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Invisible Apr 26
Human beauty is nothing compared to nature's beauty.

Human noise is nothing compared to nature's noise.

Human anger is nothing compared to nature's anger.

Humans are nothing compared to nature.
We really aren't. Nature can calm us, anger us, and most importantly, it can destroy us.
It's best not to anger Mother Earth. We are, after all, her children.
She can punish us in the worst way possible.
Happy belated Earth Day!
Beatrice Knox Apr 23
Many colors
Earth has many colors
Earth has many mysteries
Earth has many creatures
Earth has been alive for millions of years
But what's to say Earth won't die
Earths main enemies you ask?
The only creatures that can talk
The only creatures that can drive
The only creatures that create and destroy
Humans need to stop
Humans need to change
Humans need to learn to grow
A flower would be the perfect teacher
An animal would be the perfect master to the student
I would know
I ride horses
And even though I have a human instructor
My ultimate teacher is my four legged go kart
Skies are darkened over our country today,

Still, there's hope for "...we(e),..." know

Though democracy's thread is bare,

And the people, the needle, dull,

Somehow the thimble, our common humanity,

Will bear us through by bringing us

Together in the end, in time to mend

The whole of the fabric of life.
Good Earth Month   :)   Written in '96, so please don't judge the hopefulness too harshly; it was before king george and his ****, cheney, purposely didn't prevent the attacks on 9-11-01, along with the elite of the republican conspiracy   :)   reality
Nylee Apr 23
My life started on it
I have run over a million times
my little legs to huge feet
got enough space to walk on.

the beauty in water and landscapes
I have thought a million times over
accepting all kinds of sizes and shapes
The tree spread over gives me the shade

The oxygen and life spreaded all over
The bounty of love given to us
A sleep in between the blue and green cover
home to lives of the minutest

The one sided love has stressed the earth
It's aging twice to thrice extra every second
Our toxic nature has done enough hurt
A day of remembrance is just not enough
As acid rain from your closed eye,

An acre of rainforest falls each

Second, Earth's tears bleeding,

For, all you see is grey.
This Earth month beckons us All to be more   :)   reality
Juan Bot Feb 22
The suns align,
The worlds collide,

Where does the eagle fly.

Down the street, to the ocean,
The eagle swims.

Eagles do not swim.
They walk like ants.

The moon walks to the edge of the sun.

Is this this joking about this?


Because eagles fly,
Like the planets swim.
This poem is about how humans and nature must coexist to prevent future destruction of the environment. We must stop the corporations like Apple and J.C Penny from corrupting the American youth.
Traveler Apr 2018
Not unlike the rest of you
I was placed here
From beyond
Set adrift into this realm
Forced to be as one

The wreckage of my landing
The misery of my birth
We can never hope to be
More than what comes first

Holding on to misery
Somewhere deep within
It finds it's way up to the suffice  
Every now and then

Beyond the realm
Of gravitational pull
We shall break away
From the natural rules
Until then
Keep our Mother safe
After all
We are all together in this
Twirling through
Outer space
Traveler Tim
Scarlet McCall Apr 2018
Another Earth Day came and went,
Facebook “likes” and e-cards sent.
Locally grown, non-GMO
food was eaten, although
the packaging was thrown away---
it might get recycled—who knows? But hey
it was vegan and gluten free,
and that’s the best for you and me.
Craft Beer bottles bought by the case;
no thought of water gone to waste.
Glass bottles must be melted down,
but it happens in some other town.
Let’s take an Uber to the city;
the subway’s *****—such a pity.
Turn on the a/c, it’s too hot--
Yoga makes me sweat a lot.
Must buy some clothes for my little tot--
knitting? Sewing? That’s a lot
of work that I can’t find time to do.
The Third World does what I eschew.
I’m so virtuous; I’m so Blue--
I’m not Green? How dare you!
I'm not perfect; I drink diet soda sometimes.
aashi Apr 2018
the sun waved to me
said something about a breathtaking smile.

the moon leaned in
whispered something about sorrowful eyes.

I saw you walking towards me,
green and blue and full of life.

Flowers bloomed, the wind sighed.
They were teaching me about
love and sacrifice.
love the earth please.
Erika Soerensen Apr 2018
we are not alone.

we have the cackling call of the
wise old crow
and the warbling whistle of the
persistent loon,
to remind us of that....

we are not alone.
we have the magnificent trees,
our sisters,
limbs outstretched in a forever
welcoming hug
providing shelter and shade and
authentic beauty just because
they can,
to remind us of that....

we are not alone.

we have the near-unbreakable rocks
and stones pregnant with resiliency
and raw grit, bathed in
curious colors from the
spark of life;
pinks, mauves, apricots, greys
and deep brick reds,
to remind us of that....

we are not alone

we have the playful wind and sky
weaving her many moods and contradictions,
orchestrating the elements while
caressing our skin and kissing our hair
never abandoning and always constant,
to remind us of that....

we are not alone.

we have the vivid green grass
full of ***** and willpower,
fearlessly embracing its
bold freshness and
seasonal rebirth, chanting:
"live boldly in THIS season in
THIS hour in THIS moment
because the only constant is change!"
to remind us of that....

loneliness is not a place
but a perspective.
not a feeling
but a thought.
not a reality
but an illusion.

nature is our constant comrade
showing up every single day of our lives,
regardless of the weather -
to not only breathe life into us
but right along with us.

she is us and we are her,
as we destroy her, we destroy ourselves
as we show her reverence and respect,
we show reverence and respect to ourselves,
and our Creator.

so don’t be a ****.

happy earth day
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