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Third Eye Candy Jun 2012
it was raining on the sun.
it was raining on the sun
this sun had 13 moons

it was raining on the sun
at 3 am.
the sun had lost it's way
only to find it's Madness
13 moons. 13 oceans
13 oceans of god knows what ?
13 dead gods on 13 dead lawns
the sky had gone where skys get very, very lost
where dead worlds sing
in the sick pink *******
of a host of slaughtered angels
typhoons of awful
like clots of mindless rage
fed only violence and dominion
only sacred cows and baby teeth
and darkling blasphemy
come from the ruptured lungs
of Agony and Thorns

Only you.

only you would.

Only You


**** a Unicorn.
Chris Saitta Jun 2019
Brother, our young summers held us in a long chain like the phalanx of bronzed soldiers forward flung,
And the lion was skinned and hung out to dry like the sunned-fur of the beach at Marathon.
Brother, help me to dream again.

Brother, our yellowed days shook us like serried Hoplites of an atomic age,
Shoulder to shoulder, friction rubbed, all ranks split from the fissioned-flanks.
Brother, help me to dream again.

Storm-footed Titans of heat, dust, and irradiated wind pry from a ruptured Tartarus,
The flanks are an open pulse; the scorch-song thirsts for its sea-cooling to stone.
Brother, the lion lives that wears your skull around its mane.

Brother, dream of me again, of Persian arrows and lances,
And my fallen eyes instead of yours pouring in
With a sea of lavender water and mists
And summers of once-were.
For a slide video of this and other poems, please check out my Instagram page at chrissaitta or my Tumblr page at Chris-Saitta.
zebra Jan 2019
a future promise
a ******* like bundled gym socks
in stuffed blue jeans

a future threat
a shriveled phallus wrinkled obsolete

she remembered fondly
being beaten drum chatter
and seized like slow roasted
fall off the bone pulled pork
****** raggedy Ann
catapulted beyond Euboean heavens
ravaging scrotums Gordian ******
with her wild fiendish mouth
drinking a river of
haloed golden showers
spit and ****
in a runaway hot house of glistening pink
buttery spires
engorging her macerated orifices

half eaten radish
chocking on hordes
of big do do *****
a ****** face; cross eyed
Babylon abalone
bashed Ashly mashed
begging for
a face full of swinging *****
like caped chandeliers
trotting faint giggles
in a constellation
of ruptured arteries
and thick sparked ****

on her knees
milk glitter faced
scared with happiness
she counted one smiling bruise at a time

her badge of calamities
black and blue silhouettes
grinning invitations like party favors
without a crease of shame

her skin rapturous
spackled patchworks
bled like torrential fountains summer tide
while every body had  fizzy red ice phlebotomies
and steamed through her drooling tumble pie

lust ***** totem
house of winding labyrinths
honey pumped transfusion
flush on blush
opera of tangled limbs
red pulse wedding flowers
slick ***** palace
blood tongued orchard
caressing knotted mooned
**** spill
Ormond Jul 2017
Body of ocean, milk and sky,
We are tangled in the hope of night.
The lips of the milky way, creaming us,
Stains and is **** with a taste keening;
All is creation.  My meteors crash
Into your ruptured Earth.  I flame
Upon your must and moisted furrows
And my toes are locked, rooted in yours.

Body of ocean, milk and sky,
In the deserts of the day you are true
Oasis.  The curves and waft of your sands
Seethe and sodden my barren plains,
Are erasing all my wandering memories
Of an endless sky and now your eyes
Are the only stars I know, and your skin;
A sheet that holds the heavens shimmering.

Body of ocean, milk and sky,
Your ******* are the heaving of grasses
And wind, loft and laden in the rounded
Hills, a hoard of ****** bread, bountiful,
Ripe and strange.  Your hair is an endless
Savannah, your valleys are gold and honeyed
With milk, seared, filled by my penetrating sun.
In passion we play; low on earth and deep in sky.
Srijani Sarkar Nov 2017
The first time I made love to my mind

When love escaped from the gaps
Between our silences and overthinkings
I saw the naked mind.
We sailed from thousand cuddles of imprudence
To a long warm kiss of sanity.
While I dwindled in her arms of fool's paradise
No sleep just one long weary night,
Her ****** reeked of loneliness
I licked it. Hoping to taste ingenuity,
it was the aftertaste of forsaken feelings
that made me ***** her
till she stopped moaning neon dreams.

Somewhere in my walkabouts in her
I created deep craters of memories
Which she took for love bites
were, in fact, scars for life.
We were virgins on our quests
Thirsting our way through wanting and longing......
She made me swallow lust
Slowly. Heavily downtown.
And fingered it, the ***** of thoughts
And she bled musings.
And Phantasmagoria exuding from her holes
And Spurting into mine like a cascade of brooding melancholy.....
And.... And....

The night my mind lost its virginity,
I sat down to write.
Make love to your mind, poets.....
Bijan Rabiee Sep 2018
A fleet of Moon's spears
Swooped down on shadows of night
Like silver dragons

A ****** of crows
Ruptured the sky asunder
Devoid of mercy

People planted IF
In the most fertile of lands
It refused to grow
James Jul 2019
I held your hands and looked at you that day
I stepped on yours to save my ruptured pump.
I said “don’t want”, but “can’t” is surely true,
To be with you is taxing, draining, blue.
I’m happy now and pleased you're good at last.
Surprising, friends we stayed. Our hearts: recast.
Jolan Lade May 2019
You sent me to the ER with a ruptured chest
And my feelings are escaping in protest
Driven mad from being depressed in my heart
Can you hear them?
They are the rain banging on the windows
They are the birds singing out loud
Can you see them?
They are the comely roses
They are the few gray clouds
And they all call your name
In the rain and shine
They call for you to be mine
Being in love is everything, the clouds, rain, sun, and shine
Adrienne Jun 2019
i breathe
bubbles rise
Underwater is
Silent can't hear
little kids scream and splash
my hair flows around my head
in rolling auburn ways
no goggles,
chlorine stings my open eyes
I could stay Forever
in this vivid blue expanse
peaceful, blurry, silent
my lungs burn
and i'm reminded
of my human need for oxygen
feet push with a crack
off pristine off-white concrete
shimmering with Sunlight patterns
I gasp
breath fills my lungs
peace, still lingering
is ruptured by a Kid
with a Water Gun
Eva Rushton Jan 2019
As my emotions overflow
Like a ruptured pipe
Tears draw their path
Down the concaves of my face
Like that of a writer with a broken pen
Trying to tell of their pain
When the  tears reach the lines
Of laughter gone by
Together rivers of confusion
Lead the way downward
Coming to rest upon my chest
As if to say
“This is where I was born “

Written by E. M. Rushton
January 2019
Pylyp Apr 2019
Love found quickly lost in a whirlwind
A picture
Captured quickly
Swept underneath another scripture
Once made of promises made to no one
Once filled with misery felt eternal
How can a light so true be taken
How was vision so mistaken
Soul torn apart at the seam
Now ruptured
Collapsing structure
Defective architecture
Made to last long enough to witness
The suffering
Parts lost of a loved one
Stretched thin
Between the mind and abyss
No sanity expected any of this
Simply existing to exist
Ashamed to admit
The resisting will to live
Gulishta Sep 2019
On the journey of finding myself,
                   I found a broken heart.
We went on an adventure together,
                   No questions asked.

We bonded on shared love for music,
            Movies,books and abstract art.
We huddled when the road bumped,
            Then....we drifted apart.

With a constant ache for more,
           We Kept trying to make it last.
An unspoken rule to let go,
            To not think about the future past.

A rocky Mountain,
         With smooth silk lane.
A fresh perspective of storm,
          Just to keep us sane.

An impossible possibility,
        An uncharacteristic faith.
A bond formed with respect,
        No caring for mutual gain.

An attachment. ..or attraction...
                 Didn't know the name.
Just a bug ruptured,
                 Driving us insane.

One couldn't express,
                 One couldn't hide.
Push and pull of desire,
                  Love came in blind.

Few smiles. ...immensely expressive eyes.
One look of naked emotions. ...
The dam broke....and the ice vaporised.
dragonzgal Dec 2018

tainted tears
uncloaked fears
ruptured pain
mesmerized leers
on the train
lost again
Shannon Soeganda Nov 2018
If the meds aren’t enough,
then what shall fulfill your drive
to stay alive?

Haven’t you had enough already,
to have your insides ruptured?

Is this how you end things,
without leaving any
trace of ******?
This is not a suicide note; I suppose.
Sky Sep 2018
A harbinger of life and death
He walks the sky
Carried by her breath

From above his many arms reach the earth
They beat rocks down
Carve waterways
And raise earthly pillars

From the sun he brings color
Captured in his work
Down, Down in the leaves
His gift to her

When her lungs are deep and shouts coarse
His shadow is dark
The land lost in premature night
Interrupted by angry light

On these dull nights with sullen color
Life is ruptured
And the blood of torched nature
Swallows her

When her voice is gentle and breath still
His works are thoughtful and cautious
Gifts numerous and precious
And she’s alive

Lost words capture the light
Of the ancient giant
Making the beautiful
Visible to the earthly soul

His touch like the heart
Strong and warped by passion
Imperfect and earnest
And dictated by cyclic motion

Wild and Eternal
The Heart of Nature
In Helicopter Crash After Ruptured Breast Implant
7/08/2019 05:27:00 pm

A billionaire’s daughter suffered a ruptured breast implant on her dad’s private island in the Bahamas and was being flown to hospital when the helicopter crashed, killing seven onboard.

Billionaire coal tycoon Chris Cline, 60, was rushing his daughter Kameron Cline, 22, to hospital for the medical emergency when their helicopter plunged into the Bahamian sea, a friend of the family told the news on Friday.

Mr. Cline donated US $1 million to American President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee, and was worth US $1.8 billion. He was on the chopper with daughter Kameron when it dropped into the Atlantic Ocean minutes after taking off around 2 a.m.

Also onboard the doomed helicopter were three of Kameron’s female friends from college: Brittney Searson, Delaney Wykle, and Jill Clark – all aged between 21 and 22. There were two other men on the chopper: Geoffrey Painter, 52, and David Jude, 56.

The three men and four girls all perished when the helicopter crashed into the ocean about two miles off the coast of Mr. Cline’s private island in the Caribbean.

A new report reveals that one of Kameron’s breast implants ruptured while she was on the island. The girl had recently undergone breast augmentation surgery, according to the source. The nature of the medical issue was unspecified in earlier reports.

One of the recovery divers told the media that he and his son searched the crash site and saw the dead passengers inside the submerged helicopter.

“My son put on his dive gears and got into the water,” said McGregor Russel, a native of the island. “He said he saw persons onboard. Some of them still had on their seat belts.”

“My son said he had to take the pilot’s hands away from the controllers. The bodies of the men were intact, as if no one was even trying to loosen their seat belt, and the doors were off.”

“The section of the helicopter where the girls were sitting was caved in by the impact. The girls were crushed together so tight, they had to be cut away from each other,” he said.

Mr. Cline founded a coal mining company in West Virginia, which he sold in 2015 for more than $1 billion. He was also a major donor to Donald Trump and previously dated Elin Nordegren, ex-wife of Tiger Woods.

His daughter Kameron Cline had recently graduated from Louisiana State University, where she was a member of the Phi Mu sorority.

The cause of the crash is under investigation. Meteorologists have said weather was not a factor.
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