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ethan gaskill Jul 2018
i want to be
your vintage crooner for life
frank sinatra mixed with marvin gaye
with twenty-first century style
i'd greet you at the door with flowers
and be your chauffeur to wherever
you want to go i'll take you
there's no rush; we have forever
our life can feel like a movie
almost too good to be true
sooner or later you'll realize
i've always felt that way about you
galas and night dances and jet airplanes to france
would only be enjoyable if i'm holding your hand
i think that we could see our dreams
with our own awake eyes
so come and ride away with me
and we can have the time of our lives
whether sunday morning pancakes or a tuesday noontime lunch
breakfast in bed or a venice bistro will be equally fun
and if god takes us that far
i'd point to you when our daughter asks what a queen is
we could show our children how dedication
and compassion makes life feel like you're dreaming
and someday many years from now
when we have an empty nest
we'll remember the feature film of our romance
and decide that we did it best
Ken Pepiton Oct 2018

that meaningless word left dangling before children,

a damoclean sword held fast in a gordian knot tied with scarlet thread,

finer than the spider's that once tied men's souls to an angry American God,

birthed in Transylvania,

over the woods, and through the dale, no lie

There is a tale of lies told in Nobel houses, never reachin' ground,

Down here, we situations manifested to, vain, again, stem the tide,

We flounder, fish out of water, why are we sent if


he hears, he listens, haps he knows, and

how such as we came

to be here,

Welcome and see, dare ye ask me in? Might I ply you with lies

and you, believe 'em?

I could make a mindless robot out of your parts, but

that would take forever and

that's not how

Wisdom's child would tend to be, for first,

You must believe a lie and I, amusing as can be,

can't tell lies.

Discernment, fine points, per-spicacity per se, the only way.

Good luck (Luc, said luck in many tongues, is said Lose- as in Luc-ifer.

It means light, as in light, regular old granted light.)

Lightifier, good, take some, good light, for the travail, in the night.

You see, not so long ago, for me, five years before I'as born,

my momma moved to town.

What was that like, I axed my old uncle, while back,

movin' t'town, in 1943?

Well, he says,

We had electricity.

USA, 1943, some folks still was poor, and all the good men

was gone to war.

Cities, it was different,

if the movies got it right, Bowry Boys, n'em.

In the desert we did, okeh, in town, though,

we had electricity.

He was ten back then. He'd been huntin' rabbit's,

to buy Christmas presents from Sears and Roebucks,

since he was five.

C'mon, I say. No lie, he say,

BLM or some gover'ment

whatsajigger, was payin' 2 cents a pair fer jack rabbit ears.

'Said he bought Christmas presents for his mom and dad,

and my mom, with his first rabbit money, at five.

Shootin' with a single-shot 22, 12 cents a box,

Jack Rabbits, 2 cents a head.

Three Christmas presents, plus postage, $2.56.

Do the math, I think, and go -

Five years old, at ten, he moves to town, 1943,

we had electricity. That's all.
An older man than me gave a thought to ponder. Thought I'd try to share the bounty. This is read, by me at
Lyn Senz 2 Nov 2013
I'll have won't borrow
have fun no sorrow
and there's sun tomarrow
so I'm told
but right now it's cold

my road is an alley
no peaceful valley
no time to dally
it's cold

but I hold on I read
to plant some seed I need
just go slow don't speed
and you'll get there be freed
so I'm told
but it's so cold

well I'll hold on
I'll stay
cuz I was told

©2001 Lyn
My heart longs to be home!
This life here...
isn't the life meant for me-
I came here for unselfish reasons,
but now it's about time...
I go home-
to do what I need, for me, what I want...
Now it's about me!
Now it's my turn!
I wanna go back home,
to where I belong-
The West Coast is it-
for me!
That's my home!
That's it for me...
That is what my heart is missing...
It's insisting I find my way back...
I wanna be where I grew up...
I wanna run and play in the sand,
alongside the ocean...
collecting shells by the sea...
Back to the West Coast
is where I wanna be!
I just wanna go...
Back to the life-
I wanna live!
I'm going home!!


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Raindrop Jun 2017
When the day comes I get tired of dreaming about a stranger, maybe by then I can finally let go of my dearest and free myself from the love that consumed me.

Maybe by then, I can finally look at you without shedding any tears. And maybe I'll just laugh at the things I wrote about you; even this.

But right now, I can’t let you go―not today, not tomorrow or in the next few years―but someday, I will. And when that day comes and I remember you, maybe I’ll realize that I am far too young and naive now to know something about love, and that I only got swayed by the smaller traps of life. Just like how I found myself getting trapped by the love I have for you.

Someday, I will...
Adron E Dozat Mar 2015
You will stare
Into that empty night of
And your heart will
The same sad questions
That we all ask.
You will never need
To ask,
"Will no one ever care."
And don't even
"Will someone adore me.".
Don't ever
"Will someone value me."
You need never
Such things-
For there will always be
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Keren Jun 2016
You were a tower,
Unreachable you seem to be
But the little strand of hope
That keeps me going
Is the thought of us
Living under the same sky
Breathing the same air
Looking at the same stars
You're gonna notice me
Pooja Jajoo Aug 9
Will be writing you someday..
When there'll be 'You' & 'The Day'.

-Pooja Jajoo✍
unnamed Mar 2018
Someday we will forget all about this.

I will forget how you looked at me
and I will stop dreaming about you every single night,
wishing for you to come back.

You will forget the way I laughed
at every little thing you said
and how I was different— happier, with you.

We will be too far away from each other and we will have forgotten everything.
Someday, what we had wouldn’t matter anymore,
and I will never cry for you again.
Eloisa Mar 31
Too wonderful is the spring's day and night
Painting the meadows with delight
Too green are the grass and leaves
Waving happily in tune with the breeze
Too sweet is the smell of the blossoms
Rejoicing in colorful robes they bloom
Someday my dearest love we will
Oh believe me, one day in April
Spring dance in the sun we will
On a sweeter spring, we'll kiss uphill
Zane Safrit Feb 16
There is a house in
Southeast iowa
It sits all empty
Waiting for us there

Big porch, a bigger yard
Golden fields, open skies
A moon so full
I’ve watched and sighed

Star light, the stars bright
They shine for us tonight.
Some day someday soon
We will see them all.

Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
I got to humming Neil Young's 'Helpless.' Neil's a bit more eloquent...
Kaliedoscope colors, shaped as a rectangle outline of my door-
and I can't go out and see the beauty of it. A gray room,
with a blue face, laced into rushing in another pumping day.
Provoke the guilt, wilted meaning every breathing being has.
I'll leave someday, in someway, maybe not this moon fall,
but I know I can't live, thoroughly at all-
All feedback is welcome.
a l e x Jul 2014
You broke it
You broke my heart
You ruined my life
You told me, you love me.
I  believed in you
I trusted you
I give you all my love
My life and my everything
What you did
Really hurt me so much
I didn't expected you'd do that
But "Expect the unexpected"
Someday you'll realize what you had done
And I just hope you would learn from that
6th grade life
JayceeJellies Oct 2014
Everyone is staring
You're trying so hard to stay standing
But your heart is racing
Instead of walking straight
You start wobbling

Your eyes begin to strain
You start feeling as if you just gained a lot of weight
Your heart sinks as you run away
You have to hide

You musn't let them see
The you that is scared to be seen
You feel like you can't even breathe
Your lungs are tightening
As you sink down against a wall
and take into the fetal postion

Just cry, maybe someday it'll be alright.
WrittenFeelings Sep 2018
You love
You got hurt
You love
You cry
You love
You get weak

I fell in love
but I got hurt
I fell in love
but it just made me cry
I fell in love
And made me weaker than before

I wish I am enough
I wish she knew I am enough
I am not asking for too much
but she felt it is too much for him

I may be broken right now
I may be in pain right now
I may be crying right now
but I'll be fine
Not today
Not tomorrow
Not too soon
but I'll be fine...


© WrittenFeelings
lX0st Apr 3
I tripped down a lane of memories
Walked uneven sidewalks
Once lined with trees
Now barren,
Thanks to some "bug disease"
At least not every neighbor is dead

Knees hugged cement
Recalling pastel chalk sketches
Delicate fingers traced
Rugged dips and edges,
My name
Engraved in that one spot where
I failed to learn to rollerblade
At least part of me will live on here

At least until someday
Renee Jul 10
My dear

Your body is yours to give
But is never anyone else’s to take

Beware the sweet words they will use
To try to win you over
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