
Will we truly
Be happy
On that someday
Does that someday
Even actually
Or is it just
A justification
For our procrastination
To waste another day
For that someday
Is a relative term
It may come
It may not
Make the best
Of the time
That you're currently
Living in
Don't bank on that
Enjoy today
Ralph Albors Jun 2015
Someday and one day
are implicitly dissimilar.

"Someday I'll find love"
is full of ambivalent hope.
"One day I'll find love"
expresses certainty.

"Someday I'll go on an adventure"
really means "I sure hope I get to travel."
"One day I'll go on an adventure"
implies "I will leave this town."

"Someday I'll love someone else"
means "I'm not over my ex."
"One day I'll love someone else"
means "On to the next chapter."

Someday and one day
are commonly mistaken as equal.
But someday won't come,
while one day is just around the corner.
Inspired by some advice I gave my best friend over the phone.
So, basically, it's based on a true story. Sort of.

— The End —