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Cristina Feb 2021
Beloved child of mine
I desire you to have
Fulfilled life, greater than mine!
With smiles and giggles
For everyone!

When cry upon you will come
I shall stand with open arms
For you to find
My chest, my hold, my lullaby.
❤ Always and forever ♥
Cristina Aug 2019
Miracle of life
Grows inside of me,
Inside your heart
With two small hands
With two small feet
That will run into our hugs
Any time she'll need.
Cristina May 2019
Distinguishing that I have this flame,
that has a blaze of shame
because of the appalling thoughts
that voyaged my fields of mind
regarding how appalling
will it be to have
your lips on mine
your shirt off and trousers as well
I can't enlighten you on the remaining thoughts.
Cristina May 2019
thoughts you have
day by day and night by night.
Cristina Mar 2019
Time and segments,
Dreams and wishes,
Words unspoken
And a quantity of pain
Troubling the day.
Cristina Feb 2019
reflections and dreams
part of our daily life routine
with the purpose of constantly updating
twenty-four - seven.
and not a pause is there to take
sleep, work, eat, love
and fall asleep.
Cristina Jan 2019
there you are!
stealing glances, even the innocent ones.
your shy smile, your still hands
your confident walk.
how could I not recognize you
from a million man?
as my heart jolts of joy
when I lay my eyes on you.
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